Whats in the box?

Told you my blogs would be sporadic this week. Well I’m going to try to do a quick one before I head into work tonight.

So you remember the stage? Well, it grew!

2016-06-07 05.26.09

So much harder to guard now, right? Wrong. just more to look at.

So I started my new riding job yesterday. That went well. I worked 4 horses in 4.5 hours, so it wasn’t bad. I rode a draft cross, a paint, and a thoroughbred. And then I hand walked a Quarter Horse stallion who tried to bite me. What a git, right? Well, I showed him who was in charge. He was a very talkative lad too. Constantly nickering and whinnying. The little nickers were cute. They large ones and the whinnies not so much when they were straight in my ear.

And then I got something in the mail from Dickblick.com

A lot of air bags! No… Wait.. there is more…

2016-06-08 14.48.18

Another box!

giphy (7)

Okay, chill out. Here.

Prismacolor pens! I blame dickblick. I couldn’t seem to resist the sale. The pens are nice, and the color selection is good. I tried coloring with them, but on the page I tried to color with the ink bled through and ruined the picture behind. So I put down an appointment postcard and let the color seep into that on the other side.

Okay, that’s it folks!

Remember, just keep swimming

giphy (9)

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