Michael Jung 

So far today I’ve had more people stop than not. That’s a nice change. I’m waiting for the Kentucky Rolex show jumping phase to start in… 13 minutes. I hope the live streaming is better today than it was yesterday. That I get to watch the whole thing without restarting it every 10 or so […]


I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, which made waking up more difficult and getting to work on time a real challenge. But I did it.  I’ve been naughty and watching the Kentucky Rolex cross country phase on my kindle. I get to watch for 5-9 minutes at a time. I don’t […]

A productive day 

You want to know what that is? Well, it’sy resume. I dropped it off at a local vet who is hiring. They are looking for someone to assist the vet with horses and do soundness exams and such. I found out about it at work yesterday, and so I worked on it yesterday and this […]

Horsing around 

Today I started my day off with riding Jack. I’ve know jack for years and he’s kind of a lazy horse. You have to ride with a crop and spurs to keep him going. And he’s so narrow barreled that I felt that if I squeezed hard enough my legs would touch.  After Jack I […]

Horses and dresses 

Boy, I didn’t want to get bed this morning . It was so warm and comfortable, and I had budding anxiety about going into work today. But I was a good girl and got out of bed and went anyway.  I went around trying to take blankets off only to find that they stopped blanketing […]

4 day catch up

Hey everyone, Sorry I haven’t done a post for a few days. I was busy and just couldn’t seem to find the time. FRIDAY So Friday I worked at a local Goodwill for 8 hours. I wasn’t really super fond of the shift and I don’t really want to work there again. It was from […]


Odyssey, you’re meant to eat your breakfast, not wear it. Today wasn’t too bad at work. It was me and the other girl most of the morning. My first horse of the day was Marley. He was a little wild and crazy. Oh, and I found and itchy spot on him which sets his nose […]


Tuesday equals horses.  If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have opened the ring it was a mess. And it didn’t dry out throughout the day like it did last time. We had all the horses to work from yesterday and today. Basically everybody needed to get out. No one had been out all […]


Happy drizzly Monday.  Easter went well, we played games and tossed eggs. Ate together as a family. I even got to hold my niece for the first time, and see her. It was pretty cool.  Then we went and saw Beauty and the Beast. Good movie, with new songs. Fiks and I wonder if the […]