So, how was everyone’s weekend? Mine was okay. I worked Saturday and Sunday (today). It was okay, minus waking up with really bad anxiety about going into work and doing my job. It feels like I’m not doing my best there, when I am. I have to ask the office for some supplies out there, […]

Migraine Friday…

Hi everyone Yay for Friday! I woke up with a migraine this morning, so I ended calling out sick from work. I stayed in the bedroom for a while, where it was cool, quiet and dark. I stayed in bed reading for a little while. And that is what I’ve done with most of my […]


Hey, So I know its been a long time since I’ve blogged. But I’ve been struggling for the past couple of weeks so doing an entry every day is difficult for me. Or it has been. I know that I had a post that was kind of dark and it upset some people. That wasn’t […]

At the end of the day…

Hey everyone, I know its been a few days since I did an entry. Almost a week. I’m not sure as to why, I just haven’t had a desire or drive to blog. I’ve just been trying to make it through my day with my body and mind in one piece. My mind has been […]

S’up Saturday

So I know its kind of late for a blog entry, almost 9pm when I start this; and I don’t know how long it will be. I haven’t really been up to much the past couple of days, just working and trying to recover from the other night. I’ve been really tired and have little […]

Late night emergency…

Remember how yesterday I was talking about just having a quiet night at home, maybe watching some Castle and working on some coloring? Yeah, that didn’t happen. I wound up in the hospital instead. So we went out for dinner last night at a local sushi place. The food there was fine, I got my […]

Working Wednesday

I did write a blog yesterday, honest. But for some reason it didn’t publish correctly or go out correctly. So if you want to read on what happened yesterday, here is Trot-on Tuesday. So for the past couple of nights my boyfriend and I have been catching up on the last season of Castle while […]

Trot-on Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, so I worked my horse job. I got there a little early and the stable was nice and quiet, no one else really around. It was a nice start to a good (so far) day. The first horse of my day was Ella. She hadn’t been out all weekend so she was […]

3 day catch up

Forgive the silence over the weekend, between work and everything else I was busy and didn’t get around to typing up my rough draft. So this is going possibly a long blog, covering the weekend and today. Saturday Isn’t it funny how the mind works? How it can get on things from the past? Or […]