Sleepy Sunday. 

I wasnt feeling good this morning, so I missed work. And I feel guilty about it. But I needed to stay home and take care of myself. It seems like I need to do it more often these days.  Anyway, I stayed home. I took care of Gucci this morning. It was nice and sunny […]

Quiet Day

Happy Saturday! I’m sorry, I’m not feeling super creative today. I don’t have much to share. I went and saw Gucci this morning and gave him his breakfast, even gave him his bucket with some grain in it because he’d eaten what I gave him yesterday. Yay. And there was a mischievous doe and her […]

Molasses Lips…

Happy Friday. I don’t know what I did wrong last night minus sleep funny, but I woke up with my neck killing me and it has been all of the day. It especially bugs me when I do something like yawn or cough or sneeze. It sucks. I’m probably going to have to take a […]

Grumpy boy…

So today started off kind of early (tossing and turning from 5am on), but its started in the right direction. I got some snuggles (yay), and then I went and saw Gucci and discovered that he had eaten his hay from last night. Another yay! He got grumpy at me because I took his blanket […]

Moo’s in the morning.

Hi everyone, I haven’t really done much today besides spend my time either with Gucci or with my nose in my book. So kind of a lazy Wednesday. But I feel like it was kind of needed. I needed to recharge my mental and internal batteries to get through the next few days. I woke […]

Gucci is driving me crazy!

I know its been a few days since I did a blog. I just haven’t felt it again. You know how that goes, right? When you just don’t feel it? I’ve been dealing with the stress of Gucci not eating at my friends house. Thankfully he’s finally settled down and isn’t pacing and running the […]

Stop, drop, and roll

So I know its late, and this might be a bit of a long post, but here goes. I started my day off with horses. Its a Thursday, what to do expect me to say? My boss texted me a list of horses to work this morning since she had something she needed to do […]

Enter witty title here…

I’m becoming obsessed with going to Disneyland again. Like I want to go for my birthday, but I know that won’t work. Between both Fiks and my schedules its a no go. He’s not allowed to take any time off in the month of December, basically from Thanksgiving until New Years he has to work. […]

Busy Day…

I think that I’m going to start calling my boyfriend by his amtgard name so I don’t keep typing out my boyfriend. I know its kind of lazy, and word saving, but I’m going to do it. It might give his identity away, but probably most of those who are reading already know who he […]