Reading and Riding

Hey ya’ll.

I know I didn’t do an entry yesterday, I just didn’t feel up for one and I didn’t really do a lot besides lie on the sofa and read a few books. Well, I finished one I had started the night before, started and finished a second, and then started in on a third. Apparently I just needed a lazy day to chill out and read.

Oh, yesterday I did do something productive. I went and got Gucci’s feed for the next couple of weeks. I let him wander around the property while I was filling up his water bucket, unloading the new hay and feed, and putting down and fluffing up the shaving for the week.  Once I was done with that I sat around and groomed him for a while, and he was a good boy and just stood there for me. I think he liked the attention from it. He’s also starting to shed, which sucks. So much hair going everywhere when I brush him. My white shirt started to turn liver chestnut on me.

I also went and picked up the table from Grammy’s apartment yesterday. It’s a lot bigger than the one we had in the living room before, but I think it’ll be okay. More room for coloring for me 🙂 I met the maintenance guy for our apartment complex yesterday. I had seen him around before and always said a shy ‘hello’ to him, or a smile. He was very nice and helped me carry the table top up our stairs and to the door of our apartment. He asked if I needed more help and I said I was good. So I put this awesome table together all by myself. I am a little proud of myself for that.

The books I read were Summer Riding and Show Days. They are both horse books in a series I started either this year or last year. They are kind of young adult reading books, but they are fun quick reads. They help me keep on track for my Goodreads reading challenge. The third book I started to read is City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong. It’s a bit of a different writing style and flow than I am used to from her, but I am still enjoying the book.

So Thursday, aka Today. So I went into work today, asking to lunge the horses because I wasn’t feeling good, which is true. I didn’t sleep really good last night. I woke up at 230 and didn’t really get back to sleep until 6. It’s not fair to the horses when I have so little sleep and I know that I get a short temper so things that would normally not bug me do. So I lunged most of my horses today.

I started off with Diamond, who decided to wear his breakfast instead of eat it.

2016-08-25 09.04.48

I found this highly amusing and decided that I had to take a photo and it would be his photo of the day. I know that I normally post pretty photos of the horses. One day I know I posted photos of them pulling faces. So I got him out and groomed him and put him in the circingle rig and went and lunged him. He was kind of sluggish today, but he did everything that I asked of him, when I asked it of him, so that was nice. There was also a new lunge whip that I used, and boy, does that thing crack easy. I didn’t mean to crack the whip so many times, but it did.

After Diamond I worked with Dude. I got him out and tacked him up so that I could ride him. He’s just a quick 20 minute walk ride, so I felt up for that. He decided to be silly when a bunch of crows went flying by and did a couple of bounces in protest. He stopped when I yelled at him to calm down. He’s not meant to do anything more than a walk and he was starting to get all hyper and stupid. If he didn’t calm down I was going to get off him and let him be done, but he did calm down, so I didn’t have to do that.

2016-08-25 09.46.30

After Dude I worked with Mini, who was fine. He was nice and quiet and nothing happened and I forgot to take a photo of him. I always seem to forget to take a photo of Mini. He looks so much like his dad (Dude). Maybe that’s why I forget to take  photos of him. After Mini I worked with Marley, who I also forgot to take a photo of. But my gosh he was a pill. I put him up in the circingle rig and went and lunged him. He was a wild and crazy boy, bucking and kicking out at every opportunity he had, which was a lot. But that was what the lunge is for, to get out those bucks and kicks so that he’s nice and quiet for his owner.

After the horses my boyfriend and I met up for lunch at a local sushi bar. I had the roll of the day, a salmon and deep-fried tempura roll with sweet sauce. It also came with salmon, tuna, and halibut ebi cuts. My boyfriend got the bento box deal for the day. After that we went for a waddle down town since he had the time to spend. Made kind of a date out of it. We even went and got ice cream. I got salted caramel (shock) and he got something called the cop cruizer which had chocolate, vanilla, malt balls, and coffee in it.

Once his lunch break was done we went our different ways, which was the same direction. We met up on one of the big roads that cut through the town and kind of sort of maybe possibly raced each other for a little bit. I swung by my Grammy’s place to say hi to my poppa and see if there was anything else that I wanted. I picked up a lamp for the table so that I would have light to color by, a pillow my Grammy had made, and some Halloween lights to hang up when then time comes.

I don’t really know what I am going to do with the rest of my day, until my boyfriend gets home. I should probably start packing for our camping trip that we are doing this weekend. We are going off to Westmarch Wars on Saturday. Getting stuff ready today and tomorrow is a good thing. I think that is what I am going to do with the rest of my day, get a head start on that.

Just keep swimming!


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