Evacuation…(Week 33)

Hi from Monday!

I woke up a little after Fiks left and did my time card for work and got that sent in. Then I got myself a bowl of cereal and sat down and watched some Grey’s Anatomy.

I fell back to sleep on the sofa and slept my way through said Grey’s Anatomy. I woke up and saw how late it was and ran and got cleaned up and then I went to the feed store. I got Gucci a fly spray, a bale of alf-alfa, and 2 bags of senior, then I headed down to my parents house.

I got there and went and said hi to Gucci, who wasn’t impressed because there was a lack of carrots outside for him.

I gave him his two hello cookies tho, so at least he was happy with that. Then I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi who were all chilling in the living room. Poppa was going through some papers and tearing them apart. Once he was done we backed up the truck and unloaded the feed and the hay with Gucci supervising.

Once we were done unloading I re-parked the truck and then I went in and grabbed some melon rind for him, took them out. Realized that I had forgotten the gloves so I ran back inside and grabbed some gloves and went back outside. I got Gucci out and parked him where I wanted him and handed him off to Poppa. I then took care of his hoof (which I accidentally made bleed again) (and which I got on my arm and face), his hot spots (which we’d seen him rubbing when we were unloading feed), and fly sprayed him.

Poppa and I went back inside and then I had a sausage for lunch with my iced tea and we watched a Hallmark Movie Mom was into. Then I made up Gucci’s medicine and Poppa and I went out and pasted him. He did really good, no running away today. We went back inside and Mom and Poppa had lunch and I took off for my second phase of my tattoo,

I went down to the village and found a parking spot then walked over to my tattoo parlor. I was excited to be there and I told him that I had been getting compliments on it wherever I go. He was happy to hear that. We quickly got down to work.

He drew on me for a little while, and then he poured the colors that he was going to use, black to start, and then he chose his tattoo gun and he placed the needle against my skin and off he went. Everything was fine at first, it hurt, yeah, but it wasn’t too bad. Then he switched guns and needles and things started to hurt. He made little red circles in the wings, so I guess there was no ink in that gun, just the needle. Didn’t realize that until later.

We then went and chose colors, we chose mint green, light purple, and an orange red. It had a few spots where it started hurting, so I would grab the end of my shorts and do some breathing work. And part of the way through I started having leg spasms, so I did some stretching and some moving my leg when it was allowed. He asked if I was okay and I told him I get muscle spams, I wasn’t in unimaginable pain or anything.

We chatted off and on during the session, mostly about True Crime stuff. We talked about an Unsolved Mysteries episode (the new series on Netflix), the one where the man in France kills his whole family, buries them in the backyard, and then he lays a trail to the mountains where he disappears. We both agreed that he got away since they never found a body. Everything was too methodical not to have a get away plan.

He had a consult come in while he was still tattooing me. They chatted while he colored me in. Then we took a break so that he could work with the consult for a little while. I got a drink of water and then I tried to take photos on my phone, which promptly died. Its so weird, its like at 40% it stops working. Maybe that’s my phone’s way of saying its dying. It is a first gen Pixel 2.

Anyway, we got back to tattooing after his consult left. We colored the head and the body before my arm was starting to get sore. He said we got a lot of fine details done, so next time we’ll get more done in the same amount of time.

Mom called me to see how I was doing, and I told her I had just gotten done at the parlor and I was headed home and that she’d see it tomorrow when it wasn’t wrapped up and gross looking. I got home okay, moved some laundry and came inside and instantly turned on the air conditioner. Its been getting a work out this week.

I came home and looked at school stuff and finally discovered they had released what textbooks we needed. Both are required and around $80. I didn’t order them straight away because Poppa said he’d help me with my books.

Fiks got home a little after me, and so we did dinner (chicken alfredo for me and chicken nuggets for him), and he jumped on his game and started to play with his friends. I continued to watch Grey’s for an episode, then I played animal crossing for a while. Then I got cleaned up and was very careful with getting my tattoo wet and drying it. I got dressed and came out and had Fiks rub lotion on my skin.

Because I know that’s what everyone is thinking, so I might as well just put it out there. I finished the episode of Grey’s was on and then I went to bed.

