Stupid Facebook (Week 21)

Hi from Monday again people! The day started off kind of early, my brother wanted to borrow my truck for a few dump runs and he left me his car. I crawled back into bed after the exchange. I got some more sleep then I decided to upload the Darkshore photos to Facebook. And Facebook […]

Darkshore XXI(Week 19)

Happy Monday, ya’ll. So I’m going to apologize for last weeks blog, or lack of blog to be more honest. It published early and I didn’t realize it, because I was doing it on my phone and it still said draft when it came to that blog. When I did realize what had happened I […]

(Week 18)

So Fiks is on vacation this week, so he made an appointment for his car at a dealership. We woke up 30 minutes efore his appointment and the place was 40 minutes away. Needless to say he rushed out the door. I stayed at home watching Doctor Who, waiting to hear if I needed to […]