I get a weekend off! (Week 32)

Hi from Monday!

I slept last night. I actually slept. I got woken up by the Dodge Charger/Challenger next door again. This time he revved his engine, the jerk. So it woke me up enough that I went and got a bowl of cereal and turned on Grey’s Anatomy.

So I sat on the sofa and watched that a while while I worked on last weeks blog that I published today because I was busy last night. But I got it done and posted, so that’s good.

When it was time I went and got dressed for my walk with my cousin. While I was getting ready Fiks came home on his way to his delivery area to pick up a new mask. I took down the dirty laundry after he kissed me goodbye and started the last load. Then I went upstairs and waited for my Cousin so we could go on our walk. After a while she didn’t show up so I went and did a couple errands.

I went and swung by the Friday bank to drop off the phone which came home with me on Friday. Then I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci and gave him his two hello cookies and a carrot.

I was going to take his blanket off but there were 2 bunny rabbits in his stall and I didn’t want to disturb them. I went inside and said hi to Poppa and Lumi, and Poppa asked which version of the Ring Doorbell we have. I looked it up and told him. Then I went upstairs and said hi to Mom. Then we came back downstairs and watched some Chopped.

After the episode was over, I went outside and took off Gucci’s blanket, put on his fly mask and fly sprayed him. He did really good standing still for the fly spray. I saw that his water had things floating in it already, so I went inside and got Poppa to go help me change the water.

We went outside and grabbed the bucket and took it and poured it over the ice plant. I went to go and clean the bucket and Gucci came out of his stall, and Poppa kept an eye on him while I cleaned out his bucket and put it back into his stall. I took 2 carrots out to Poppa to get him to come in and it took a lot more work that it should have. Normally when you say carrots he comes, but he was interested in something on ‘the mountain’. So Poppa had to walk down and wave the carrot in his face to get him and then he was almost trotting to catch the carrot.

I stayed with Gucci and Poppa went and turned on the water. I gave him pets and love and then I yelled at Poppa to turn the water off when it was time. Then we went inside and hunted for the leash for Lumi so we could do his training for a little bit. He barked at me a lot, but he did a really good turn around towards Poppa after a while so I ducked behind the big truck and made my way back inside the house.

Poppa and Lumi came in a couple minutes later. I made up Gucci’s medicine and then Mom cut up some lemons for his water and Poppa and I went back outside and took care of him. He did good for his pasting. We went inside and I made sandwiches for lunch and we watched some more Chopped.

After lunch Poppa wanted to take some wires down in the living room, so I was balancing on the top of the games cabinet and feeding wires to him over the top of the cabinet next door. Then I came home and put the garbage cans away, and brought the load of laundry up. I put on my walking shoes and then called my Cousin.

She was doing good, not walking with me, but we walked and talked though my walk. She was jealous of the sunshine and blue skies.

I came home and watched some more Grey’s. I thought I was catching up to my Cousin, I was only a season behind last time I checked, now I’m 3 seasons behind. I then went and got cleaned up and played Animal Crossing for a little more than an hour. I made myself dinner, left over Chinese, and turned Grey’s back on.

Fiks got home at a decent time, and then he made himself dinner and jumped on the computer to roll play with another group. I remained lazy on the sofa. I talked with Bill the Nun and we started talking food delivery services instead of going to the grocery store. I might try it out, save me from getting up super early and going to the store every week. Get rid of that anxiety.

When it was time I kissed him goodnight and crawled into bed. I woke up at 130 and he wasn’t there, so I came out and found him on the computer. We both went back to bed and fell asleep. I woke up again at 430 and then when FIks woke up late at 630. I didn’t hear his alarm go off and neither did he, so maybe it didn’t. He kissed me goodbye and took off for work. I got up and had my bowl of cereal and watched some Grey’s.

I went and got dressed after (sleeping) through a couple of episodes and headed over to my parents house to see Gucci. There was a lot of traffic on the road today, it was weird. But anyway, I get to Gucci and he meets me at the gate with a grumpy face. But I give him his 2 hello cookies and continued with the grumpy face, but it all turned around for a carrot.

