Darkshore XXI(Week 19)

Happy Monday, ya’ll.

So I’m going to apologize for last weeks blog, or lack of blog to be more honest. It published early and I didn’t realize it, because I was doing it on my phone and it still said draft when it came to that blog. When I did realize what had happened I was already pissed off and having a shitty day, so I basically said fuck it and left it where it was. So I’m sorry for that.

So last week was quals for Wavehaven and Fiks’ decided to acutally go and qual for a position. I think he’s going for monarch, but don’t quote me on that. But he made his Irish Car Bomb cupcakes again. Nom nom nom!


I also had 2 panic attacks over the course of 2 days, part of why it was a hard week for me. I was stressing out over the dress, like, majorly stressing out. But Fiks’ was my hero and sewed stuff together while I was asleep and while I was at work. So thank you Fiks.


But today went alright. I woke up and bugged Fiks to wake up too. He goes back to work tomorrow, so I was enjoying it while it lasted. I went to the feed store and got some feed for Gucci, then went to European Wax Center to get my eyebrows waxed before Darkshore. When I came out I looked around before crossing the street and saw a car that looked like Fiks. Turned out it was him. He went next door to get his hair cut and they couldn’t fit him in until this afternoon, so he was leaving when I saw him. I said that I was going to my parents house, and pointed my truck full of feed and bedding out, and he said he’d come help unload. So off to my parents we went.

We said hi to Gucci first, and he wasn’t super into coming over and saying hi at first. But he eventually warmed up to us and came over. Especially once alf-alfa was involved. Then we went into my parents and said hi and waited for Poppa to finish his breakfast.


The nose of a monster paint.

He had a master plan for the barn where we keep Gucci’s feed. He wants to stick his tractor in there, so we rearranged the barn so he could fit it inside. The tractor which is currently up at my brothers house.

After that I went to Safeway and told Fiks to meet me there. I had turned on some music so I wasn’t totally attuned to my environment and he totally snuck up on me while I was picking out vegetables. Made me jump. So I stopped my music and we walked around and got our groceries for the week. Including stuff for Darkshore. I even got myself some blood orange cider that Fiks pointed out, I can’t wait to try it. I love blood orange.

We then came back home and my mom joined us and helped us on my dress. She said that Fiks had done a great job on what he’d done so far and she was able to pick up where he left off. So currently we have arm holes! Yay! And I sewed the last part of my skirt, the eye and hook on. It took me a while, but I did it. Then mom had to leave so we stopped sewing for a while.

Tuesday started off stressful. Fiks called and woke me up and informed me that the wedding venue had charged us again for the deposit, not once but twice. So it had taken all of our money for rent and our bills for the month. I called up the landlord and explained what happened and asked him not to cash the rent check yet, which he was fine with. I then spent my morning emailing the venue and trying to get it fixed.

My mom came over to help us on the shoulders of the dress and to sew in the zipper. I had to leave for work before she was done. She couldn’t get the zipper foot to attach apparently. But work went fine. They are entering a remodel and had little caution signs all over the place. It was really cute. I wish I had taken a photo of it, maybe I’ll do that on Thursday.


Once I got home (like backing the truck into the garage home), mom called and said that she didn’t get the zipper foot on and was coming back up to get help from my sister and bring up dinner. So we ran out and got some hot dog buns really quick and waited for my parents to show up. We had dinner at my sisters house and then discovered that the zipper foot that my sister has doesn’t work with my mom’s model of sewing machine. But my sister was awesome and let us use her machine to sew the zipper in.


Its almost ready! This is it with the skirt that’s finished. So we just have to sew up the back and then its done, so something that we can get done this afternoon after I get back from my hair appointment.

So my hair appointment went well. We dyed my hair and colored it coppery red, since that’s what half of my hair was like anyway. I was anxious most of the appointment because the hair dresser said that her next appointment was someone I do not get along with. At all. So the lady called while I was still getting my hair done, sat in her car, and ignored me when I walked out. My hair dresser had to point me out to her and she just glared at me when she said hello. I gave her a smile back and a wave. Kill ’em with kindness… sometimes.


So my hair is all done for Darkshore. Yay!

I called my mom on the way home to see if she was going to come up and help me sew the dress and finish it. She wasn’t. She woke up really sick and didn’t want to come and make me ill, so I was kind of left to my own devices when it came to sewing. I sewed up one side of the dress to the best of my ability, wasn’t super happy with it but I don’t know how to make it better. Then I hand sewed some hook and eyes onto the top of the dress so it will shut.

