Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

Today is a day where we thank everyone who lost their life while doing military service for the United States. It is about selfless sacrifice to save or protect others. There are multiple traditions that go on today. Like graveyards will post flags at soldiers gravestones. Some places do parades. For me I also say thank you to all the animals who died helping those protecting out country.

The Riderless Horse
One of the oldest and most moving military traditions in a full honor funeral is the riderless, caparisoned horse. The horse is led behind the caisson wearing an empty saddle with the rider’s boots reversed in the stirrups, indicating the warrior will never ride again.


Thank you to the Washington International Horse Show Facebook page for this cool little tidbit.

So I was able to sleep mostly though the night. Yay. I did have problems falling asleep and then I woke up in the middle of the night, but I was able to get back to sleep. And I woke up at a fairly decent time, so I’m happy with myself. Its a good way to start the day.

Day 10: Your Best Physical Feature and 30 interesting facts about myself

Well considering I’m not happy with my own body currently this is really difficult. I don’t even have a good smile. I guess I’d say my eyes? I know my optometrist is constantly fascinated by them. They are usually a shade of blue, but they also have green and grey in them. When I don’t feel good the grey normally pops out more, I can see it.

Well hey, that was easy.

  1. My hair used to be so dark brown it looked black
  2. I can shift around a choir as needed, but I can’t hit soprano.  Jealous of those who can.
  3. I’ve been dying my hair since my 2nd year of college
  4. I still want to dye my hair purple.
  5. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed.
  6. One of my wisdom teeth the root went a 1/4 of the way through my jawbone
  7. I have owned 3 horses, and leased 1
  8. The first horse I owned had a bullet hole in his neck.
  9. I love instrumental music. Especially from soundtracks.
  10. I also love show tunes.
  11. Cats was my favorite musical for years.
  12. I have owned one dog (not like a family dog, like my dog). His name was Scooby.
  13. I want to get another dog
  14. My boyfriend got me back into Doctor Who
  15. My favorite new Doctor is David Tennant
  16. My original Doctor is Sylvester McCoy
  17. I have met Tom Baker
  18. I like the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi.
  19. My horse Gucci is related to the main horse in Hidalgo, TJ. He’s his cousin on his Sire‘s (dad for those non equestrians) side.
  20. Remember when I talked about meeting Joe Montana? He offered to buy my horse from me. I turned him down every time. He started out offering $20,000. The last offer was $50,000. My dad thought I was an idiot. My brother was jealous I met the football star.
  21. I met Milton when I was 10.
  22. I have been in 1 car accident
  23. I have always driven a truck
  24. I learned how to drive hauling my horse to lessons
  25. My horse is sometimes to smart and attentive for his own good
  26. I am working on becoming a large animal vet tech
  27. One of my favorite authors is James Patterson
  28. I also enjoy Kelley Armstrong
  29. All of my Harry Potter books are from England
  30. I like Weird Al

Back to everyday life…

So today is the first game of the Stanley Cup, San Jose Sharks versus the Pittsburgh Penguins. Yesterday we read an article that says the Sharks will win in 6 games. I’m seriously hoping that’s true. Then we’d finally win the cup! So let’s go Sharks! Sharks eat Penguins! Nom Nom Nom!



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