I went inside and said hi to Poppa and Lumi, Poppa was eating his breakfast and Lumi was being himself. I sat down and watched TV with Poppa, and then phone rang and it was Other Mother. I handed the phone over to Poppa and he chatted with Other Mother before heading upstairs to hand it off to Mom. Mom came downstairs and chatted and then Poppa and I went out and did the training with Lumi after switching the collars. Lumi barked at me for like 10 minutes, but he did good turn around’s for Poppa, so I went and hid behind the truck and ran inside the house.

By the time we came back in Mom was still on the phone. So I sat down in Poppa’s chair for a while while she chatted away. She managed to get off the phone and then Poppa and I went and made up Gucci’s medicine and gave it to him. He did good, he didn’t open his mouth for me, but he did good.

Mom was making me a sandwich when I got back inside, so I helped her finish it and then I ran and got a drink and we put the TV on Animal Planet and watched The Secret Lives Of The Zoo. It was cute. It’s in Chester, England. So we watched that until I had to leave for work.

I got to work okay, I got a good parking spot and I sat and read book 47 while listening to the radio. When it was time I got ready for work and went inside. It was kind of slow today, made the day drag along. I caught myself clock watching numerous times. I listened to a couple of podcasts, and then I paused it because I started being the greeter and letting people into the bank.

I came home and got cleaned up and watched some more Grey’s. I kept looking at my GAD paperwork that is homework which I should read, I just can’t seem to make myself do it tho. I’ll have no choice and have to do it tomorrow. I was hungry waiting for Fiks to get home, so I tore off some chicken and threw it in a flower tortilla for dinner. Not very fancy I know, but it tasted good.

Fiks got home around his normal time and then he went and got cleaned up. I kept watching Grey’s until he was done and then we went into the kitchen. He made dinner while I made dessert, triple chocolate brownies. We watched some YouTube videos for a while, mostly during his dinner and while the brownies were cooking. Then he started to play Zelda, Breath Of The Wild.

I watched him play for a awhile and then I went to bed. I slept okay last night, only waking up once. Then I woke up with Fiks’ alarm. We both got dressed and ready to take off for work and the grocery store. I got to the grocery store and did all my shopping, listened to The Ralph Report as I was walking around.

After I was done there I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. I saw Poppa in the field above Gucci’s stall when I got out of the truck to get Gucci carrots. He was throwing a fit, tossing his head, stomping his feet, whinnying. Lumi came down and spooked Gucci at the gate, which spooked Lumi. Poppa and I gave Gucci breakfast, and then I grabbed my cold and frozen groceries and carrots and then I went inside the house.

Mom was up when I got there, and so I let Lumi off the leash and then he ran in to say hi to Mom. I went in after putting my cold and frozen groceries were put away. Mom had it on the news, so we watched that for a while. I dozed on the sofa for a little bit and then when it was 10 minutes before Gucci’s Farrier appointment I went and grabbed him and walked him out of his stall. We did 4 or 5 laps before the Farrier showed up.

Gucci did really good this time, he wasn’t rocking back and forth nearly as much as he was last time. And the Farrier is super nice to him which helps me feel better. He understand that Gucci is old and has arthritics and is in pain when he gets his shoes done. Everything went great until he got to the back right hoof, there he was trimming Gucci’s frog and he started bleeding. He has really bad thrush there apparently. So he told me what to get to clear it up and to do it.

They backed off and rounded off his toes on his hind feet, and then I went and put him back in his stall. I took off his blanket and put on his fly mask and fly sprayed him and then he made a jail break and took off at a trot and ran towards ‘the mountain’. So I grabbed a carrot and went after him. He was eating weeds on ‘the mountain’ until I showed him the carrot, then he chased me back to his stall.

I went and cleaned up Gucci’s hoof trimmings before the dog could get to them. Then I went inside and sat down and watched the end of the news. Poppa and Lumi came home from dropping Mom off to get her nails done. I went out and made up Gucci’s buckets while Poppa got the tractor out to take down the green waste and bring up the garbage and recycling. Gucci said he had to supervise.