I slept okay last night. I woke up a little before my alarm. So I got up and had my bowl of cereal and watched some Grey’s before going and getting dressed and headed over to my parents house for the dog training. I pulled up and have Gucci his two hello cookies. I couldn’t get him to make a happy face tho.

I went inside and Mom was on the phone with the dog trainer. He was asking if we could move it to Thursday. None of us had a problem with the time he suggested, so now its on Thursday instead of today. Fine. Poppa and I went and took care of Gucci’s foot and his hot spots. I also fly sprayed him. Then we put him back in his stall after some cookies. We went inside and I made up his medicine to paste him, so we ran back out and gave him his medicine.

Poppa wanted to do some Lumi training and we tried to find other long coats rather than my trench coat, but was unsuccessful. So I donned my hat and my coat and went outside and stood next to Gucci. Lumi didn’t do as good this time and apparently he was really jerking on Poppa’s arm, so we didn’t go for a super long time. I hung out for a little while and then I came home.

I turned on Grey’s and took a nap watching that and when I woke up I made myself a sandwich and had some iced tea. When it was time I got dressed and ready for work and took off. I got to work okay, the sky was orange from all the smoke in the air. I got a good parking spot, so I sat and read my book for a while before going in.

Most of my day was fine. I was able to listen to my podcasts, not be at the door 24/7 but still help out. I was helping out at the door when one of the managers approached me and said there was a guy by the fire door. Apparently the other guard just walked away when the guy started yelling at him. So I went outside to do my thing…

I go out and I approach him and I talk to him kindly and move. He said he was putting on his socks and shoes, and I said fine, put them on. He decided to argue with me over it and started becoming belligerent towards me. Saying horrible things. I lost my temper with him once. Then I took a deep breath and calmed down. I stopped responding to him and that just pissed him off more. Said I was ugly, unfuckable, unloveable, and because I was unloveable I was unfuckable. Then he just muttered to himself and took off. Fine. At least he was gone. I go back in and the other security guard called me out to talk to the police that the 1st security guard had called for me. I told him what happened and what the guy looked like. So he went and looked around the property for him and then I guess he didn’t find him so he left.

I got done with work and came home and got cleaned up and turned on some Grey’s and waited for Fiks to come home. He got home fairly early for him, and then we talked for a while and then we ordered Chinese because we didn’t have anything left to eat minus pasta. So we went and got the food and on the way down we saw the blood sun

Its red from all the smoke in the air from the fire up in the mountains above us. So we got our dinner and came home and watched some YouTube videos for a while before it was my time to go to bed.

It was super warm last night, so I didn’t need a blanket to sleep. I slept okay once I got there, getting there took a little while. I woke up once in the middle of the night and was able to get back to sleep. I rolled over to touch Fiks and he wasn’t there. So that kind of woke me up, and I took my medicine and was sitting on the edge of the bed when he came in to try and wake me up. I asked him if I was difficult to wake up, and he said that was the first time he came to wake me up.

So I got up and he had on the news and he told me the town in the mountains above us got evacuated in the middle of the night. And we now had ash on our front porch from the fire and I guess wind over night. He told me to be prepared, the grocery store might be busy. He wanted me to get a flat of water at the store.

We went down to our cars and kissed each other goodbye. He headed off to work and I made my way down to the grocery store. It wasn’t very busy, but I just wanted to get in and out just in case it got busy. But I didn’t need much today, so that helped my speed. I listened to Weird Al as we walked around the store.

I got to my parents house and Gucci was kind of freaking out from all the smoke in the air, can’t blame the guy. I gave him 2 carrots as I gave him his breakfast bucket and his flake of hay. I put his fly mask on to keep the ash and smoke out of his eyes.

I grabbed my bag of groceries and carrots and went inside. Poppa was peddling on his stationary bike and Lumi came trotting in from the back porch. I gave him some pets and love and then Poppa and I talked for a little bit and then I turned on the TV. Mom came downstairs shortly after so we put it on the news. The news channel was focused on the fires in the county below us, not giving a lot of info on the fire in our county. Frustrating.

I went outside and asked Poppa to help me with Gucci. So I gave him some carrots to hold on to while I pulled Gucci out of his stall. I handed him off to Poppa and did his hoof treatment. I accidentally made him bleed again, I’m just picking out the hoof, not doing it on purpose. So frustrating and upsetting because I’m doing what I was told and he’s not getting any better. I sprayed his hot spots and then I covered him in fly spray and then we put him away and went back inside.

