Feeling the blog thing… 

So I know I didn’t write anything yesterday, or really over the weekend. I just wasn’t feeling the blog thing, you know? I’m still not really feeling it today but I’ll do a quick one. 

So today I got up early and went to the stables while it was still cool ish. And I had a doctor’s appointment at a time I’m normally working, so I went in early to make sure I got all of my horses done. I started the day off with a Hi from Blaze. I think he was hoping I had food for him. 

After a quick pet I got out Ella, who was her usual self. I tacked her up and took her out to the ring where she was a wiggle worm. I put her out on the lunge line and she went crazy. Bucking and kicking, a few farts. I think that she was mad that she was out while everyone else was getting breakfast. 

After Ella I got Diamond out, tacked him up and went to the ring. I was just about to start lunging him when my boss pulled in and said that he had a lesson today, so I wasn’t to ride him but I could lunge him and take the edge off. So I did. Got a little energy out and then it was out of the ring and back to his stall.  

I moved onto Sherman next. He hadn’t been out all weekend, so I just lunged him today in the circingle rig. He had a couple of kicks and bolts of energy in him. But for most of the lunge he was a pretty good boy. 

Dude came next. He was a little more talkative than usual today, but that was okay with me. He was quiet in the crosswise and he didn’t try to bite me on the way to the ring, something he usually does. We had a nice quiet walk while a lady was getting her lesson. We watched her jump around a couple of courses as we walked, trying to stay out of the way.  

After I was with Dude I moved onto Festi, who was just a lunge in the round pen. She was nice and quiet, but she is so tiny after working with horses all morning. I also worked Buttercup, who wasn’t very energetic in the heat and so we didn’t do top much and I don’t feel like I was suckered by her today, which is a good feeling. I usually feel like that when I work her. 

I then drove over to my doctors appointment. It seemed to go fairly well. We are changing some of my medication and see if it helps me be better and loose weight. I’m meant to take it in the morning and maybe it’ll give me some more energy to get through the day. Because I seem to peter out after a couple of hours. We talked about job stress and a couple of things. But I feel like the doctor listens to me and is on my side, trying to help me the best that she can, which is nice. 

My boyfriend is working on so new garb for Feast of Mars. So out house has been taken over by crafts. Tomorrow we’ll do a few errands and pack up the truck and so it’s ready to go Thursday after I get done with work. 

That’s it for today. 

Just keep swimming! 

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