Back to home…(Week 34)

Hi from Monday!

Sorry about last weeks just kind of cutting off, I was tired and stressed and unable to wind down, so I was basically done with everyone/thing. I downloaded Netflix on my phone and finished an episode of Grey’s last night and then I started reading my book before falling asleep.

I slept fairly well last night, I woke up when Fiks came in to get his clothes for a shower and then one other time. I woke up enough to say goodbye to him this morning and then I rolled back over and slept for a little while more.

I woke up and then came downstairs. Mom and my Sister were up, so I asked Mom if Gucci had been fed and she said she didn’t know. My Sister said he didn’t whinny when she went outside. So I waited until she left and went out and checked on him and he hadn’t had any breakfast yet. So I gave him his bucket and his hay.

I came back inside and watched the news with Mom for a while. I had some breakfast and then we called my Other Mother and talked to her for a while. She got the horses rescued last week and they’re on her property with Smoke. We asked when she was going to order more hay, and she said that she didn’t know yet.

Mom and I went and got dressed and then we left for the feed store that was in town. We got 2 bales of Alfalfa and then we went to the grocery store where I got some corn tortillas and a bag of carrots. Then we came back home. We’re currently watching Patton.

Poppa went outside to work and putter around, so Mom and I went and changed the channel to Dr Pol for a while. I think we both fell alseep watching it. After I woke up I went and took Gucci for his walk, he was a good boy on his laps. He inspected my Brother’s trailer and then moved on. I came back inside and we turned it to Ghostbusters II. She hadn’t seen it in a while, I think I saw it a couple of months ago.

So we watched that until Mom wanted to watch Heartland. I watched that with her for a while, then I went out and pasted Gucci with Poppa. I came back inside and cleaned up the syringe and sat back down. Oh, look at these pretty roses Fiks got me yesterday.

Mom and I started making dinner, I did the last meal that we had left from Home Chef. It was a pasta and meatball dish, and it turned out really good. Mom wasn’t feeling well, so she just sat down for a while. Poppa started making the tacos for everyone else. Fiks got here first and grabbed the laptop so he could game with his other group. He got his bowl for dinner and then he sat down at the table.

My Brother came home next and that’s when Poppa started making tacos for dinner. Mom still wasn’t feeling well so she just did a croissant. The my Sister came home and immediately started complaining on how dinner was made. She comes home and just makes me super anxious and I can’t wind down.

I went up to bed and watched and episode of Grey’s for a while. Then I turned it off and started reading my book. Then I started falling asleep. I slept fairly well only waking up once or twice.

When I was awake I threw on my pair of shorts and came downstairs and asked if Gucci had been fed yet. Poppa said no, so I went and did that. He was very happy to see me. I gave him his hello carrot and then I stuck the other one in his bucket so it looks like a candle. He was very happy to get his carrot and his bucket and his flake of hay.

I came back inside and had some breakfast (chocolate muffin) and watched the news with Mom. I dozed off and on while lying on the sofa, so I got a little more sleep, so that was nice. After a while I got up and Poppa and I went out and pasted Gucci, then I came back inside and went and got ready for work.

I left for work and got there fine, and while I was parking I got a call from work. I thought that I was going to get called in early or I had messed something up. Nope. They were reaching out to make sure I was save after being evacuated and made sure that I had everything I need. Then I told them I was staying with family and asked again that we had everything we needed. I told them I was fine and thank you for checking on me. They said if anything changes to give them a call.

I got dressed for work and went inside and started my shift. The day went fine. We only had one really grumpy person, and he was working at his job then going up and feeding the fire fighters, so he was doing long days. Oh, and there was a guy outside who was giving me weird body language and was acting up to the supervisor, so I went outside and stood at the door and made sure that everything went okay. It did. The guy didn’t like the answer he got, but it wasn’t something she could do a lot about. The rest of the shift went fine tho, so that was good.

I came home and Fiks was only a few minutes behind me. So we went upstairs and he went and got cleaned up and then it was my turn to get cleaned up. Then it was left overs and sausages for dinner, so that was fine. Fiks and I sat down for dinner and then my Brother came home, so we fed him next, then Mom ate after him, then she fed Poppa. Lots of mouths to feed.