So I texted my farrier and told him what was going on with Gucci’s foot. He said do it every 4 days instead of every day and see what happens, so that’s the plan moving forward. I hung out for a little while more and then I came home.

I got home and unloaded everything and put everything away before movie time with my Cousin. She was running behind and wanted me to give her 10 more minutes. That was fine. So she called me when she was ready and we chatted for a bit and then we clicked the play button together.

During the movie my box from Home Chef arrived. I’m excited and can’t wait to try it.

We chatted during the movie, shock. When the movie was over she said she had to put her son to bed but we’d talk after. Well, during that time I got a text from my Brother that my town was going to get evacuated in the next 24 hours. So I ran and put gas in my truck and then I texted Fiks and he said to start getting my go bag ready. My go bag has turned into go bags. But I’m mostly packed and ready to be away from home for 5 days. I managed to change shipping items from Amazon to my parents house.

I talked with Fiks for a while. I told him that I was starting to have a hard time breathing, so he said I should go to my parents house where I can breathe. So I threw everything in my truck, even remembered my work boots (after almost leaving). I got to my parents house and went to say hi to Gucci and there was this sign hanging off his gate

I accused Poppa of putting it on there, Poppa accused Mom of putting it on there. So we went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi and I showed her the photo of the sign and she laughed and accused Poppa of putting it on there. I went and found Poppa again and he helped me bring stuff in from my truck and take it to our room upstairs. I talked with Fiks and I told him what was going on, and he was still busy at work.

Mom pointed out that I should have grabbed my wedding dress (wasn’t to worried about it tbh), but when I went to go and take my medicine I saw that I had grabbed 2 anxiety bottles instead of an anxiety and sleeping pill so we had to go back up for me to get it.

So Mom and I went up to where we live and I dropped her off at my Sisters house before heading home and grabbing what I needed. I grabbed my medicine and my dress and threw them in the car. Fiks said he was on his way home so I waited for him to get home. He went and got cleaned up and then we talked about what to take with the evacuation. He said I should take my jewelry boxes (3), I thought it was excessive but he said I was being silly. I tried to grab memories, not just things. So I grabbed a lot of photos I didn’t do the first time round and put them by the door, and a couple of things Fiks has gotten me over the years.

He started to run around and take photos of everything in every room. I did that with my Breyer Horses. I should have done it with my books too, but I didn’t feel like I had the time because I needed to go get Mom and go home. After I couldn’t do anymore I left Fiks with a kiss and then I went to my sisters and picked up my Mom. We ended up bringing some of her things back down with us.

We got back to my parents house and had Poppa park the car. I’m not comfortable parking the car next to the tractor which also lives in the garage. I took a shower and went to go to bed.

I didn’t sleep well, I was worried about Fiks, and I saw that he had opened the door throughout the night and had set off our digital doorbell. I woke up and went out and fed Gucci, who was happy to see me. I gave him a hello carrot and then stuck one in his bucket and then I gave him said bucket and a flake of Alfalfa.

While I had the gate wide open Lumi came running up and almost into his stall, which startled both of us. I was so frustrated and over my sister within 5 minutes today. She was letting Lumi run around like a mad man and she was laughing and having a good time. She doesn’t have to be the one to walk him or discipline him. Its so frustrating.

I texted Fiks and asked how he was doing. He wasn’t doing to well, he didn’t sleep well last night either. And his boss wanted him to come into work. He explained that he was waiting for the evacuation notice. So he stayed home until about lunch time when we got the warning to evacuate. He brought down Jack and the things that I had picked out the night before. I left him to go to work and it ended up that he had to go into work after he got to my Parents house and unloaded his car.

I got to work and got dressed and went inside. They were really nice to me when I got there. They knew what town I lived in and asked if I needed to leave because of the evacuation warning. I said no, I had already evacuated and my husband had too. They asked if my horse was was fine or if he needed evacuated. I said he was safe so I didn’t need to leave.

I forgot. This morning my Sister called my Poppa up and asked him to come and evacuate her and the kittens. He took the big truck up. I asked him to pick up our bikes and the tent (Fiks already had it). My sister had him load chairs and furniture. Oh, and her quilts (we brought down 2 bags yesterday), and her go bags. They went back up to her house in the afternoon and loaded more furniture.

