A Day Late (Week 26)

Hi from Monday!

Happy Birthday Fiks!

I didn’t sleep well last night. I had a hard time to fall asleep, then I kept waking up and having a hard time going back to sleep. I finally got out of bed around 530-6, I grabbed my bowl of cereal and watched a National Geographic special, I forget which one. I’ve watched a lot of them over the past couple of days.

Fiks came out and I put it on Avatar the last Air bender. I dozed on him for a little while then I went and got his birthday present that I hadn’t wrapped. Does that make me a bad wife? Oh well, I think he enjoyed it. I think he’ll enjoy making it too.

For those who don’t recognize it, that is the International Space Station. Figured with him being such a space nerd he’d enjoy it. We continued to watch Avatar until it was time to get going. We both got ready and then Fiks made himself a mug of tea to go. We swung by my Friday post and I dropped off the phone I accidentally brought home. But at least I know that its charged.

We went to my parents house next, ran inside to get Gucci a couple of carrots, then we went over and said hi.

Gucci and Fiks’ best trick. We then went back inside and was met by Lumi who went a little bonkers. Then Poppa came in and we talked for a little while until Mom came down and said hi. They were asking what we were doing for Fiks birthday, and I said we were going to get sushi for dinner. They asked if we could come along and we said yes. Mom said Gucci’s water needed changing so we went and did that.

We scrubbed his bucket out really well and then we put it back in and Fiks went and turned on his water. I put his electrolytes in and I petted him until it was time to turn off the water. Then I put his halter on and we went for a walk. We went at his pace, doing 3 laps on the driveway and giving him a couple carrots. He tried to steal the carrots out of my back pocket.

I fly sprayed him and saw that he had an interesting wound on his flank. Its like he bit himself too hard to get rid of a fly or something. Its really sensitive, so it stings. I went inside and told Mom about it, she said I should try putting his anti itchy cream on it. So after Fiks and I pasted him I put some on his wound then I saw he was itching his tail out so I put some on his tail too.

Afterwards we went up to the station and Fiks ran inside to pick up one of his packages. I stayed in the truck and called the restaurant we want to go to for dinner. They said that they open at 5 and its first come first serve for the outdoor dining. Then we came home.

I had a slice of pizza and a garlic twist for lunch, I think Fiks did the same. I went on Amazon Prime and saw that they had something on the black plague. I used to be absolutely fascinated with this topic when I was little. So I turned it on and it was a very dry lecture on it, not what I was expecting. I changed it to House, apparently I have some episodes left to watch. So we’ve been watching House this afternoon.

hehehe, 2 for 1

We finished the series, then started watching Avatar when there was a knock at our door. I opened it to find my Brother with a bottle of whiskey for Fiks for his birthday (you can’t really go wrong giving him whiskey). I also gave my Brother his birthday present; a baby Yoda. Fiks and my Brother talked D&D stuff for a while and then my parents pulled up. So the three of them started talking and then Fiks went out so he could talk with them too. I stayed by the door. My Brother then took off to go home and Mom and Poppa came inside. We chatted for a little bit before heading down the road to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant.

We got there and waited for them to open and we place our order. Mom and Fiks walked to go get a table for us while Poppa and I hung out to pay the bill and get our sodas & beers. We chatted for a little while and I started getting really anxious, and then dinner came. Dinner was good, but it didn’t take my anxiety away. We said bye to Mom and Poppa and then we headed back down the mountain to go back to Fiks’ work because a package showed up for him today.

We came back home and turned on Avatar again. Fiks went to go and get cleaned up after an episode or two. Then we cut his cake, yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Nom! We kept watching Avatar until it was time for me to go to bed. Fiks decided to come to bed with me. He scrolled through imgur while I read my book 42.

I slept okay last night, I woke up twice and then I kind of remember waking up for Fiks to say goodbye, then I woke up like a half hour later. I had my bowl of cereal and dozed to Futurama and then when that was over I turned it over to SyFy and watched Face/Off.

When it was time I put my cereal bowl away in the dishwasher and went and got ready. I grabbed my water bottle from the fridge, cut some cake to take to my parents house, and off I went.

I got there okay. I ran inside to grab a couple of carrots for Gucci. He was a good boy, but he just had a grumpy face on this morning.

Mom came out and asked if I needed anything, I told her I already gave him 2 carrots. I grabbed my water bottle and the cake and we went inside. Poppa gave me part of a blood orange that he had just peeled for me. It was good, but I didn’t eat all of it. Mom wanted to have some cake, so I joined her and then Poppa didn’t want to be left out so he had a slice of cake.

