Back to home…(Week 34)

Hi from Monday! Sorry about last weeks just kind of cutting off, I was tired and stressed and unable to wind down, so I was basically done with everyone/thing. I downloaded Netflix on my phone and finished an episode of Grey’s last night and then I started reading my book before falling asleep. I slept […]

Evacuation…(Week 33)

Hi from Monday! I woke up a little after Fiks left and did my time card for work and got that sent in. Then I got myself a bowl of cereal and sat down and watched some Grey’s Anatomy. I fell back to sleep on the sofa and slept my way through said Grey’s Anatomy. […]

I get a weekend off! (Week 32)

Hi from Monday! I slept last night. I actually slept. I got woken up by the Dodge Charger/Challenger next door again. This time he revved his engine, the jerk. So it woke me up enough that I went and got a bowl of cereal and turned on Grey’s Anatomy. So I sat on the sofa […]