Its not the size that counts…

Hello to everyone out there. I hope your day went well. This will be a small little blog since nothing really happened today. All I’ve done is lie around on the sofa and read my book (Forest of Ruin) while waiting for an appointment to show up and happen. As of 4 o’clock it was […]

A quick catch up

I know its been almost a week since my last post. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and things in my personal life and I’ve been trying to work myself though them. It’s like my depression has gotten really bad for the past week and a half. I’m super low motivated and low […]

Damn hot, real hot…

Oh my lord today was hot! I’ll let the late great Robin Williams explain how hot… No, but seriously. It was 95 degrees up where I was working the horses today. I  was dumb and wore jeans instead of  breeches for a couple reasons. One was I had to swing by work first thing in […]

Battle of the Bath

Forgive the silence yesterday. I spent all day over at my parents house where I don’t really have anywhere to write and publish except my phone, which is very frustrating to work from. Today was meant just to be a quiet day at home to rest up for work on Tuesday, but I got called […]

All work and no play…

I was lying there, sleeping soundly when I was awoken by the Doctor Who theme song emanating from my phone. It was my job calling me at the butt crack of dawn asking me to do security at my old location the factory. I said yes, knowing that 12 (well, more like 11 1/2) hours […]

Lets keep it dark and quiet…

I spent pretty much all day yesterday working on a new tail. I am doing something new and its more time consuming. Its doubled the time that it takes me to make a tail, which is kind of crazy. So while working on it I was watching Downton Abbey and made a decent dent in […]

Tails of my day

Last night I went to my General Anxiety Disorder class, aka GAD. I had missed it last week because of working graveyards and I was afraid I wouldn’t make it back in time before work. But anyway, this week we talked about and worked on doing thought records. There are 7 different steps. You write […]

What’s up Wednesday!

Yesterday was a busy day. It was the second day at my horse riding job. I ended up riding two horses that I didn’t ride last week, and one I did. I rode Diamond, who is a paint horse. He’s small compared to Gucci, but that’s okay. I understand that Gucci is huge for his breed. […]

We had a Great Time!

First off, I want to say sorry to the victims of the Orlando shootings. And sorry to the family and friends to the ones who were murdered. I won’t say killed, they were murdered. This was cold-blooded and planned. Premeditated. You don’t do something like that on a whim. But I am sorry for everyone […]