Afterwards we went and pasted Gucci, who was a good boy for it. Mom wanted her tables on the patios moved so we did that next. I did my best not to get dirty. But we got the tables moved. Then my Sister and Lumi got home. I made myself half a sandwich and grabbed an ice tea and we watched some Dr Pol until my sister said it was getting to graphic and gory for her.

I still wasn’t feel well so we stayed inside. Mom and my Sister went down to Costco and then it was just Poppa and myself. I got some ice for my water bottle and grabbed some carrots and said goodbye to Poppa and Gucci. Gucci didn’t want the carrots, but I gave him some love and pets. Then I jumped in the truck and made my way down to work.

I got to work fine, got a good parking spot even. I sat and read my book 42 and listened to some music. When it was time I went into the bank and started my shift. It was mostly good. Had one homeless guy keep going through the garbage can out by the ATM’s. The other security guard offered to buy him some food from the Chinese restaurant and he just turned his back and walked away. He came back and I stood outside and he left. He tried to come back but he just walked away, didn’t see him the rest of the shift.

I came home and got cleaned up and waited for Fiks to come home. I thought we could do chicken tacos for dinner, but when he got home he was too tired to cook and its one of those dishes I’m no good at. So we did left over pizza for dinner. Fiks jumped on the computer and we watched the SpaceX launch that had happened earlier in the day. And then we watch YouTube videos until it was time for me to go to bed.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. What is that? I’ve been up since 330am. I’m tired. I turned on Disney+ and put on Mulan and dosed during that, and then I put on something else that I can’t even remember and dosed during that. I woke up with Fiks’ alarm in the other room and had my bowl of cereal and turned on the news for a little while. Then Fiks came out of the room and had his bowl of cereal and made his mug of tea while I was getting dressed and ready for the day.

I followed Fiks down the mountain and into town. I went and got gas before hitting up the grocery store. I listened to Halestorm while I was walking around and gathering our stuff for the week. Then I went over to my parents and said hi to Gucci who decided to spin and whinny, spin and whinny. I gave Gucci his breakfast and Poppa and Lumi came out of the field and said hi to me. Poppa went and mucked out his stall and then I took the dog and went inside.

We turned on the coffee and then we went to go wake up Mom, who was already awake. So Mom, Lumi and I came downstairs and turned on the TV and I had a cookie for a snack. Poppa came back inside and we all sat down and watched the news for a little while. Then Poppa and I went outside to go and dig out Gucci’s stall. I Gucci’s halter on and walked him to the fence panel that we had to move and Poppa came and helped me pen him in. I figured that he’d be fine in his turn out, boy was I wrong.

Poppa pulled the tractor out and pulled it up to Gucci’s stall. I started shoveling the old dirt and shavings into the scoop of the tractor. Poppa did it with a shovel since I was using the pitch fork. When Poppa took the first load away I went and said hi to Gucci and ran and grabbed my gloves from my truck. And Gucci started to have a spaz attack. Spinning and turning around.

I ran inside and asked Mom to come out and talk with him while we were shoveling. She came out after she had her eggs and that seemed to calm him down a lot. Poppa and I did 3 scoops of the tractor and then I put down the 3 bales of shavings that we had. 2 were a different kind, he doesn’t like this kind as much but he needed it to cover up his stall. I’m going to get some fresh bales tomorrow.

We came back inside and watched some Dr Pol then Mom ran upstairs and got changed. I waited for my Cousin to call and then my phone crashed. Rebooted. Tried to call her. Crashed again. Rebooted. Told her my phone kept crashing so she called my parents house to talk and Mom came down while I was on the phone and chatted with my cousin for a little while. Then we did the countdown and started the movie of the week; Beauty and the Beast.

Poppa joined us after he was done getting cleaned up, so the three of us enjoyed the movie. Even if there were a few internet glitches and had us at a delay compared to her. While we were watching the movie I got a text from the Dr coming to take care of Gucci. So we finished the movie then I went and got Gucci out and brushed him and we just waited for the Dr to show up. She was right on time.

She was really nice, very professional and caring. We told her his history, did a soundness exam and then she started her magic of being a chiropractor, and she also did acupuncture on him.

