Feeling the blog thing…¬†

So I know I didn’t write anything yesterday, or really over the weekend. I just wasn’t feeling the blog thing, you know? I’m still not really feeling it today but I’ll do a quick one.  So today I got up early and went to the stables while it was still cool ish. And I had […]

Happy Autumn

Its the first day of Autumn, but in California that doesn’t mean that much. It was pretty much just a normal day here. The sun was out, it wasn’t too hot, and there was a slight breeze in the air. Well, now we are getting gusts off the ocean that are making the trees sway, […]

People suck.

Hey everyone, I hope your Wednesday is going better than mine. I had weird dreams most of the night, which probably isn’t helping my day. I’m not really sure on what to talk about today. Its been kind of rough and upsetting. Things were said that really hurt and upset me, and so its kind […]

4 horses and 1 pony

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday.  I went to work today with the horses. My back is still sore from the weekend so I didn’t ride anyone, just lunged and hand walked. Even that stuff was kind of hard on my back. I hope that I am better for Thursday.  I began my day off with Ella. […]

Part of a story…

I’m not really sure on what to write today. So here, take the first chapter of a book I was writing years ago. Its based of one of my gaming characters, Zara. She was a vampire and one of my favorites to play. Enjoy I opened my apartment door and saw my best friend and […]

Slow Sunday

Hi everyone, happy Sunday. My day started out kind of rough. I woke up still with really bad back pain, so I called out sick and crawled back into bed and slept for a couple more hours. When I woke my boyfriend told me I should go get my back looked at since it stopped […]

Thank You

So today is thank a Police Officer day (and red panda day). So thank you to all of the officers out there who do good work and your stories are never told or shared. You have a hard, thankless job which people hate you for. Thank you for being stronger than those people and helping […]