Reading and Riding

Hey ya’ll. I know I didn’t do an entry yesterday, I just didn’t feel up for one and I didn’t really do a lot besides lie on the sofa and read a few books. Well, I finished one I had started the night before, started and finished a second, and then started in on a […]

Colorful thoughts…

Its a Tuesday, which normally would mean riding. But this morning I woke up with what I want to call a crippling anxiety attack. It sucked. I called out ¬†sick because I felt like I couldn’t get my self together enough to go to work. Which sucks. I was doing so well with working my […]

A little rambling…

Hey everyone, happy Monday. I hope that you weekend was well. I worked mine and didn’t really do anything interesting after work sadly. On Saturday after work we did see Gucci after work, which was nice. I think that both of us needed it. I needed to visit him for grounding myself and making myself […]

What a week…

Hey everyone, I know its been a while since my last entry. Over a week in fact. Its just that I wasn’t sure what to blog about. I know that I keep saying that I do this for me and I don’t care what other people thing or say, but part of me does. And […]

Its Thursday!

Hey all, its Thursday, so we all know what that means: Horse riding! When I pulled up to the barn I saw a little barn cat (I don’t know his name) but he was very nice and came up to great me once I left the truck but before I had gotten all of my […]

Weird Wednesday

Hi everyone. How is your day going? Mine is a little weird. I’ve kind of been in a funk all week and today isn’t any different. I woke up and did not want to leave the bed. The nice, warm, snuggly bed. I was bad and lied in bed as the little ball of anxiety […]

Horsey Tuesday

Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday. I don’t know how this blog is going to go. I have the horses to talk about, as usual, but I’ve been off for the past couple of days, so I might try and talk ¬†about them to get them out of my head. So last night after my boyfriend […]

Happy Weekend!

Hey everyone! I know that today is Monday and that I didn’t log any entries over the weekend, but I still have notes/a rough draft. I got kind of bored at work and so I wrote out what I wanted to say. So here goes. Saturday Since today is Saturday I worked my security job […]

Fun Friday!

Its Friday! Yay! Well, kind of yay. I mean, I lost my Friday shift at my security job, but I was able to pick up a shift at the stables today, so I guess it works out. It kept me out of trouble for a while at least. Today I got to ride a new […]