I came back to my Parents house after work and waited for Fiks. He said he wanted to go up and get more stuff from home to bring down. He wanted to bring down the full size tank for Jack who was stressed out and not doing well. He grabbed some more stuff from home and brought it down, his whiskeys and other important things. Poppa and I helped him unload after he got to my Parents house. After we had everything settled I went and got cleaned up and went to bed.

I slept a little bit better last night. It was good to be able to reach over and touch Fiks in the middle of the night to go back to sleep. I did wake up once though and saw our doorbell had been activated. So I watched the footage and it was one of the police officers in town knocking on our door and making sure we had evacuated (we think). Afterwards I fell back to sleep. Fiks kissed me goodbye and then I dozed for a little bit. Then my alarm went off and I got up and went out and fed Gucci his breakfast.

The smoke was really bad this morning. With the sun rising over the mountain next valley over it looked like it had been made of blood, instead of its usual color.

I went back inside and had breakfast with everyone minus Fiks, who was at work. We watched the news for a little while and then I went and got dressed for work. I said my goodbyes and hopped in the truck and took off. I got halfway into town when I realized I had forgotten some crucial things. A mask, my headset, and my kindle. I had forgotten my water bottle the day before, so I wasn’t going to go do my long shift without those.

I ran to CVS and got some melatoinin for sleeping and then I got to work with just enough time to get dressed before the doors opened up. The day went fine, employees who knew where I lived asked if I was okay and evacuated yet. I said yes. There were lots of people who used the coin machine. One lady had $42 worth of pennies. No one was was overly mean or angry today, so that was nice.

I came home to everyone being here, well, Fiks was still at work, so almost everyone. I decided to cook one of the Home Chef plates for dinner, so I did that after getting cleaned up.

They turned out really good. I ate two while waiting for Fiks to come home, I was hungry. I had another one when he got here and dished him up his. He added the hot sauce and the cabbage and soap, I mean cilantro, to his. Then we went and sat down and started watching a movie. I think it was The One and Only Ivan.

I went outside at one point and gave Gucci a goodnight carrot. Then I came back in and Mom wanted me to give him more feed so I gave him a scoop of senior and then I went up to bed.

I slept pretty good and didn’t want to wake up with my alarm. I woke up with Fiks’ alarm who turned it off in his sleep and then mine went off. I took an extra five minutes and then I started to get dressed. I woke Fiks up because he had to get ready for work too. So I waited for him to be ready and then we made our way downstairs. I packed my breakfast and lunch and then went out and fed Gucci breakfast before taking off for work.

I got moved to a different location because my normal weekend post was evacuated because of the fires. So I was stationed at a hospital controlling the parking lot basically. It was for employees of two companies only right now. I had one person come in and ask questions about it, and they said they’d come back. They never did. I spent my day reading my book and listening to my podcasts.

I came home and Fiks was right behind me. Literally. He got behind me in the village as I was waiting for the left light to turn green. Then he followed me home. The campgrounds next to my parents house had been turned into an evac center, so it was was pretty full when I drove by,

I took care of Gucci when I got home, giving him some cookies and love before coming inside and making his medicine. Fiks went with me to paste him, and then he watched him walk about while I made up a couple of buckets and gave him his hay. Then we went inside and I went and got cleaned up and we continued watching Cleopatra with my family for most of the night.

I slept okay last night, I woke up once and came downstairs and Lumi went nuts barking at me and woke up my Sister who was asleep on the sofa. I just wanted a couple of cookies, sheesh. I slept the rest of the night until my alarm went off and then I got up and got dressed for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye and came downstairs and packed my breakfast and lunch and went to work.

I got to work a little early and relived the night shift. Its a good thing that I knew what I was doing because she told me nothing minus “No one showed up”, which I could see. I adjusted my parking spot and settled in. I tried reading my book, which I just couldn’t get into, so I switched books. And I tried to get comfortable in the truck.

I put the jacket behind me for a little cushion and then I started reading my second book. The day went by uneventfully. I only had one person show up and I wasn’t sure if they would be coming back. I got relieved early, so that was nice and then I came home.

I’m going to leave it there folks. I’m tired and stressed out. I just want to go to bed.

I’ll see you next week.

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