Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Today is a day where we thank everyone who lost their life while doing military service for the United States. It is about selfless sacrifice to save or protect others. There are multiple traditions that go on today. Like graveyards will post flags at soldiers gravestones. Some places do parades. For […]

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Well its 430 am and I’m awake again. I’ve already been awake for an hour. I really wish I could just sleep through the night. That’d be great. I worked on coloring my fish for a little while when awake. He’s still coming along nicely. I’ve really grown uncomfortable in my own body lately. I’m […]

Just Keep Swimming…

Today has been difficult. Like, on an insane level. I woke up at 5am. No reason, no obsessing thoughts, just wide awake. So I sat and colored for a while, I started the fish in new colors. After a while I turned on Sherlock: The sign of three. I was meant to work tonight, so […]


So yesterday my day was kind of weird. I couldn’t seem to settle down and was constantly on edge and full of energy. I tried walking around but it didn’t seem to do enough. So early last night I turned on my Mindfulness app and did a 15 minute meditation. As I was going through […]

Sharks, cupcakes, bras

2 things: 1. I’m getting really tired of waking up in the middle of the night obsessing over things. 2. GO SAN JOSE SHARKS!!! We’re going to the Stanley Cup for the first time in team history! And I’ve got to give credit to the St Louis Blues. They really came back in the 3rd […]

Shame, Shame, I know your name

Yesterday was really difficult. I felt that I was struggling the whole day against everything. What little self-confidence I did have suddenly plummeted. I hated the fat person staring back at me in the mirror in the clothes that wouldn’t fit properly. I felt that I was just spinning my wheels and not going anywhere. […]

Upgrade in progress…

So my new Kindle Fire showed up yesterday. Its only an inch bigger than my previous one (I went from a 7″ to an 8″), but the screen is so much larger. It’ll be interesting to get used to. I thought about ordering it a case with a keyboard, but I decided to be smart […]