I went inside and hung out with Lumi for a while until Poppa came back up with the tractor. Then I grabbed my cold and frozen stuff and went outside. I said goodbye to Poppa and to Gucci, and then I came home. I got the cold and frozen stuff put away, and then I had a snack before movie time with my Cousin and her family.

After we talked our way through Tangled my Cousin and I went for a walk. For her it was in the 80’s with something insanely high humidity wise. For me it was just in the 80’s. So she didn’t do the full 20 minute walk, which was fine, she kept me company on mine.

I flopped on the sofa and watched Grey’s for a while then I went and got cleaned up. I played some Animal Crossing afterwards for about an hour, then I started getting dinner ready. It was pork tenderloin, rice, and broccoli. I stayed in the kitchen and sang my way through getting everything ready and cooked. It turned out really well.

I ate dinner and watched Grey’s until Fiks got home and got cleaned up and then he had his dinner. We watched some YouTube videos and then I went to bed..

I flopped on the sofa and watched Grey’s for a while then I went and got cleaned up. I played some Animal Crossing afterwards for about an hour, then I started getting dinner ready. It was pork tenderloin, rice, and broccoli. I stayed in the kitchen and sang my way through getting everything ready and cooked. It turned out really well.

I ate dinner and watched Grey’s until Fiks got home and got cleaned up and then he had his dinner. We watched some YouTube videos and then I went to bed.

I slept okay last night, until about 3 am when I woke Fiks up. So I moved to the sofa and turned on Kung Fu Panda and fell back asleep.

Fiks came and kissed me goodbye and told me to go back to bed. So I wished him a good day and crawled back into bed. I didn’t stay too long. I got back up and grabbed a bowl off cereal and turned on Grey’s. I watched (slept) threw a few episodes, and then I got up and got dressed.

I then grabbed my stuff for work and got in my truck and headed down to the feed store. I went and got some Koppertox for Gucci’s hoof. I had a long conversation with the head farrier about what to do with his feet. Apparently the bleach is for soaking only, and since he won’t soak, I have to pour Koppertox on his hoof every day for a week. I got him some medicine for his hot spots and that I get to spray on his neck and his tail.

I went over to my parents house and gave Gucci his two hello cookies and a carrot. He was happy to see the carrot.

I gave him some pets and some loves, and then I went inside. I said hi to Poppa and Lumi and then I went upstairs and said hi to Mom. I told her what the Farrier said to me, and that we didn’t need to get any bleach. I helped Mom get downstairs and then we sat and watch the news for a little while.

I got up and grabbed Poppa, the new bottles, a pair of gloves and some carrots. I pulled Gucci out of his stall and had Poppa hold him on the grass so I could pick his hoof and not stain the ground with Koppertox. Because it’s green, and it stinks, and it stained the gloves that I had on. Better than staining my hands green.

We went back inside and I got dressed for Lumi’s training, which involves me in a trench coat and a cowboy hat. I got very hot very quick, and so we didn’t do his training for too long. He seemed to do better than he had done a couple days before. Then we went inside and I made up Gucci’s medicine and went outside and gave it to him. He did really good for it.

Once we got back inside I made a sandwich and watched Victoria with Mom.

Mom and Lumi fell asleep, so I went and flopped on the sofa and rested for a little while. Lumi was fine until my sister came up and then she started yelling at him to sit through the door. No one else does that to him, so he was confused I’m sure. Then she went and talked to Poppa for a while and Lumi came to Mom and I to get some attention. Then I had to leave for work. I gave Gucci his goodbye cookies and then I jumped in my truck and left.

I got to work okay, got a good parking spot and sat and read my book while listening to the radio. I got dressed and went inside and clocked in. I had the door duty most of my shift, which was fine, just a little tiresome. I’m glad that they can count on me to cover the door occasionally, but I don’t expect to do it the whole of my shift. But the day went fine, it came in waves, and I was able to leave on time.

