I need a awesome title…

I know I’ve been quiet the past couple of days. Its been a mix of nothing interesting happening and personal stuff that I’m not wanting to share. I know I made this blog because I wanted to keep track of my progress, to see that I was making steps, but sometimes it involves revealing too […]

Sick Day

On my way to work the most beautiful shades of purple and pink were painted across the sky as the sun was setting. If I hadn’t been driving I would have stopped and taken a photo. Congratulations to the class of 2016. So last night at work was a little different. It was the high […]

Whats in the box?

Told you my blogs would be sporadic┬áthis week. Well I’m going to try to do a quick one before I head into work tonight. So you remember the stage? Well, it grew! So much harder to guard now, right? Wrong. just more to look at. So I started my new riding job yesterday. That went […]

Midnight Ponderings

Okay, so I might have forgotten how much working grave shift sucks. Especially when you are solo. They aren’t so bad when you have people to talk to. Last night was boring, which I guess is a good thing. I did have to kick a few people off the campus, but they were okay about […]


This week my blog posts might be hit or miss. I’m working graveyards and I’m going to be sleeping during the time I usually do this. And trying to work a blog from my phone while doable, totally sucks. So just a heads up. So I’ve spent the last hour or so playing Roller Coaster […]

Tails, Lotto, Horses and Nails…

So last night I started obsessing when I crawled into bed. Not the best thing while wanting to go to sleep. I started obsessing over Feast Of Mars and the prize table. Feast of Mars is an amtgard event held in October every year. We do Gladiator style fighting on Saturday usually. But this year […]

Enjoy the little things

Hey everyone. Happy June. I know I was silent yesterday but I just wasn’t feeling doing the blog thing. I wasn’t up for much of anything yesterday. But I did do stuff yesterday besides lie on the sofa and watch Downton Abbey on Amazon. Part of me thinks that they consulted with George RR Martin […]