A tail of shenanigans

Today is another long day. I’ve gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep. And I didn’t go to class again. I’m not feeling good, and I’m unsure if its from lack of sleep, or from being so stressed out yesterday. But Gucci started to feel better last night after getting another dose of banamine, we got […]

Let me educate you about colic

Today started out early, like 230 am early. A mix of bad dreams and not feeling well. I ended up watching The Road to El Dorado, Poirot, and How I Met Your Mother. I finally fell asleep at 6. A little before the time I should have been waking up for class. I didn’t make […]

I broke the T.A.R.D.I.S

So today was a little rough for me. Nothing really bad happened, just frustrating things. I was leaving to go to class this morning, and my beloved Doctor Who bag broke. The strap that goes over and under my shoulder tore from the back. Thankfully nothing fell out or broke when this happened. So for […]

Well, I’m grounded…

I started a new medication last night. Its meant to help and not leave me in such a foggy state that I lose my day. I did the consult with the pharmacist yesterday when I picked it up, and she said that the medication usually made people drowsy, but with some people it can make […]

Back at step 1

So today I started the IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) again. I had been in there before surgery due to major depression and anxiety. We believed that it was part of my very¬†Hyper Parathyroid¬†gland. Depression is just one of the side effects of it. It also made me ill and I had little to no energy […]


Hi. This is my way of keeping track of my struggles and my accomplishments. Whatever else is going on in my life. I’m having a very difficult time right now, and I just need help keeping track of everything. Somewhere so I can see my accomplishments. Where I can blurt out my thoughts and what […]