Put Kindness First…(Week 27)

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night, only waking up once. I woke up when Fiks kissed me goodbye and then I tossed and turned in bed for a little bit before giving up and getting out of bed. There was no Futruama this morning, so I turned on Netflix and put on Grey’s Anatomy.

I went and got myself a bowl of cereal. Fiks must have had some cereal too because there was barely any milk left, grrr! But there was enough for my bowl, so I’m happy. I dozed off and on during Grey’s and talked with my Cousin who started Grey’s over as well, she’s the one who gave me the idea. I’ve got to try to catch up with her now.

I got up and got dressed and headed over to my parents house. I went over and said hi to Gucci.

I gave him his cookies and a carrot, told him we’d go for a walk and then went inside. I was greeted by Lumi and Poppa, who told me Gucci was naughty this morning. Apparently when Mom was going in to feed him he nudged her in her back. Thankfully she grabbed onto the gate and didn’t fall down.

I went upstairs to make sure that Mom was okay. She said she was fine. She knew that he didn’t do it to be mean, he was just hungry. He’d never intentionally hurt anyone. We went downstairs and watched Jurassic Park with Poppa for a while, then we went outside and looked for the stud chain that goes around the gate that went flying.

We dug through he stall and in his turnout, didn’t see the bloody stud chain. That’s the second one that’s gone missing in as many months. I went and got Poppa and we grabbed his magnets and went through his stall and outside his stall again and couldn’t find it. So I dunno.

I then got him out and took him for his laps. He did really good. Slow to start but then he got moving pretty good. First time I’ve really had him out since the chiropractor came out on Wednesday. Mom gave him a couple of carrots and then we put him back. I had a talk with him about not nudging Mom again. I dunno if he listened, but at least I told him.

Mom and I split a sandwich and then we watched Doctor Pol while we were eating. I called the vet to make an appointment for him to come out and do a soundness exam and to get him some of his medicine. Never heard from the vet before lunch. I waited for a little while and then Poppa and I went and pasted him, and he freaked out again. So we put the halter on and took him out into his paddock so that if he freaked out we had places to move away from him. I pasted him on the left side instead of the right. I got the second half in okay. I might have to keep doing it on that side until the vet comes out.

Afterwards I came home and I was going to go for a walk, but it was 87 when I got home. I don’t do too well in the heat, so I didn’t think going for a walk was a good idea. So I was really lazy and spent my afternoon on the sofa watching Grey’s Anatomy and waited for Fiks to come home. He came home late. He got cleaned up and we put the laundry away while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. That’s going to be a really hard one to learn the songs to.

After putting the laundry away we went and got Chinese for dinner. We watched Back To The Future II with dinner and then I went and got cleaned up and went to bed.

I didn’t sleep really well last night, I kept waking up and then I’d doze, wake up and doze. I woke up and thought that I had missed Fiks saying goodbye, so I came out and saw him on the sofa playing Animal Crossing. So I snuggled up to him and dozed on him for a little while. Then I made myself a bowl of cereal and watched the news with him. When he was ready to go he kissed me goodbye and I snuggled down on the sofa and watched TV.

When it was time I got dressed and went to the feed store and got what I needed there before heading over to my parents house and saying hi to Gucci.

He actually seemed happy to see me today. He met me at the door with his funny faces and a small nicker. I gave him his 2 cookies and a carrot for his hello. Poppa and Lumi came out to say hi, and I said I had feed to unload, so we unloaded that while Lumi ran around in the field. Gucci looked at him like he was crazy, which he was.

We went back inside and I said hi to Mom who was upstairs, Lumi sneaked in behind me. We came downstairs and watched one of her Hallmark movies for a little while. Then we went and pasted Gucci. I did it from the left side this time and got most of it in. We decided it wasn’t worth the fight for the last 5 cc’s in the syringe.

