Well, I’m grounded…

I started a new medication last night. Its meant to help and not leave me in such a foggy state that I lose my day. I did the consult with the pharmacist yesterday when I picked it up, and she said that the medication usually made people drowsy, but with some people it can make hyper.

Guess who got hyper off it? That’s right, me!

I also got fuzzy, and had bad nightmares when I did sleep. So needless to say that today I am tired. And when I don’t sleep my anxiety goes through the roof. Fidget Pony 2.0 was very helpful today.

Fidget Pony 2.0 


Today in class we were focusing on Emotion Regulation. Well, at least that was the topic of the class. And what the hand outs are about. But I didn’t really participate. I was to busy coloring, which is a grounding technique when my anxiety is high. Its one of the reasons why I really enjoy the adult coloring books, minus the fact that coloring is just awesome.


I think that sometimes its nice to leave some white… plus I didn’t have all the colors I wanted.

20160426_120000 (1)

So I did what was helpful for me today, which was coloring, for 2 hours. Yay! I have the handouts to go over later. And the notes that were on the board. The instructors are awesome about this, understanding that everyone has good and bad days, and have different coping techniques.

So, today, I was grounded for 2 hours. Doing what was best for me.

Which is really weird…

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