I went and got cleaned up when I got home and jumped on the big computer so I could do my GAD class. They talked about sleep habits, and anxiety, coping mechanisms, and diaphragmatic breathing. Fiks came home while I was in class and jumped on the Switch and started playing Breath of the Wild again. Once class was done Fiks and I went and made ourselves dinner. I did a pork salad and he did nachos.

When it was bed time I realized that I hadn’t taken my medicines because I was in class, so I ran and took them and stayed up and watched Fiks play the game some more.

When it was time I went to bed and fell asleep. I slept pretty good last night. I only woke up once in the middle of the night. And then I woke up when Fiks kissed me goodbye. Then my alarm went off and I got up and dressed and headed over to my parents house. Gucci already had his blanket off and his fly mask on when I got there.

I went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi, and Poppa was outside watering Mom’s plants. I watched the news for a while with Mom, and then Poppa and I went outside and did Gucci’s treatment for his hoof and for his mane and tail. I touched the frog and he flinched really bad, I felt bad about that. But the medicine is meant to make him feel better, and I had to clean the hoof and the frog for it to work.

I hung out for a while afterwards. We did Lumi’s training for a little while. This is what I look like when training him. I wear a cowboys hat and my trench coat and a pair of sunglasses.

Mom, Poppa, and Lumi all came and watched Cupcake Wars after getting inside and back downstairs. After an episode Mom made a call to one of her friends and I went and helped Poppa with his computer. Then I got ready to leave.

I decided to change Gucci’s menu again. We’re going back to a full flake twice a day, so I went out to give him the second half from breakfast, but I guess he had that for breakfast, so I gave him a full flake. I ran back inside and told Mom that I did that and handed off the brownies that turned out funny to Poppa.

I swung by the bank and picked up (hopefully) enough money for my Tattoo Guy on Monday. I get the Phoenix colored in then, I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it all in one session or not. But we’ll find out soon. Then I came home and cleaned up the guest room because Fiks’ brother is coming into town.

Haven’t seen him in forever so I’m kind of excited to see him. Then I turned on the air conditioning and just hung out in the living room watching Grey’s. In the early afternoon Mom and Poppa showed up and dropped Lumi off before they went to their party for my Other Mother. So he’ll be hanging out here for a while.

Lumi and I hung out and watched Grey’s for a good amount of time. Then Fiks came home and we did dinner. I did salad again because it was so bloody hot. We started watching The Legend of Korra since that came out today. We got through a few episodes before Fiks’ little brother showed up.

I was enjoying it. We said hi to his brother and invited him to sit down and have dinner and then I flopped on the floor for a while and watched the show, then I had to go to bed. Well, first I had to take a cold shower and then go to bed. The cold shower before bed felt nice, I didn’t sleep with any blankets tho because it was so warm. We had the door open and the fans going to cool down the room.

Fiks kissed me goodbye Saturday morning, and then I woke up a little bit later and got dressed, grabbed a bowl of cereal and turned on the Roku. So I watched Grey’s for a while as I waited for our guest to wake up. Or come outside. I guess he was awake for a while before coming out. I gave him breakfast and then we went over to my parents house once he was ready.

We went and said hi to Gucci, who was waiting for us at the gate. I gave him a cookie then I gave Fiks Brother a cookie to give to him.

After we said hi we went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi. Lumi was being aggressive towards Fiks’ Brother, so we put him in his kennel for a little while so he could get used to him being around. Then Poppa came put and we back outside and did Gucci’s treatment. I picked and poured the Koppertox on his hoof, then I put the medicine on his hot spots, and then I fly sprayed him. I let Fiks’ Brother give him carrots though the process, because how can you hate anyone who gives you carrots?

Then we went back inside and cooled down for a little while. We watched some TV with Mom, Fiks’ Brother showed Mom his kittens and they chatted for a while and we let Lumi out of his kennel and he did fine with Fiks’ Brother being around. Then Poppa and I went out and pasted Gucci really quick, because its hot as balls, and came back inside.