I came home shortly after to get a nap in before my doctors appointment. But that didn’t really work out. Like right when I was dozing my phone went off and it was my vet. He was wondering if we could change the time from Thursday morning to this afternoon. I called Mom and asked her if she could be there for Gucci, since I might not be able to. I talked to my boss who said I could work until it was time for me to leave. So that was great.

I got dressed for work and took off. I found a good parking spot and sat and read my book and listened to the radio. When it was time I went in and started my shift and told the manager that I had to leave early today. He said it was fine and I explained that someone would be coming over and taking over my shift so they wouldn’t be alone.

The day at the bank was… Weird. People were weird, even for downtown they were weird. Some were snarky, some were jerks, there was just something in the air it felt like. But I got to leave to go to Gucci, so that helped. I got there before the vet did so that was great. I got Gucci out of his stall and we went and stood in the garage to make sure that he was okay being in there. He was. We then went and did his laps and we hung out on the tail gate of my truck until the vet showed up.

I ran inside and told Mom he was there and then I back Gucci up. I told him what’s been going on with giving him his medicine lately. So he looked in his mouth and and everything was fine. Nothing was painful or swollen when he looked inside. He said he was stumped. Next they set up the x-ray machine and the blocks for Gucci to stand on for said x-rays. They went pretty quick, and his feet look good. No rotation of the coffin bone and his nivicular isn’t any worse.

The sad thing we discovered is that he’s lost full range of motion in his left front knee. So that sucks. But there are shots that we can give him which I’ll probably start doing in the fall so that hopefully he’s better for the winter. I just want to do everything in my power to make him comfortable.

I came home and turned on the oven to start dinner then I went and got cleaned up. When I was ready I came out and started dinner. Once dinner was going I opened the packages that were left behind and they were all tattoo creams. I got multiple because I don’t know if I’m going to have a reaction to one. I figured I’d find the one I like the best and don’t have a reaction to and let Fiks use whichever I don’t use. Sounds fair.

Fiks played games with his friends on his computer, so I watched Grey’s until it was time to go to bed.

I slept better than I did yesterday. I woke up once and messaged my Cousin to make sure that we were still on for the movie today. And then I went back to sleep. Fiks came and woke me up and I had enough time to have a bowl of cereal. And then it was time to head down the mountain. Fiks went to work and I went to the grocery store. I listened to music from Spotify while I was walking around and I think I got everything.

I went over to my parents house and walked over and gave Gucci two carrots and I wasn’t sure if he’d had breakfast or not. So I went to ask Poppa if he’d had breakfast and the door was locked, so I went back and gave him his bucket and a half flake of hay.

After giving him breakfast I was heading towards the house and Mom was up and opened the door for me. So I brought it the carrots and iced tea and then I brought in my cold/frozen groceries. Poppa went and took Lumi for his walk and Mom and I watched the news for a little while and then we put on Dr Pol after Mom got tired of the news. After Poppa and Lumi came back in Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci, I did it on the left side and he did really well.

I left pretty soon afterwards, but I dropped Poppa off at the bottom of the hill so he could get the garbage cans. I came home and unloaded the groceries and then got ready for the movie of the week; Brave

Well, first I watched a little Grey’s and then I got ready for watching Brave. My Cousin video chatted me for a little bit, then we did the countdown and started the movie.

I was naughty and fell asleep during the last half of the movie. I didn’t mean to, it just happened. I woke up in time for the end credits. I watched another episode of Grey’s and then I went for a waddle. I don’t know how far it is, but it was a good 20 minute walk. I’ve got to get back in the habit and I think this shorter route might help me with that. Then I’ll start going and doing the doctors office route.

I was lazy most of the afternoon, watching Grey’s, browsing Facebook and Imgur. I got cleaned up and then I did some coloring. Not my best job in the world, but it was nice for me to color again.

I had some leftovers for dinner while watching Grey’s. I was waiting for Fiks to come home to eat, but he was going to be late and my tummy was grumbling, so I ate. Fiks came home and then he had dinner and we watched some YouTube videos before I headed off to bed.

