(Week 40)

Hi from Monday everyone!

I got to sleep in today, which was glorious. I think I tried to keep Fiks from going to work through, my memory is kind of hazy with my unconscious antics. I woke up with a message from my cousin that its only 200 days until they are in California. Which means its like 207 days from our wedding… Oh my…

I went over to my parents to say Hi to Gucci and to muck out his stall for poppa, but it was already done. I guess I showed up a little too late for that. Poppa had physical therapy for his hand again this morning, so that’s why it was done. But I got Gucci out and brushed him and we went for our little walk around the property a few times. Then mom and I dug out his feed bucket, he had a build up of crumbs/left overs. Mom feels like he needs his heavier blanket now that the nights are getting colder (they live closer to the ocean than we do), so we brushed off his next heaviest blanket of cobwebs and creepy crawlies.


I needed to go to the DMV for a driving record print out for a job that I’m applying for. I saw that the wait was only 10 minutes so we jumped in the car and made our way over to the DMV. And the parking lot was practically empty. Weird. I was able to walk in and I got put in the correct line after standing for a few minutes. After filling out some paperwork I got my print out and then we left to go do a few more errands.

We went to the vitamin store for mom. Then we went to Target for me to find a new binder and a nice folder for me to put my resume and application in for the new job. We found both, so I felt like that was a success. Then I went back to my parents and dropped off my mom and then came back home to work on my resume and job stuff.

Tuesday went fine. I did my usual of flopping on the sofa after waking up and watching TV. Work went fine, nothing really happened.

Wednesday was a busy day. I started off by dropping off my application at the job that I wanted to apply for. Then I hit up the feed store and got Gucci’s hay for the week, then I went to the grocery store and listened to the new Daughtry album. Then I went to my parents house. We put some of the groceries in the fridge and then we went and unloaded the hay. Then mom jumped in the truck with me and came up to my place where I unloaded the groceries and put the cold stuff away.

Next we went over to my sisters place and piled into her car and went over to Trudy’s , well, first we went to Rock Bottom Brewery and had some lunch and Skyped with my cousin. Then we went to Trudy’s and tried on dressed for my mom and my sister. My mom found 2 dresses that she really liked, and we found one for my sister. Its not exactly what I wanted, but its close so that’s okay with me.

Thursday I didn’t want to wake up. I stayed in bed until late and then I moved to the sofa and stayed there until late wondering where my time had gone. But the day went fine at work.

Friday I woke up a little early and swung by where I dropped off my application on Wednesday, because I have a sinking feeling that I didn’t sign everything. The receptionist was nice, but said that they were locked away and she couldn’t get to them. I said thanks and went onto work. Work went fine. A lot of people using the coin machines again.

Saturday was alright. I ready my books and listened to my podcasts as I sat in my little booth at work. Fiks was talking about going down to Seven Sleeping Dragons for the weekend, but he didn’t wake up in time. So he was here when I got home, which was nice.

Sunday went fine as usual. After work I went over to my parents house for dinner, we had tacos. But first we paid attention to Gucci and gave him some dinner and put his blanket on. Then when Fiks came over we got him out again and let him walk around. Well, he did chase Fiks when he first went out of the gate.


Have a week!

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