He ended up with a couple dozen acupuncture needles in him at the end of the day. It took a little while but she was able to adjust him in a few places, point out places that needed to be worked on. Everything with his back starts with the pain that he’s dealing with on his front feet. She’s going to talk to my vet and my farrier, get everyone on the same page on how to take care of him. Sounds like I’ll be having my vet and my farrier out at the same time some point soon. Won’t that be expensive.

I went and made up Gucci’s medicine and Poppa helped me paste him. He was over people and hiding in the furthest corner of his paddock with his head over the fence. But we got it back on the right side of the fence and he took his medicine really well. I grabbed my cold and frozen groceries and made my way home.

Once I got home I unloaded the groceries and brought them up inside. I put the cold and frozen stuff away and left the rest out to be put away later. I flopped on the sofa and tried to take a nap. That was unsuccessful. So I eventually got up off my ass and put the groceries away and then went and got cleaned up. For some reason I had Christmas music stuck in my head, I used Spotify to get rid of those ear worms.

I waited for Fiks to come home and we started making chicken tacos for dinner. We got everything cooked and ready and sat down and watched Avatar while we ate dinner.

I slept okay last night. Like I fell asleep okay, only woke up once, then I woke up with Fiks. I realized I fucked up and ran to go say goodbye to him again and fucked up again. Not the greatest way to start the day. I lied on the sofa and watched Furturama until that was over and then I put on The Long Shot. Its a chick flick horse, well, bull riding movie with Alan Alda and one of Clint Eastwood’s sons.

Here is something that cheered up my day. My Cousin and her Husband are in this theater arts guild and they did a music video for Someone You Loved. Wednesday was meant to be the start of their summer concert series but it was canceled to Covid.

I got dressed and then I went to the feed store to get some new shavings for Gucci’s stall. Then I went over to my parents house to drop off said shavings and say hi to Gucci.

Poppa was in the field when I pulled up, so after saying hello and giving Gucci his carrots we unloaded his shavings and I gave him 2 bales of shavings.

Then we went inside and Lumi finally stopped barking. Poppa and I played ball with Lumi for a little while and then he got tired so we started working on a project Mom wanted done. So we worked on that and Mom came down a few minutes later. She was happy that we had started the project. Mom and I went and pasted Gucci while Poppa cleaned up the project zone. Gucci was good for his pasting once I caught him. He went out into his paddock again.

We went inside and I made myself lunch while Mom and Poppa tangled with the curtains. We watched Dr Pol for a little while the curtains were in the dryer. They look really good. If I remember tomorrow I’ll take photos. Mom and I continued to watch Dr Pol until it was time for me to leave for work. I went and gave Gucci his goodbye cookies and hopped in the truck and took off.

I got to work okay. I got a good parking spot and I sat there and read my book while listening to music. When it was time for my shift to start I went inside and punched in. Remember the homeless guy from Tuesday? Yeah, he was back. And he kept trying to come back so I was stationed outside the bank most of the day. Other than him the day went fine.

Fiks wasn’t too far behind me getting home wise. He got cleaned up and then jumped on the computer for a meeting. Only there was no meeting. Its tomorrow night. So we did left overs for dinner, he started playing games with his friends and I watched some Big Bang Theory.

I slept okay last night. Only woke up once or twice but was able to get back to sleep, go me! I woke up when Fiks was leaving, and I tried to be better about it this morning. Then my alarm went off and it was time to get dressed and ready for work. I came out from the bedroom and saw that the front door was open and Fiks was still here. Swear I heard him leave like 5 minutes before. He was brewing his tea.

I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and then I was off to my parents house. It was a fairly easy drive. When I got there Gucci was waiting at the gate and Poppa and Lumi were out in the field for his walk. I gave Gucci his two hello cookies and then Poppa came walking up with a bag full of melon rinds. Oh boy!

I went and grabbed Gucci his bucket and gave that to him, he stuck his nose in the bucket and started eating as soon as I opened the gate. I picked up the bucket he had on the floor, and looked in his water bucket and saw what I thought was a mouse floating in it. Nope, it was some kind of huge beetle, still alive. I left it in the bucket to show Poppa and then we gave Gucci his hay. I looked down at my hand for some reason and saw that there was blood on it. I checked myself and didn’t see anything. I thought it came from Gucci so I checked him and saw a faint bit (I think) of blood on his lips. But I wasn’t sure because he’d been stuffing his face.

