Still I Rise… (Week 29)

Hi from Monday! I slept better last night then I did the night before, so yay! I woke up once or twice in the night. I woke up when Fiks kissed me goodbye and then I was happily snoozing when the neighbor with the muscle car decided to rev their engine and scared the crap […]

Lack of sleep…(Week 28)

Hi from Monday! I didn’t sleep super well last night, but I did better than the night before, so at least that’s an improvement. I kissed Fiks goodbye and rolled over and fell back to sleep for a little bit. Then I was woken up by the garbage truck. I moved out to the sofa […]

A Day Late (Week 26)

Hi from Monday! Happy Birthday Fiks! I didn’t sleep well last night. I had a hard time to fall asleep, then I kept waking up and having a hard time going back to sleep. I finally got out of bed around 530-6, I grabbed my bowl of cereal and watched a National Geographic special, I […]