(Week 31)

Hi from Monday!

Happy Monday! I know not everyone gets as excited about Mondays as I do, but you guys get the weekend off while I work, so :p

I didn’t really sleep in on Monday, but I did flop on the sofa for a while. Then I got up and went to the feed store to get Gucci’s feed and bedding for the month. Then I went over to my parents place, said hi to Gucci and went inside to see my parents. I let poppa eat his breakfast before we unloaded the truck. Gucci was there to supervise over the fence, as usual.


Then I hung out with my parents for a bit. My mom started grilling me on wedding stuff, and got upset that we were doing a travel registry instead of an item one. We just don’t need a lot. We’d rather make memories than have stuff, is that so wrong? Then I came home and watched Law and Order SVU until Fiks got home. Then we watched the last episode of Supergirl and then started Legends of Tomorrow. I like it, and I think Fiks does too.

Tuesday I was asked to work at the golf course all day, so I did that. I didn’t have any problems or issues which was nice. I still had problems with people stopping for me though, so it was a little frustrating. I’m sure the numbers weren’t as good as they normally are, but oh well. I haven’t gotten a message about it yet, so I guess that’s a good thing. I came home from work and Fiks had a surprise cooking for me when I got home, said it was h’orderves. What it ended up being was baked bree with some honey on top. It was so good. We kind of gorged ourselves on it before dinner.


Wednesday I stayed in bed for a little while, trying to sleep in. Then I got up and went to work and asked for midreign and Feast of Mars off. Midreign is in 10 days, Feast of Mars is at the end of September. Then I went over to my parents and played with Gucci for a little while. I brushed him and he begged for carrots which were hiding in my pocket. So I guess since he knew where they were I wasn’t hiding them too well.


I put the lead rope around his nose to distract him for a while and make him be nice to me. He was being bratty and shoving me with his head/nose. Then we walked around for a little while before I gave him a fresh bale of shavings and put him away for the day.


I went to the grocery store and got what we needed for the week and then I came home. After I had put everything away I went for a walk and picked up my prescriptions from the pharmacy down the street. I haven’t been exercising much, so even though it was only 10 minutes each way, I was kind of huffing and puffing. I need to get back in shape, because that is ridiculous.

Thursday went fine. They missed me at the bank on Tuesday, so that was nice to hear.

Friday was alright. Nothing happened at the bank this week. Lots of people using the coin machine though. No high numbers this time that I saw. After work on Friday we did gaming. We had over Layoric and his son, and google hangout with Decoy and my brother. It seemed to go pretty well.

Saturday was warm. So warm. I had both windows open for a breeze in my little booth along with my little fan going. But nothing happened at work this week. Oh, wait a sec. One of the gates was frozen open, so I tried to fix that. It didn’t go so well, but it ended up closing by itself later in the day, so that was good to hear.

Sunday was another nice and chill day at work. Didn’t have any issues and had people stop for me who had senses of humor, which was nice. After work we went over to my parents place and said hi to Gucci, gave him a few cookies and snuggled him and then he had the nerve to bite me. That did not go over well. I gave him his dinner bucket and his alfalfa for dinner, then we went inside and hung out with mom while she was making dinner. Chicken and dumplings, yummy.

And thats it

Have a week1


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