Back to School..(Week 15)

Hi and welcome to week 15 Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. I slept pretty well last night, even with a sick Fiks next to me. I got up between 6 and 7 and moved to the sofa and turned on Unearthed before falling back to sleep. I woke up around 10 and went […]

Spring Break (Week 14)

Hi and welcome to week 14! Sorry about week 13 going up late. I didn’t stay on top of it like I usually do, so I had to do a lot of back tracking. We also had an adventure on Sunday, another reason why it was posted late. And WordPress wasn’t being very friendly, so […]

A Short Week…(Week 9)

Welcome to week 9! I slept pretty good last night, only waking up a few times but I was able to get back to sleep every time. I woke up around 9 and got up and made a cinnamon rolls. I tried to be quiet as to not wake up M & L,  and turned […]

What a week…(Week 6)

Welcome to Week 6! Once I got to sleep I slept fairly well, just getting to sleep took a while. I finished my book (Soul Taken) and started a new book (Wait For Always). I woke up with Fiks around 9 and came out and started to bake cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I was going […]