I got inside and show Mom, and we decide since he isn’t actively bleeding we don’t need to get the vet out yet. Yet, key word. So I have my breakfast and watch a movie with Mom, and then Poppa comes in and we go back out to paste Gucci. He walks away as soon as he sees the syringe. We follow him, and I go to paste him and he totally freaks out. Spins around on his haunches and almost yanks my arm out of its socket. We go in for round two. Same thing, less arm yanking. Poppa goes and gets his halter. He still freaks out, but I get most of the medicine in him, I think. Then I squirt the little bit left in his mouth again.

My arm is hurting after all the being yanked around. so Mom puts some cream on it to make it feel better. We wonder if he has a sticker or something stuck inside his mouth from the hay. He won’t let me check in his mouth again. So we decide if he isn’t better about taking his medicine by Monday we’ll have the vet out to check his mouth.

It sucks because I have to do it. Because its the only way to get the medicine he needs to keep on going in his retired lifestyle and healthy…ish. I just hate feeling like the bad guy about it.

I go back inside for a little while and then its time to head to work. I get to work fine, sit and read my book 42 while listening to the radio. Then its time to go in. The Branch Manager is who greets me at the door, so I know I have to behave for a little while. So I listen to my podcasts and watch people come inside. It was a busy day for the coin machine, lots of coins turned in. I talked with one of the girls there I get along really well with. We talk tattoos a lot.

Then I came home. Well, first I swung by the pub that Fiks like that’s in the town that he likes to get pyes. So I get 2 warm pyes and 2 frozen pyes. I tried to get cheese and broccoli and they were all out, so I had to get cheese and onion. Haven’t tried it yet, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I watch Drain The Oceans on Disney+, the first episode was about the Nazis. Damn Dirty Crouts. Those who are The Thrilling Adventure Hour fans should get that reference. I went and got cleaned up afterwards and came back out and Fiks was done with his meeting and then he went and got cleaned up. We then watched some YouTube videos and then I went to bed.

I woke up a couple of times in the night but I was able to get back to sleep. I woke up with my first alarm and snoozed it, but then I got up after snoozing it, so I don’t know why I bothered doing that. I got dressed for work and made my lunch and breakfast and headed off to work.

Work went okay. It was really busy. I was expecting it to be slow since it was the 4th of July.

But I was wrong. Super busy. But I sat there and read my book 43 and listened to my podcasts. Afterwards I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci.

He was happy to see me. I gave him 2 cookies and a carrot. Then I went inside to say hi to Mom and Lumi, I made up Gucci’s medicine and Mom went outside with me to help me paste him. Gucci walked out into his paddock and stopped in the middle. He was better about his pasting today, so that was nice.

Afterwards I came home and we did a quick video chat with my Cousin and her husband. It was nice seeing her face, even though I just saw it on Wednesday. Afterwards I went and got cleaned up for gaming. Fiks pulled out the BBQ and we BBQ’d the steaks I had gotten. I made some cornbread and then mashed potatoes. We watched the last episode of Avatar, The Last Airbender, which was actually 4 episodes, so we stopped after the first one.

Gaming was fun. My new character is super stealthy, so I really enjoy that. And then we went and had some combat and then I went to bed. I stayed up a little later then I usually do because of the combat.

I woke up twice, but I was able to get back to sleep, so that was nice. I didn’t want to wake up with my alarm, so I snoozed it once and fell back asleep. I was dragging my feet getting up so I was running late for work. I made my lunch and my breakfast and took off.

I got to work on time, so that was lucky. My day was a lot slower today, so that was nice. I was back into reading book 41, but I couldn’t really focus on it today. I was reading the same paragraph over and over again and it wasn’t sticking. So I tried a different book and was able to focus on that, but I wasn’t really into the book. So I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.

After work I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. He seemed happy to see me. I gave him is 2 cookies and a carrot.

I went inside and said hi to my parents and Lumi, who went bonkers when he saw me. I went and saw Poppa’s computer room and he’d done a really good job of cleaning it up. You could sit on the sofa and in the love seat, which you haven’t been able to do in a while. Poppa went out and pasted Gucci with me, who freaked out on us again. But I was able to get the rest of the medicine in him on the second try. We made up his buckets and he supervised us, then we went back inside. I told Mom that he freaked out again on us, so we’re thinking a sore tooth maybe. Dunno if he needs the vet or not.

I came home and got cleaned up and then we finished Avatar, then we did left overs for dinner and started watching Hamilton.

So many good songs. I really loved it. I think Satisfied has to be one of my favorites.

After the movie we went and did our adulting thing, like the laundry and the garbage. Fiks got cleaned up and I went to bed.

See you next week!

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