I went upstairs because I couldn’t wind down again and just watched an episode or two of Grey’s. I came back down when I couldn’t sleep and watched some Space Force with everyone minus Mom who was asleep in her bed.

I went back upstairs after a while and then I was able to get to sleep. I only woke up once, so that was good for me. I woke up with Fiks, threw on my jeans and then we quietly made our way downstairs. Fiks made himself a mug of tea, and then we went over to Gucci to give him a good morning carrot. Then Fiks kissed me goodbye and took off for work. I ran around trying to find my phone (it was in my truck) and then once I found it I took off for the grocery store.

The store wasn’t too bad. I grabbed somethings that made me feel like we were back at home, like cereal and cookies. I got some kettle corn for the movie with my Cousin this morning. I also got 3 flats of water (that was the limit), and then I grabbed some bread stuff then I came back home.

My Brother told me I was quick, I said that it was easy when there is no one else in the store. I put some stuff away and then I came and sat down on the sofa and watched the news with my Mom and my Sister. After a bit I went upstairs and watched some Grey’s and actually fell back to sleep during it. Apparently Mom came and checked on me and I was zonked out. But I did wake up after an episode and came downstairs.

My Sister was watching some home remodeling show, so we watched that until it was time to start the movie of the week. I called my Cousin and we chatted for a little bit before starting the movie.

All 3 of us watched it until my Sister had to get ready for work, then it was just Mom and I. I can’t remember the last time that I watched Robin Hood, it was fun to watch. My Cousin and I chatted through it, like normal. Then she did a video call and we chatted for a little while and gave them the update on the fire. We showed her Son the nice kitty, Merlin.

Afterwards we watched a special on The Titanic, which I always find fascinating.

Then the dog groomer called and said that Lumi was ready to be picked up, so Mom and I went and got him. We came back and put some things away and started the dishwasher and then Mom turned on Heartland and fell asleep along with Lumi and the kittens. Oh, and my Home Chef box showed up, so I’m excited with what I have to cook this week.

Mom and I started to make dinner after she woke up. It was pork shoulder and potatoes. Poppa and I went outside and pasted Gucci while dinner was cooking. We also gave him dinner. He was very happy to dig into his alfalfa after we left.

We went back inside and joined Mom on the sofa for a while. I don’t remember what we watched, maybe the end of the Titanic special? Yes, because Poppa went upstairs to take a rest and he came back down at the end of it. We kept adding time to the oven because the pork wasn’t cooking on time. But once it was done it was good. Fiks got to the house after we had eaten, but not by too much, and he enjoyed it.

I went and got cleaned up before I went to bed, where I watched a little bit of Grey’s and then I read my book for a little while before falling asleep.

I slept really good last night, I only woke up once, and then I actually slept in for me. I went down stairs and asked Poppa, who was peddling, if he had fed Gucci yet. I swear he said yes, so I said thank you and had my bowl of cereal and watched the news. Then my Sister woke up and asked how smokey it was outside. He said he didn’t know, so I jumped up and asked him if had fed Gucci, and he said no. So I ran outside and gave Gucci his breakfast.

He wasn’t too pleased with what time it was to get his breakfast. But better late then never. I went back inside and flopped back down on the sofa and waited for Mom to come down. She eventually joined us. My Sister was in a mood so I went upstairs and watched some Grey’s before getting ready for work.

Mom was in her bedroom getting dressed when I got up and so I went and said hi. Then we went back downstairs where my Sister was in front of the TV and Poppa was hiding on his computer. He helped me paste Gucci, who wasn’t too happy about it, but he was a good boy for it. After going inside I made myself a sandwich and had some iced tea with it before heading to work.

I left for work and swung by the post office where all our mail was being diverted too. There was a line almost around the building. So I said no to that, knowing I wouldn’t get in within my 20 minutes I had left before my shift started. So I went and found a parking spot for my truck and then I sat and read my book for a little while before heading into work.

