I stand with Manchester 

First of all, I want to share my sympathy and sorrow with what happened in Manchester, England last night. For those of you who don’t know, a concert was bombed last night, almost 2 dozen people killed and over 50 were injured. I’m selfish and glad that none of my friends or family were there. But they had people there, but gladly they are all safe. 

I posted this as my fb cover photo. I stand with Manchester. And since I have dual citizenship I feel like it’s cool.

I’m embarrassed by our president, yet again (I feel like this constantly), who could only come up with the term “losers” to describe the cowardly actions of others. Other leaders have chimed in and have been so articulate, and all our leader can come up with is loser. 

And rest in peace Sir Roger Moore. He was hands down my favorite Bond. 

I didn’t go into work today. I didn’t sleep good and woke up with a horrible migraine. I haven’t slept well in over a week and it’s starting to wear on me. I feel like I can’t be safe around horses today anyway. 

I have an interview later today, for an alarm monitoring position. It’s with my current security company that I work for, so maybe I’ll be good at it. I don’t know. I’m really worried about it. I’m worried I won’t answer the questions well. Or they’ll focus too much on the dispatch job I had in the past. 

Just keep swimming! 

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