As I was waking up on Thursday I got a call from my boss asking me to go into work early. I told her that I couldn’t make it there until 12, because I still had to pack up the truck and drop it off at my parents house. So I quickly packed up and ran it over to my parents house, borrowed the car, and went down to work.

So the bank was a little freaked out because they had 2 people watching them while they were doing their opening duties. Apparently they had been there before at night watching the closing duties. I had never seen the vehicle before, but better to be safe than sorry. So I had to ask people to take off their hats, which was kind of awkward and sometimes difficult for me. Most people responded well, had one old fart who was stubborn and wouldn’t take it off. But whatever.

After I got off work down to Darkshore we went. We got there with enough time to set up the tent before the sun set. We were unloading the bags and such in the dark, which was okay, that’s easy enough to handle. Then we went and got some fast food for dinner, said hi to folks. Then Fiks had to leave to come back home and go to work the next day.

I woke up to the sound of cannon fire at around 645 am. Not the greatest way for me, let alone anyone to wake up. There was a civil war reenactment group going on at the same time that we were there. They took up most of the playing field, leaving us a little space to play. And they kept setting off the big cannons, so that was frustrating for a lot of people I think. But I stayed around and took photos of the games and the players. Hopefully I got some good photographs.

Fiks came down at about 730-8 on Friday night, basically during court. So I ran off to greet him and stopped paying attention to court. I helped him unload the stuff that I forgot to bring down on Thursday. After court was Fiks’ vigil, and his knight, and the other knights, were very kind and let me sit in on the vigil. He got lots of advice and words of wisdom from people. It was interesting to see what other people thought of him and picked up from his words and actions. There was some drinking, and some rambling, and some repeating of ones’ self, but all in all it was a good night.

I woke up early again on Friday, but not to the sounds of cannon fire this time. The neighbors next door were being loud. I let Fiks sleep, since he didn’t come to bed until super late… or super early… depends on how you want to look at it. I took photos of the first battle game, had some fun, and went to go and check on Fiks. I ended waking him up because he was falling off the bed and I didn’t want that. He’d fall onto my stuff and that is just plain rude.

After he woke up we went to the feast hall area and got some lunch, and set up the Iron Throne for the photo fundraiser we were doing. It took a while for people to get into it, but it ended up raising a lot of money for Darkshore. After the photos and lunch was done I handed the camera off to Fiks and went and took a power nap and read my book for a little while, just to get some down time. I found him taking photos of the battle game once I was up and moving 2 hours later, even if my brain wasn’t functioning properly.

After the battle game we went to go get ready for court. His knight was awesome and let us use their hotel room to get clean and ready. He got nice and cleanly shaved, I put on make-up, we looked like bad asses together, it was awesome. After dinner, there was more court, so I went up front and started taking photos, like I always do. I was taking them when they called my name, and I shook my head no. Deimos gave me this look of “Get over here”, so I went. I ended up getting 2 awards for my photography.

Needless to say I was shocked and awed by their kindness and recognition. They went back to doing awards, and then it was all about Fiks. I am proud to say I didn’t cry, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t close. I had to pause and take some deep breaths there, and my hands weren’t always steady. I cannot explain how proud I am of him. He’s done so much and asked for so little, if anything, in return. He really deserves to be the second knight of Westmarch.

When he was asked to say some words he couldn’t, so people came up to gave him presents. People from my land, mostly Fox I think, came up to me and said “You should have been the first one there to congratulate him” and pushed me through the crowd so I could get to him and give him a kiss.

After that he got presents and hugs from practically everyone there. Then we started to party, have some drinks, and dance the night away. Well, Fiks had some single sword ditch fighting too, and a thing for a house that he’s trying to join where you spin around 20 times holding a pole arm, throw it on the ground, jump over it, and yell out… something. Well, he did the 20 spins, and threw the pole arm down, and wiped out. It was hilarious.

Sunday came and it was time to pack up. So we loaded up the truck and his car, said goodbye to certain people, and went and had lunch with the knights from the night before and other friends. We had what we call a Victory Calzone. Its a calzone with salami, garlic, and some kind of ham. I like it with prosciutto. We got it with Canadian Bacon this time. After lunch we said our goodbyes and worked our way home.

I had to stop at our friends house and feed Smoke, who was claiming he was very hungry and an abused boy.


I then swung by my parents quickly and said hi to them and that we are home safe. I also said hi to Gucci.


Two nose photos in one week!

I went to download some of the photos to put on here, but for some reason it wouldn’t work under my account, but it;ll work on Fiks’. So dumb. Between both of us we took almost 2500 photos. It’ll be a lot of work to go through them all. Maybe I’ll have some for you next week.

Have a week!

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