Weekend Shenanigans 

Hey everyone. How was your weekend? 

Mine was good. I had a blast at my friends wedding. Her dress was gorgeous. Found out that it was from Romania. I wish that I had taken some photos of it. I wish I had taken more photos of the wedding in general. 

I didn’t feel too bad because we met up with our friends that were also there. So it was just like having out all fancy dressed. It was also nice seeing some people from high school, like the brides sister and some of her/our old friends that I’ve fallen out of touch with minus being friends on Facebook. 

I have to say the entry music was awesome. First it was “Over the rainbow”, followed by the theme from Star Trek, and then another beautiful song that I didn’t know. 

It was held at a local marine lab with a mini aquarium. I was sad that the octopus wasnt in the tank, I love octopuses. Have to be my favorite water animal, after Stormfly of course. After the ceremony they had the touch pools open. You got to touch starfish, sea cucumbers, sea anemones, and a couple other things. There was a otter skeleton and a while skeleton too. 

All of us kind of stayed together throughout the wedding, which was nice. I didn’t feel that freaking out panic from being surrounded by strangers. Everyone at our table minus me started playing Pokémon Go, which I thought was funny. And yes, this is one of our friends drinking wine out of a soda bottle… 

The food was good. Salad, pork, chicken, potatoes and carrots. All stuff I can eat. The cake was red velvet for one layer and Caramel on the other. I gave Fiks the red velvet one and I ate the Caramel one. 

After the food and the cake the dance floor opened up, and I dragged Fiks onto the dance floor following the group and got a few dances out of him, which was awesome. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t. 

I started to feel frazzled so we left around 930. Said goodbye to everyone and then ran (or trying to run in heels) in the rain over to the car. 

I had to wake up early on Sunday and take my parents to the airport for their little vacation. So my house and horse sitting going job started. 

We brought our dirty laundry over and worked on that and watched the movie Whiplash. Such a good movie. Beautiful music and the performances are amazing. JK Simmons was astounding. 

Then we found out there was a game night going on, so we went and played games for a few hours with our friends from the wedding. We even saw the bride and groom. They didn’t stay, just swung by for hugs and to say hi/bye to one of her friends that came in just for the wedding. Well, he was the maid of honor, so kind of important to the wedding. Can see why they wanted to say bye to the guys. 

We mostly played card games. We played a card game based off the TV show Firefly. I was the first to die. It seems to be the trend with me for some reason. Then we played code words. It’s a good game. There are 2 teams of spys, red and blue. You have a 5×5 grid of cards with words on them, and your team leader gives you one word and you have to guess what words on the cards match best to the word given. But you have to avoid finding the other teams spys or the assasin, who is an instant kill. Then we played Linkee, which is a word association game. You get given 4 clues and all the things have something in common. You guess what that is and whoever spells out Linkee first wins. I struggled at this game. I was kind of slow at it. But that’s okay, I still had fun. 

I’d fill you on on what I did today but I haven’t done much. I went and got gucci’s feed. Took care of horses in the morning, and ill take care of them again in a little while. 

I’m still sore from the fall, and some bruises are finally starting to form, but it’s all good. Just part of riding. 

And that’s gonna be it for the day. 

Just keep swimming! 

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