Happy 2023! (Week 1)

Hi Everyone! Welcome back, or welcome to the new comers. I gave up early last year, but it was a rough year last year and I just couldn’t keep up with everything, so I had to let some things go, and sadly this was one of them. But, I made it through. And so (thankfully) […]

Half a week (Week 15)

Sorry for lack of a blog last week. Last week sucked except for Monday, and again I was out of spoons to put energy into a blog post. Let’s try this again. MONDAY This morning started early. Like 7 o’clock early. I had a doctor’s appointment over the hill at 830 so I got up […]

Disneyland! (Week 3)

It’s 0200. What does the 0 stand for? Oh my God it’s early! (Thank you Robin Williams) We have been on the road for 15 minutes. We have 5 + hours to go, so we’ll arrive around 730 at the hotel. And it’s been drizzling on us too. We’ve been in the car for a […]