(Week 32)

Hi from Monday everyone!

I hope your Monday went fine. Mine did. I woke up, flopped on the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H, and just took my time getting up and going. Once I was up and going I swung by the vet to pick up Gucci’s cushings medicine, pergolide. And I gave them another payment. Ugh.


Once I had the medicine I went over to my parents house and saw said Monster Paint. Gave him a hello cookie, some love and some pets, then I went inside to say hi to mom and poppa. I got Gucci out and brushed him for a while and then I grabbed a saddle pad and jumped on him and walked him around the property for a while.


After I left my parents house I came home and just flopped around some more and watched some TV and read my book until Fiks came home.

Tuesday went fine. I didn’t want to wake up for a little while, so I slept in. But it made me miss M*A*S*H, not that I haven’t seen the series before. I watched TV and dozed on the sofa until it was time to get ready for work. Work was fine. There were some homeless guys hanging around outside the bank, I went outside and did my patrol and when I was coming back they were leaving. There was also this older guy with this awesome shirt, reminds me of one of mine that I wear.


Wednesday was good. I woke up early so I watched some TV before I left to go to the grocery store. Grocery store went fine, got almost everything we needed. I didn’t realize I had forgotten something until I got to my parents house. My mom was gone getting her nails done, so it was just poppa and Gucci when I got there.

Poppa has been working in the garage making room for the car and the tractor on the one side. We have the speed boat and the Mach 1 on the other side already. A 4 car garage holding 4 types of vehicles, what a concept. I got Gucci out and brushed him for a while, got the knots out of his tail, stuff like that. Then I got the saddle pad out again and walked him around again. I had forgotten how much riding just helps center me and keeps me grounded, all worries and cares falling to the side.

Thursday went fine. Work was fine. Friday was alright as well.

Saturday Wavehaven hosted Westmarch’s mid-reign, so I actually got the day off for that, which was nice. I was able to see and hang out with my friends and take a lot of photos. After mid-reign was done we went to a local pub and ended up having a party of like 20 people. They didn’t have the one cider I wanted to try so I stuck with rootbeer. Then people wanted ice cream and we went on the hunt. I ended up getting a scoop of salted caramel. Shock.

Sunday it was hard to get up and leave Fiks’ side. But I did. Work went alright. Wound up reading 2 books and listening to a lot of podcasts. Came home and that was it.


Have a week!

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