Gucci is driving me crazy!

I know its been a few days since I did a blog. I just haven’t felt it again. You know how that goes, right? When you just don’t feel it?

I’ve been dealing with the stress of Gucci not eating at my friends house. Thankfully he’s finally settled down and isn’t pacing and running the whole time, and I’ve seen him drink water, but his appetite has gone to hell. He’ll nit pick at his hey and then he’ll eat a cube or two, but that’s not enough for him and for how much he’s walking. If he doesn’t start eating soon he’s going to drop weight like no one’s business. I’ve been pasting him to make sure that he gets his really important medicine. Its meant to bring his appetite back too, because the Cushings makes him loose it. And so I’m stress eating over that. And I was doing so good before.

I’ve been good and gone to work the past couple of days. Even in the rain. It made the day really slow because there wasn’t a lot of traffic to keep me busy/entertained. On Friday we had a report of someone trying to break into a residents house. But by the time I got there they were gone. I could see the wet footprints they left behind on the dry deck. Otherwise my shift this weekend was fairly quiet, just wet.

On Saturday after work I went to our local park to go and visit the Crown Quals that Wavehaven was hosting. I ran around and said hi to people and took photos, like I do. I watched the tournaments that were going on. Ran into an old friend who I haven’t seen in years, so that was nice. He was a good friend in high school.

But most of the time and most of my days have been spent worrying over Gucci. I even do it in my dreams. I have dreams of him being really sick and no one catching it until its too late. Or that he has to go to the hospital out of town and be hooked up to IV’s again. Just stuff that drives my anxiety crazy and through the roof.

Also for those of you like me, who like the original Top Gear, I saw an ad for their new show, The Grand Tour. It starts on November 18th. I’m so excited!

I went over and saw Gucci. I was able to get him to eat some food out of his bucket, which is a good thing. I just wish that he would eat while I wasn’t there. I mean he eats his hay, or he looks like he eats his hay. He kind of spreads it around at the current place. Maybe I need to grab his hay bag and bring it over and use that so I can keep better track of how much he is actually eating.

There are cows that live in the fields that lead up to where Gucci is staying. I think that they are meat cows. Anyway, there was this little bitty calf that started to run the fence as I was driving up the bumpy hill. When he got ahead of me he stopped and looked at me, and then once I caught up to him he started running again. It was super cute. I wish I had been able to record it.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Just keep swimming!



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