Hello there

Hi everyone,

Sorry that I haven’t written (it took me 3 times to spell that word, damn it!) in a while. I  just haven’t been up for writing. And not a lot has been going on.

We had Fiks’ brother in town for most of the week. That was nice. He lives over 3 hours away so we don’t get to see him very much. Showed him around town, fed him a few meals, went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, so that was cool.

giphy (56)

What else did I do. Well I worked the horse job on Thursday, and showed someone my engagement ring when I was done. Not my boss, because she was busy riding horses, but at least I told someone there. So that was kind of nice.

I haven’t heard from the vet job, other than that “They haven’t made any decisions yet.”

Man, I cannot spell to save my life today. Thank you spellcheck!

I did an interview to become an alarm monitor for my security job. It went fairly well, I have an in person interview on Tuesday afternoon.  They pay more than my current job and it would be more hours, but that means no going to school this summer semester. But at least they are looking for people to fill in the day shift, so that’s nice. Its not like I’m going to be shoved onto night shift my second week in… hopefully. :: crosses fingers ::

I also worked all weekend. I didn’t want to be there, but I went. I finished A conjuring of light and started The trapped girl. I got really into it. Normally I just read the first half of my shift and listen to podcasts, then watch netflix for the rest of my shift. But this time I read my book and listened to podcasts for most of my shift. I was really proud of myself for doing that. Not that I’m meant to be doing that anyway… So lets keep this just between us, okay?

And my fiance (I don’t know how to do the e with the apostrophe over it) just made a “That’s what she said” joke at his video game (Mass Effect: Andromeda).

I’ve kind of been doing wedding research… I went to theknot.com and started an account there, just to get a basic idea of what to expect and get help and just a general sense of everything so I can start to wrap my head around it. Today my mind was filled with names of people I’d like to invite/have there, so I put them all in a list on my phone. Mostly relatives, some friends. I don’t have a lot of friends it feels like, so its hard to list people. Plus I don’t know everyone that Fiks would like to invite. Got to give him a say in things, right?

And I know that some people aren’t going to make the cut (we want a small wedding), or are going to say ‘yes’ to coming.

Okay, off to day dream and window shop online.

Just keep swimming!

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