Tractor! (Week 30)

Hi from Monday again ya’ll.

I don’t know where that ya’ll came from.

Anyway, Monday started off slow. I watched M*A*S*H while I was waking up. Fiks got done with work early and so we met over at my parents house and gave Gucci some attention.


After we were done giving Gucci some attention and hanging out with my parents for a while we went up and ate lunch at Panda Express. Fiks caught up on his messenger messages and I just sat and enjoyed my meal. He never seems to stop working, and now its like he’s important or something 🙂 We came home and he worked on amtgard and other stuff and I was lazy and watched TV, well, Netflix. Mostly Supergirl.

Tuesday started off slow. I didn’t want to wake up. But I did and I stayed awake this time while watching M*A*S*H, and watched some more TV. Then I went to work. It was mostly quiet. I did have to call the police for a mental wellness check on a woman. She came into the bank and was upset, but behaving. Then she went outside and seemed to have a meltdown, started screaming at anyone and everyone, and started hitting herself. But by the time the police got there, she was gone.


The bank is starting to look good now, don’t you think? Oh, that huge box off to the left? 90″ flat screen TV to be hung up.

Wednesday was fine. I spent my morning paying bills (boo!) and then going to the grocery store. I listened to the new Halestorm album, Vicious. I don’t like it as much as I enjoyed the other albums, but I still like it. After the grocery store I went over to my parents place to visit and when I pulled up Poppa was there with his brand new tractor!


So shiny and pretty. I had to help them to putting the backhoe back on, but it was okay, I didn’t mind. Even though he seemed frustrated he was still smiling. Gucci was watching from his stall as we were putting it back together. Mom came home from getting her nails done and brought us some water, and then we finally got  the backhoe back on. Yay!


After a while we put the tractor in the garage, aka its new home. Well, it didn’t fit going in bucket first, so we back it in and it fit that way. I got to drive it going backwards, slowly. But it’s a lot smoother than the old tractor, and it comes with power steering instead of arm strong, which is nice.

I meant to go for a walk after I got home on Wednesday, mostly to go and pick up a prescription, but it was hot and I didn’t want to. So I thought I’d wait for Fiks to get home and we could go together. He was late getting home and tired, so I passed on the walk.

I flopped on the sofa Thursday morning watching Law and Order: SVU. I’ve been very unmotivated today. One of my amtgard friends who passed away this year, well, today was his birthday. So it just kind of put me in a funk. But I still went into work. I actually saw my parents on my way to work. They were on their way to Costco. Work was fine, it looks like its almost finished to be honest. They put the ceiling in and it looks/sounds that all the furniture is in place. And the TV is up behind the tellers now.


I came home and tried to do some research for weight loss programs. Mostly Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. Well, apparently, there isn’t a Jenny Craig in my area. It seems easier since everything is pre packaged and all you have to do is cook it. But I don’t feel like that would be very fair to Fiks. Unless he wants to do it too. So I looked at Weight Watchers which gives us a lot of recipes that we could both eat. All I have to do is buy the food and then we cook it. I’m not really sure. I think I need to sleep on it.

Friday went fine. Nothing really happened at the bank, which is good. Lots of people using the coin machine though. Came home and both of us were tired and not up for cooking, so we went out and got some Chinese instead.

Saturday was fine. Work went alright, got people to stop for me, which was nice.  I found these roses in the bathroom in order to brighten it up a little bit.


After work there was still amtgard going on, so I went to the park and hung out with people for a while. There was a BBQ so we ate there. There was chicken, steak, and hot dogs. I went with the chicken.

Sunday was alright. There was a complaint about a woman walking around putting flyers on the doors of the residents. I had turned her away the previous day, so it was frustrating to say the least. But when I went out to find her, she wasn’t anywhere. I saw no sign of her being anywhere. Then I got a phone call about the men’s bathroom being locked at the pool, so I went and unlocked that.

I talked with Fiks for the last 2 hours of the shift. There is some BS going on in amtgard that isn’t right or fair, so he’s frustrated with it. So he waddled down to the local pub and had a couple of beers while we were talking. Then I came home to pick him up to take him to family dinner at my parents house. We said hi to Gucci and got him out after work, I tried to turn him out, but he just followed me around. Which is fine by me, keeps him out of getting into too much mischief.


Poppa also got his new tractor out to show Fiks.


Fiks and I both got to play with it for a little while. I hadn’t really gotten to play with it on Wednesday when it was delivered. But I got to back it into the garage again.

That’s it.

Have a week!

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