Work went fine. There were other people who had been evacuated from my town working today. One of them had tried going to the post office. They make you wait in a really long line just to tell you you can’t have your mail unless its a check or medication. Dumb. But my shift went fine. Didn’t have anyone acting up today, we weren’t super busy, but the day seemed to go by fast. During my shift the evacuation notice for my town got lifted. My Mom called me to see if I knew, and I said yes.

I got back to my parents house and my Poppa was filling up the big truck with my Sister’s stuff. My Mom and Sister had been shopping all afternoon. Frustrating. Then they asked if Fiks and I were going home tonight, I said I didn’t know because I hadn’t been able to talk to Fiks yet. They asked me again and I said I don’t know, again. Then the 3 of them left to take my Sister’s stuff home. I flopped on the sofa for a little while and then I made dinner.

I cooked one of my Home Chef meals for dinner for us. I seriously debated cooking the tuna, since that is my favorite sushi roll. But I ended up cooking it like the instructions said. It turned out good. The broccoli could have been cooked a little longer to be more tender, but the rest of it was good.

After dinner we started packing up our stuff and bringing it downstairs to load up. Mom and Poppa showed up while we were loading. Mom somehow thought I had said we were staying until Monday when I said “I don’t know” to if we were staying. We loaded up Fiks’ car and my truck, the cab and the bed. Then we said thank you for hosting us and made our way home.

When we got off on our ramp and got to the light there was this cool sign waiting for us.

We unloaded both the cars and then I went and took a shower and crawled into bed. I was tired and tomorrow was one of my early mornings.

I slept fairly well last night, only waking up once. Then I woke up again when Fiks kissed me goodbye and then my alarm went off 15 minutes later. I got up and dressed for work. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and then I took off to my parents house to take care of Gucci.

Poppa was out mucking his stall and had Lumi tied to the fence so he couldn’t run away. I went over and got 2 carrots of Poppa and then I went and said hello to my boy, who was waiting for me at the gate.

I went inside and Mom was up watching the news. So I sat and watched that with her for a while, waiting for Poppa to come back in. He showed up with Lumi a little later and then it was time to go and paste Gucci. He did really well today, even if I had to interrupt his breakfast to do it. We went back inside and then after a while it was time for me to head to work.

I got to work early, like usual. I got my parking spot and then I sat and read my book for a while. When it was time I got out and got into my uniform and then I headed into the building. I had my tea mug with me so I was able to have some tea this morning, so that was nice.

The day went fine, didn’t have any crazy or grumpy people, not really. Well, there was this one lady who snapped at the greeter like he was psychic and knew that she had just had back surgery and needed to sit down. She was a bitch to everyone she came in contact with, and I don’t think she got her way and got done what she wanted done. But besides that the day was fine. Lots of people coming in to use the coin machine.

After work I went back to my parents house because we had stuff we didn’t take home last night. I said hi to Gucci again, who was happy to see me. Then I went inside and waited for Fiks to show up while Mom, Poppa, and I watched Gone in 60 Seconds.

After Fiks showed up we started loading up what we had forgotten. Mostly the whiskey. So we loaded that up and a couple of other things and made our way home.

We got home and unloaded everything, then I went and got cleaned up while Fiks put his whiskey collection away. I asked him if we could look at getting me a new cell phone. My current one, the Pixel 2, crashes if it gets below 50%. I brushed it off the first couple of times, but now its constant, so I had to do something. So I’m getting the Pixel 4a, because that’s all they were offering on a payment plan. If I wanted to pay $700-$1000 I could buy one of the Pixel 4, or Pixel 4 XL. But I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a phone.

After that I was ready for bed, so I crawled inside and fell asleep. I could have slept better. I kept trying to get Fiks to come to bed, but he wanted to stay on the sofa, so I left the door open in case he changed his mind. He didn’t. When my alarm went off I got dressed for work, and then I moved into the kitchen for making my lunch and breakfast. I kissed Fiks goodbye, but he didn’t wake up, and then I left for work.

I got to work okay, and I got into my little booth and settled myself in for my shift. The gate I control was working fine, the resident’s gate wasn’t working at all, and the exit gate was closing behind every vehicle. So I sent the HOA lady an email, because I figured she wouldn’t be up that early. She was. She told me what the plan was for the gates.

