I don’t know…

So I’m sitting here at the computer, trying to figure out what to write about. I know I haven’t done it in a couple of days, almost a week, but I don’t feel like doing what’s been going on in the past week. Nothing bad has happened, its just nothing I feel like rehashing to […]

Saturday thru Tuesday

I started this on Saturday night. Saturday: I’m not  really sure on what to talk about today. I’m sitting at the computer while my boyfriend plays Final Fantasy. I watched him play for a little while when I was reading my book. But now I finished it (Wrong place, right time) and I couldn’t seem […]

Catch Up

Hey everyone. I’m back! I know that I was quiet there for a little over a week, but it’s really hard to do blogs from my phone for some reason. I think I just don’t like doing it with the small screen and everything. But lets do a quick catch up. First, the books. I […]

An Expensive Day

Hey everyone, So today has kind of been an expensive day, and I hadn’t even left the property to do it. I had the vet come out and check Gucci over, taking X-rays of his feet and such. Trying to figure out why he’s been so lame and why his appetite has been so poor. […]

Weekend Shenanigans 

Hey everyone. How was your weekend?  Mine was good. I had a blast at my friends wedding. Her dress was gorgeous. Found out that it was from Romania. I wish that I had taken some photos of it. I wish I had taken more photos of the wedding in general.  I didn’t feel too bad […]

Enter witty title here…

Hey everyone. I’m currently working on this while I have someone working on our fridge that I am pretty sure is dead and or dying. He’s currently working on melting the ice in the freezer to get to the wires so that he can see what is going on in there. I’m not really experienced […]

Day off

Fiks had the day off and we really haven’t done much.  Gucci was meant to get new shoes today but the farrier is ill. But we still we t over and groomed him and gave him some love and attention. He hasn’t been doing well for a while now, lost his appetite and is losing […]

Happy New Year 

Happy new year everyone.  I don’t know about you, but I hope that this year goes better than last. 2016 was rough to say the least. I mean physically and emotionally.  I had to drop out of school because I got ill and I needed to take care of that. I had to re learn […]