Lots of text (Week 33)

Hi everyone from Monday! My day started off kind of slow. I woke up and moved to the couch and dozed there for a while, before heading off to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci then I went inside to say hi to my parents. Gucci was good, if a little wild. He […]

(Week 32)

Hi from Monday everyone! I hope your Monday went fine. Mine did. I woke up, flopped on the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H, and just took my time getting up and going. Once I was up and going I swung by the vet to pick up Gucci’s cushings medicine, pergolide. And I gave them another […]

(Week 31)

Hi from Monday! Happy Monday! I know not everyone gets as excited about Mondays as I do, but you guys get the weekend off while I work, so :p I didn’t really sleep in on Monday, but I did flop on the sofa for a while. Then I got up and went to the feed […]

Tractor! (Week 30)

Hi from Monday again ya’ll. I don’t know where that ya’ll came from. Anyway, Monday started off slow. I watched M*A*S*H while I was waking up. Fiks got done with work early and so we met over at my parents house and gave Gucci some attention. After we were done giving Gucci some attention and […]