I sat and read my book, and I listened to my podcasts and logged people coming in. Some people were coming back home from being evacuated, so I welcomed them back home. After my shift was done I came home to pick up Fiks so we could pick up Jack and bring him back home.

We got to my parents house and Poppa was in the garage and Gucci was at the gate. I asked if there were any carrots out there for him, and Poppa said no, so I went inside and grabbed a couple of carrots. That set of the dog, but Gucci is my priority, not Lumi. Gucci whinnied at us as we approached, so we gave him his carrots to say hello,

Mom and Lumi met us at the door, apparently he’d been going bonkers since we had been in and gotten carrots and didn’t say hello. So we said hi and then we went and said hi to Jack, who was happy in his tank. I kind of felt bad having to take him out of it, but he has to get home. So we filled up his bowl and put him in there and then Fiks lifted up the tank and emptied it into the sink, minus the rocks.

Once we had Jack loaded up Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci really quick and gave him a dinner bucket and his dinner hay. Then I went inside and told Fiks I was done and so we loaded up the whiskeys we had forgotten yesterday and then he carried Jack carefully out to the truck. I drove carefully on the way home, trying not to spill any water on Fiks, and failing. Okay, maybe I wasn’t driving as carefully as I thought I was.

We brought Jack in and his tank and got everything set up for him in it, and left him in the bowl for a little while so the tank could circulate for a while. Then we made a quick snack, Procuttio and fig flat breads. Oh my god they were amazing!

Then I went and got cleaned up before gaming. Fiks was hungry after a while so he ordered a pizza and some chicken wings. So we started gaming on time, well, we tried. People were having issues with the internet throughout the night. But we had a good time, so that’s what matters. When it was time I went to bed.

Oh my god, I slept! I actually slept! I was out from 10-545 am, no waking up. That was great! I still felt tired after I woke up at 615. I got ready for work and kissed Fiks goodbye, and then I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and went off to work.

I got to work kind of early. But that just gave me more time to settle in with my book at my podcasts. It was more of the same as yesterday, just golfer and welcoming people back home. But the day went fine. My tummy was upset for most the day so I didn’t really eat my lunch, I had 2 packets of Ritz crackers tho. After work I headed over to see Gucci.

I think he was asleep because it took a little convincing and calling his name to get him to turn around. But he did and he took his cookie and his carrot with pleasure.

Then I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi, they were all watching Ben Hur and eating some lunch. Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci who did pretty well for it, then we went and made up his buckets while we let him wonder around. He was at the mountain and I went and grabbed him and then Poppa said he was ready to dump his water. So I ran into the stall and grabbed his water bucket with Poppa and brought it outside. Then I had to go and catch Gucci again

After catching Gucci and putting him in his stall we dumped his water and then we took it over to clean it out. Mom and Lumi came out, Lumi was whining like we were doing stuff without him. Which we were, but that doesn’t mean he had to be involved. Poppa and I cleaned out his bucket and then we went and put it away and Poppa went and turned on the water for Gucci.

I was getting ready to leave when Mom said she wanted to order dinner from Olive Garden, so I had to help them order what they wanted before I left. I said goodbye to Gucci and then I worked my way home with a stop by my Brother’s house to drop something off. Then I called Fiks so we could switch spots in the garage with our vehicles.

We watched the Space-X launch and its coming back down to Earth, it was a success if you haven’t seen it.

After the launch I went and got cleaned up and Fiks started to make dinner. When I was done I went and helped him in the kitchen with the cooking once I was ready. It took a while, but dinner got made, and it turned out wonderful. It’s jasmine rice with broccoli and orange chicken. I got it in our Home Chef box this week, and I told Fiks what was showing up next week and he was very excited.

You guys will just have to wait. We watched the Legend of Korra while we ate dinner. Then I tried to help Fiks clean up the kitchen but there wasn’t much room for me to help. So I sat down and watched the documentary on the Titanic that I was watching with my parents earlier in the week.

Fiks ran downstairs and brought up the next load of laundry, so we folded that and put it away. Oh that reminds me, I have to order hangers, brb. And I’m back. That’s been it. We’ve been good adults putting the laundry away and taking out the garbage and recycling.

Thats if for now.

See you next week!

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