Horsing around 

Today I started my day off with riding Jack. I’ve know jack for years and he’s kind of a lazy horse. You have to ride with a crop and spurs to keep him going. And he’s so narrow barreled that I felt that if I squeezed hard enough my legs would touch. 

After Jack I worked a new horse to me named Shilo. Now with Shilo you have to take the bridle apart because he doesn’t like his ears being touched. So doing his bridle takes like 5 minutes instead of the one or two it usually does. But besides that he was good. He’s a forward horse with huge strides, it took some getting used to. I thought that he was chasing the horse in front of us for a while. 

After Shilo I worked with Sienna. She was a little wild and crazy on the lunge line but that’s what it’s there for. She’s a baby and still learning how to do things properly. 

I was done and so I came to take my mom to an appointment for her eye. They inject her eye with something so she’s not allowed to drive the rest of the day. 

Just keep swimming! 

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