Life gets in the way…

Hey all,

I know that I haven’t done a blog in a while. I keep meaning to, and then I realize I don’t really have anything to say, so there isn’t much of a point of me doing an entry in my mind.

I’m not sure that you guys care, but I am listing to the Moana soundtrack as I type this.


But there is today.

So on Tuesday I gave my 2 week notice at my horse job. The requirements for my health insurance at my security job changed from 30 hours per pay period to 30 hours per week. So I need to start working security more :: cries ::. I really don’t like my job, and the fact that I have to work it more just to get my health insurance really upsets me.

I’ve been applying to other places, already have an interview lined up for next week. I’m not sure how it will go though. I still haven’t heard back from the vets where I interviewed almost a month ago. And then I did another interview for a alarm center monitor last week that I still haven’t heard back from either. My parents say go to get the experience of interviewing at least.

Anyway, sidetracked.

Today I went to the barn and worked with horses. Yay. I think that I’m getting a case of graduation goggles though. Like I’m going to miss the place, the horses, the people, the smells of the stables. But I haven’t been happy there for quite a while, so why I am suddenly enjoying it is weird.

I started off with working Jack. He’s a good boy when you get him going into his acutal horse trot and not his slow I’m lazy trot. Its taken me a few times to get a feeling for this trot from him, but I’m getting it. We then cantered and I decided to do some simple changes at the canter. Its where you go from the canter (lets say to the right), break down to the trot for a stride or two, and pick up the canter going to the left. We did that a few times and he did it really well, so I let him be done with that.

2017-06-01 09.21.18

After that I lunged Mini, who was fine. I then moved onto Marley who was acting totally lazy and like he had nothing in him, which was a lie. He got hyper from another horse being silly, so we went to the round pen and I made him canter around more, getting some bucks and kicks out of him this time.

Once I was done with Marley I then got out the stallion, Dude. He was very chatty today as we walked around. He did try to nip at me once or twice today too, but I didn’t let him get away with it. He instantly knew that he was in trouble. I put Dude away and got out Buttercup, who had to roll on both sides before she would work. I’m used to it at this point. She was lazy and didn’t want to go, but I got a few kicks out of her, and a few head tosses.

Then I did buckets, said my good byes and left for the day. I went to my parents to fill up my water bottle and eat some lunch. I said hi to Gucci, not long enough in his opinion. And it probably wasn’t. I don’t spend enough time with him anymore. I need to change that. Maybe that will be a goal for this month, spend more time with Gucci.

Oh! So yesterday I woke up with this weird rash all over my body. Feet, hands, arms, stomach, torso. It just made me super uncomfortable all day and I was taking benadryl every 4 hours, because the itch would come back with a vengeance at that time. Here’s a photo of what it looked like on my knees.

2017-05-31 13.01.57

Not poison oak or ivy. It welts and it grows and becomes super itchy and uncomfortable. Its not as bad today. But last night I hardly slept at all, I was that uncomfortable. I went and got a washcloth, ran it under cold water, and held it in my hands to stop the burning feeling that was emanating from them. I finally fell to sleep a little before 6, after I put on Kung Fu Panda.

giphy (57)

And that’s pretty much it for today. Minus backing up my phone so I can do the update tonight.


Just keep swimming!

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