(Week 41)

Hi from Monday everyone! Today I woke up early and went over to my parents house because Gucci had the farrier this morning. His front feet went fine, his hind left was a little stiff by doable. His hind right was bad. Like really bad. He just kept side stepping from the farrier and pushed […]

(Week 40)

Hi from Monday everyone! I got to sleep in today, which was glorious. I think I tried to keep Fiks from going to work through, my memory is kind of hazy with my unconscious antics. I woke up with a message from my cousin that its only 200 days until they are in California. Which […]

(Week 39)

Hi everyone, Sorry for the lack of blog for almost a month, my life kind of went crazy. But onto today. So today was Monday and I spent my morning flopped on the sofa watching TV, then I went over to my parents place to say Hi to Gucci. I walked over and gave him […]