(Week 18)

So Fiks is on vacation this week, so he made an appointment for his car at a dealership. We woke up 30 minutes efore his appointment and the place was 40 minutes away. Needless to say he rushed out the door. I stayed at home watching Doctor Who, waiting to hear if I needed to pick him up or not. I didn’t. It’d only take a hour and a half, so he decided to stay there.

I got dressed and went to visit Gucci. He’s shedding like mad. You touch him and your hand comes back furry. After a quick hello I went inside to say hi to mom and poppa. They were fine so I decided to go out and groom Gucci for a while. Mom said to put the hair I get off him in a bag.

It was really funny. Standing in front of the house he was fine with the bag next to him. But the flies were bugging him so we walked over to the barn and I got out the fly spray and sprayed him down. He was grazing so I figured he’d be fine with the bag again. Nope. He let away from it multiple times with a snort. So we stopped grazing and went back in front of the house where he was fine with the bag again. Silly boy.

Then we came up to our place and started sewing again. We added a panel to the second skirt and now it fits. So yay. Then we moved on to the tabard which is the velveteen. I sewed the main peice like the instructions said, then we tried to sew a side on and were confused on what we were doing. So we waited for my mom to come back. The velveteen is a hard fabric to deal with for me. It just keeps on stretching. Mom and I kinda gave up on it for the day.

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