I woke up and found that Fiks wasn’t in bed with me. So I went out and found him passed out on the sofa. I kissed him awake and then we went back to bed. I just tossed and turned the rest of the night, which sucked. I got out of bed for my doctors appointment and had my bowl of cereal while I was waiting. The appointment went well. Mostly well. There might be changes in my future. Afterwards I went and got dressed and headed over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci.

I gave him his hello cookie and a carrot, took of his pj’s and put on his fly mask. When I was in the stall one of the little chicks that have been living in his stall had fallen out of his nest and onto the floor. It looked alive, so thankfully Gucci hadn’t stepped on him yet. I went inside and said hi to Mom, Lumi, and my Sister. I told Mom about the bird, apparently Poppa had already put him in the nest already today. So Mom and I put on a pair of gloves and pulled out the ladder and put the bird back in its nest.

Mom and I went back inside and sat down for a little while. Then I went out and pasted Gucci, I had to chase him down for a couple of minutes, but he was good for his pasting. I came back inside and then made a sandwich that Mom and I shared. We watched Dr Pol for a while, until I had to head to work.

I got to work okay. I got the good parking spot. So I sat and read my book and listened to the radio for a little while before heading in. The day went fine, we were a busy a couple of times, 8 or more people in line. Makes it busy for that tiny branch. But the day went fine, only one crazy person to deal with.

I came home and got cleaned up and was invited over to my sisters for family dinner. Well family dinner was 2 tables 6 feet apart and tacos. I wasn’t super hungry for tacos, so I didn’t have any, but it was nice to see my Brother, his daughter, and his wife in real life, not over the screen of the computer. I got back home a little bit before Fiks did. I was super lazy and made myself a sandwich for dinner, leaving him the Chinese left overs.

We watched a couple of YouTube videos and then I went to bed.

I slept okay last night. Not the greatest but not the worst. I got dressed and ready and went outside and Fiks was still here, so that was a nice surprise. I made myself breakfast and lunch, during this time Fiks kissed me goodbye, and then I was ready to go to see Gucci.

When I got there Poppa was walking Lumi in the field, so I drove up the driveway slowly. I went to go get carrots from the house but Poppa came up the field and said he had some in his pocket. Gucci damn near took my fingers with the first carrot. Apparently he hadn’t had breakfast yet and was throwing a fit before I got there.

I gave him his breakfast bucket and his half a flake of hay and then I went inside to say hi to Mom. She was already up and having her cup of coffee. We watched the news for a little while, then I went and made up Gucci’s medicine. He did pretty good for pasting. I always give him a little more time with breakfast before I paste him. We went back inside, watched more news and then it was time for me to head to work.

I got to work fine. Sat and read my book and listened to the radio again. Work was slow for most of the morning, I wasn’t with a super chatty greeter so I got to listened to my podcasts. Everything changed after lunch. We were really busy from 2 until 5ish. Always a line, always people inside the bank. But in the afternoon I got to hang out with one of my favorite people at the bank, so that was okay. I got done on time and came home.

I got cleaned up and made dinner. I knew that Fiks was going to be out late, but I made enough for him to eat when he got home. I made white bunny macaroni, it was good. Not as good as Olive Garden like I was thinking before I knew Fiks was going to be out late, but it was good. I watched Grey’s until he came home.

Fiks came home with a deep fryer and two slices of cake. Apparently it was his boss’ 25 year anniversary with FedEx. He got cleaned up and then told me about his day, and started to make himself dinner. He added panko breadcrumbs to his macaroni, which smelled amazing. Wish I had thought of that. I went to bed a little later than normal just to spend some time with him.

Time. Time Lord… get it?

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, and I think I woke up when Fiks came to bed. I know I was up around my usual time and just tossed and turned the rest of the night. When I was finally getting back to sleep Fiks’ alarm went off. I didn’t get up with his alarm, I waited the 5 more minutes or so for mine to go off. Not that I got anymore sleep or anything out of it. I got up and dressed with Fiks and then went into the kitchen to pack my lunch and made my breakfast. Fiks came in and made his tea and then we were off to work.

