I stand with Manchester 

First of all, I want to share my sympathy and sorrow with what happened in Manchester, England last night. For those of you who don’t know, a concert was bombed last night, almost 2 dozen people killed and over 50 were injured. I’m selfish and glad that none of my friends or family were there. […]

Hello there

Hi everyone, Sorry that I haven’t written (it took me 3 times to spell that word, damn it!) in a while. I  just haven’t been up for writing. And not a lot has been going on. We had Fiks’ brother in town for most of the week. That was nice. He lives over 3 hours […]

Happy Mothers Day 

Happy Mothers day to all of the moms out there. You are amazing.  And a special shout out to my mom. Who, even though she sometimes drives me crazy, loves me without doubt or hesitation. I love you mom.  Just keep swimming! 

2 day catch up 

Today I went into security job work. They are having a garden tour going on here, so lots of guests. I didn’t go into any of the houses on the tour, but I hope they’re gardens are fantastic. I really do. We got a new new chair at work which has a higher seat, so […]

Lame horses

You know, when you’ve been ill for 3 days and unable to keep anything down, going into work is really difficult. But I made it in anyways. So point for me I guess.  My morning started off with riding Jack. My energy level was not up for riding the slug bug. He takes a lot […]

Darkshore XX day 2

So last night we did the early bird tournament, iron man style. It’s where people fight for 30 minutes and whoever has the most wins, wins. And the winner was Belias, so he won the Ludo plush for the first battle game.  After that we wandered around and talked to people. And then we decided […]

Darkshore XX day 1

But first, because I’m a nerd, this.  Today Fiks and I woke up early again and got the final stuff loaded up into the his car then made our way to my parents and loaded up the truck. He then left to go and pick up 2 Knights that are coming in as a surprise […]

I’m so excited… 

Blog on a Wednesday, weird huh? Makes up for Monday I guess.  Fiks and I woke up early today and got a good start on the day. We started off with by packing for Darkshore. I’ve got most of my stuff packed. Fiks is already done. Boys huh?  We did a few things around the […]

Stress starting to kick in 

Forgive the lack of a blog yesterday, I was busy and super stressed out and not feeling up for doing one. Getting everything ready for Darkshore is this week and it’s hitting me and freaking me out a bit.  So yesterday we picked up the trailer to haul the castle in. Woohoo. And we did […]