A humbling experience 

So yesterday I had a… Humbling experience. I fell off a horse yesterday. I’m doing okay, just sore on the side that I landed on. Thankfully I was wearing my helmet, so it took most of the impact for my head.

He’d acted up earlier in the ride. A little rear, nothing bad, but it wound him up. So we were walking around and I was just trying to calm him down and then all of a sudden he reared up again and them pushed off his hind legs and lept up in the air.

And that’s all she wrote. I came flying off, landed on my head and my side. The horse at least had the decency to look ashamed and I think he knew he’d done something wrong.

Apparently I didn’t move or respond straight away, but then I got up and started moving. I didn’t get back on him, the trainer wouldn’t let me. But I hand walked him and started to develop a headache and my neck started to hurt. I moved onto another horse and started to feel nauseated.

I thought I had a concussion, so I went to the local urgent care. That’s where they decided to put a neck brace on me. Not fun and super uncomfortable. I was in this thing for hours. They didn’t have a cat scan at the urgent care, so I had to wait for a ride to where they had a cat scan.

I met 2 very nice paramedics. One was a Whoovian and the other was an Equestrian so I was able to relate to both of them on some level, which was nice.

After a couple of hours of waiting I finally got my Cat scan and it came back clear for my head and my neck. Just pulled stuff in my neck.

I woke up very stiff and sore this morning, as to be expected. Took some Tylenol to make it through my work day.

When I was done with work I went over to my parents place and found Gucci lying down. He normally doesn’t lie down in the daytime. A little worrisome. He’s still super lame and sore on his feet. I ended up calling the vet and asking for some advice.

They suggested to give him 2 grams of bute twice a day for two days. And that if he isn’t better by Monday they want to come and take xrays of his feet to make sure he didn’t founder or has laminitis or rotated his coffin bone. All scary words and possibly scary outcomes.

I’m really hoping it’s just and abcess. I really am.

Alright, that’s if for today. I don’t know if I’ll get to do one tomorrow, we are at a friend’s wedding.

Just keep swimming!

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