Trot-on Tuesday

Today is Tuesday, so I worked my horse job. I got there a little early and the stable was nice and quiet, no one else really around. It was a nice start to a good (so far) day.

The first horse of my day was Ella. She hadn’t been out all weekend so she was a little bit crazy. I tacked her up in a surcingle with side reins and lunged her for about 20 minutes, 10 each way, 5 at the trot and 5 at the canter. So she got a good workout. Nothing too wild and crazy, no bucks or kicks, just kept on going, having so much energy to burn. Here is Ella before I groomed her or tacked her up.

2016-07-12 09.20.42

After Ella I got to work with Diamond. Now Diamond and I usually get along fairly well. Today we just didn’t mesh. The whole ride was like an on going fight, both of us wanting to be in charge and not relenting until the other one did. I did some bending and flexing exercises, trying to get Diamond to cooperate and get a long with me. It didn’t work. She would move off my leg, kind of. She was slow and slugish, and she wouldn’t listen to my spur so I really had to apply it just to get anything done with her. She kept wanting to cut the corners in the ring, so we did a lot of square corner work. We did some serpentine work, just anything to get her to bend and flex and to listen to me. After some stopping and backing up, because she was being a brat, she finally relented and we were able to end on a good note.

2016-07-12 10.11.00

After Diamond I got to work with Shermon. Oh Shermon was a good boy. He would bend and flex, and move away from my leg when told to. It was a nice improvement after Diamond. I thought that maybe I was having an off day of riding and nothing was going to go right. It’s still possible that is what was happening today. We also did some upward and downward transitions from the walk to the trot, and the trot to the walk. I started to have breathing problems so walking was the best for me to catch my breath.
Shermon went to a horse show this weekend and did really well, and had Sunday and Monday off, but he was still nice and quiet for me.

2016-07-12 11.13.17

Once I was done with Shermon I got to play with Tess (I think I called her something else in a previous blog. She was the horse I gave a bath to last week). She is a super nice mare. Just sweet and quiet. She also went to the same horse show that Shermon went to, so today she just required a lunge. She is so used to being lunged that she did it all on her own both ways, I was just there to hold on to the end of the rope it felt like. But she was tired from the horse show, so she was nice and quiet.

2016-07-12 12.08.59

Its not the most flattering photo of her, but she was being difficult.

After Tess I got to play with the resident pony, Butter; short for Buttercup. Nothing to do with the Princes Bride, I checked. She is a nice little pony who is used for starter lessons. She had been sitting all weekend so I lunged her just to see if she had anything she needed to get out. Apparently not. She lunged fine, at the trot. Ask her to go any faster and it was a nope. Ask her to change her direction on my terms, nope. I at least got her turned around on my terms on the third attempt, and I got a dirty little pony glare for it too. She is super cute, so she must have gotten all of her mischievous little antics out when she was younger.  The cuter the pony, the more evil they are.  So her is Buttercup.

2016-07-12 12.51.11

After the horses I was leaving to go home when I found out that my boyfriend was taking a late lunch. So I met up with him. We ate a quick lunch and went for a walk at the park that we were parked at. My boyfriend is into Pokemon Go, so we walked around the park looking for Pokemon. We stopped to look at the little creek that runs along the park and stared at the fishes swimming along. Once his lunch was done he went back to work and I worked my way home.

Once I got home I fed Stormfly his lunch of blood worms and turned on some Doctor Who. I’m still in the first season of David Tennant, but its the second season in the series. I’ll probably work on some coloring while I wait for my boyfriend to come home. I started coloring again last night, I haven’t colored for a few weeks and I know that coloring is a stress relive for me, so I need to make time for it. Between coloring and doing a relaxation session before bed I was able to fall asleep fairly quickly, which was nice.

Oh, so you remember how yesterday I was talking about how I couldn’t wrap my brain around how much time and energy it takes to plan a wedding? Well, my boyfriend says that it probably takes the same amount of energy to plan a Darkshore. Which is what we are doing together for next year. Good thing that we already work really well together. Normally anyway.

Alright, that’s it for today. I’m now tired and have no energy.

Just keep swimming!

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