Work was okay for me. I forgot my cell phone charger at home, so whenever I went up the hill to go to the bathroom I just left it in the truck to charge. Seemed to work out okay. I wasn’t super busy like a normal Saturday, but I wasn’t as slow as a Sunday either, so it was kind of nice. Busy with slow spots I guess is how you’d describe it. I listened to my podcasts and read my book. I finish book 44 and went back to book 42, almost finishing that one off.

I went over and said hi to Gucci after work. He wouldn’t give me a happy face, but he gave me this funny angle one.

I went inside and said hi to Mom, Lumi, and Poppa. Lumi had fallen asleep on the job so I startled him awake when I came in through the front door. Poppa helped me paste Gucci, who was really good for his pasting today. I went back inside and watched some Dr Pol with Mom for a little while and then I left to run a few errands.

I swung by the gas station to fill up the truck, I went to CVS to get myself some melatonin that I’ll start taking tomorrow night. I already have a hard time being awake on Sundays from gaming, and I don’t know how the melatonin will affect me. Better to do it on a day where I can afford to be a bit groggy. Then I swung by Fiks’ work and said hi really quick and asked when he was coming home, and if he wanted to go for a walk with me. Well the walk got nixed when I got home and it was 90 degrees outside.

I worked on the computer and ordered dinner and Fiks fell asleep on the sofa. I turned on Grey’s Anatomy very quietly with the subtitles on so I didn’t wake him up. He woke up a little before dinner arrived, we watched some YouTube videos and then we started gaming. It was fun. I’m still working on knowing all of my characters skills and moves, but I’m getting there. I’m sure I’m frustrating everyone right now with it, but yeah…

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was upset and angry when I went to bed, so that probably didn’t help me any. I woke up and found Fiks passed out on the sofa and asked him to come to bed, he didn’t want to leave the nicely air conditioned living room. I woke up with my alarm and then I got my lunch made and packed and made my breakfast and then I sat on the sofa and talked with Fiks for a little while and then I had to get up and go to work.

Work went fine, well, almost fine. I got there early and was able to get in my uniform before I got into the booth. I turned on my podcasts and I read my book 42, finishing that off then moving onto book 45.

The day was going fine until about 1230, when the HOA lady called and said one of the gate wasn’t working and she wanted me to cycle it to make it work. So I go to the gate, and I put the code in the padlock and it won’t open. Call the HOA lady back and told her the code wasn’t working. Didn’t make her happy. Then she said I didn’t need to open the padlock I just needed to use my key. I tried all of my keys, none of them worked on any of the locks. I called the lady who works during the week, and she said she’d deal with it tomorrow, they’d been having issued with the gate during the week. That took me almost a hour of working on it to do.

After work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci who greeted me with a whinny. And a somewhat happy face.

I gave him his cookies and a carrot for hello, then I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. Mom was on the sofa resting and Poppa was starting to make his slush puppies. Raspberry Lemonade, nom. My Sister showed up and Lumi went bonkers, and then we all had a slush puppy and went outside to sit on the patio. Well, Poppa was BBQing the sausages. The Fiks showed up and came and sat with us for a little while and then Poppa came in with the sausages. Again, nom.

After dinner I made up Gucci’s medicine and Fiks went as my back up. He was good for pasting, so that was nice. I gave him his flake of hay and then I made up his buckets and asked Fiks to give him the first one I made. Well Gucci was giving attitude after being pasted and knocked his bucket over and then threw it on the ground while I was making his other ones. Then Fiks and I came home.

I came home and brought up the garbage cans out and brought up a load of laundry and then I got cleaned up. I turned on Grey’s and Fiks came and sat on the sofa with me while playing Animal Crossing.

After a few episodes of Grey’s we, well, Fiks did Union Jack’s water for the week. I gathered up the garbage and took it out and Fiks had the recycling. And then I moved the laundry. So you know, adulting done. Back to Grey’s.

See you next week

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