We continued to hang out as we waited for Fiks to get off work and come over. I texted him and asked how he was doing, and then a few minutes later he walked through the door. We said hi and then we placed an order with Olive Garden and waited for that to get ready. Once it was time we said goodbye to Mom, Poppa, Gucci, and Lumi and went and picked up our lunch/dinner.

We came home and I figured out what was who’s. I filled up on my soup, Fiks at his soup and his pasta, and his Brother filled up on his soup too. One of our friends from up north, Blackthorn, was in the area and him and Fiks did a beer exchange. Then Fiks was amazing and ran and got ice so I could make icy drinks.

We did our icy drinks and just hung out. We watched some YouTube videos, Fiks’ Brother made a character for D&D, it was a nice (all be it boiling) afternoon. I had microwaved my dinner and was sitting down to eat it when the power went out. The power company, PG&E does it with little to no warning. And it died right before gaming. So I texted the group and said we were without power and were going to have to wait until it turned back on.

Fiks went down into the garage just to make sure we hadn’t blown a fuse (we hadn’t), and then he and his brother busted out their Nintendo Switch’s and so we all played animal crossing for a while. My sister came home while there was no power and invited us over to see her kittens, Lance and Merlin. So we hung out there for a while and then we wanted to get cool so we went back outside, we were only outside for 10-15 minutes when the power came back on.

We settled down for gaming, got everything set up and started to play. Fiks’ Brother’s laptop wouldn’t do what he wanted, so we ended hooking up Fiks’ little lap top to the TV so he could see the map. I played for a while, and then I started to not feel well so I called it a night and went and jumped into the shower.

I had a really hard time falling asleep, so I took 2 melatonin instead of 1, and that knocked me out. I woke up when Fiks talked to me when I was on his side of the bed, so I crawled over to mine and went back to sleep. And I missed it. I missed the thunder and lightning storm, which is really really rare for me. I think I’m happy I slept through it because I just would have been worried about Gucci the whole time.

I woke up at one point and heard the rain and thought “hmmmm, that’s nice” and rolled over and went back to sleep. Fiks and I woke up around the same time, I peaked over his shoulder and saw all these lightning photos and asked where they were. He said it was outside our window last night. I couldn’t believe that I had slept through a storm. I got dressed and went into the kitchen and called Mom to make sure Gucci was fine, which he was. Everyone was fine over there, I said we’d come over later and take care of Gucci and hung up.

Fiks came out and asked what I wanted to do for breakfast and I said waffles, so we did that for breakfast. His Brother came out while we were still eating ours and helped himself. We watched some more YouTube videos and then I asked if they would be okay to go see Gucci, Fiks grumbled about it and his Brother said yes. So I went and got dressed and got a load of laundry going and then we took off.

We didn’t have any treats because we weren’t in my truck, but there was a carrot and a cookie waiting for us on the bin.

So we gave him some love and some pets, and he was already sweaty, poor guy. Thankfully he was staying in the shade. We went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi, who did a a little better with Fiks’ Brother today, so that was nice. Mom was watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and then Poppa came in and talked with us for a little while. Then we went outside and took care of Gucci. I put the medicine on his bad foot, and then medicine on his hot spots, and then fly sprayed him.

We put him away and went back inside and had a bottle of water to cool down. We watched more Star Wars, and Poppa was sitting next to Mom. Until Lumi started to crawl up and sit on Poppa, then he had to scoot down the sofa. I made up Gucci’s medicine and then we went and pasted him, well, we had to chase him down first. But he did good once we caught up to him, and then we filled up his water bucket. We said goodbye and then came home.

We came home and watched a little YouTube and then we watched more of The Legends of Korra. I unintentionally took a nap during Korra, and Fiks’ Brother started to get ready to leave. I woke up in time to walk him down to his car and say goodbye to him. I hope we’ll see him soon. We moved laundry and then came back upstairs. I put on Wonder Woman and napped off and on through it.

I enjoy the movie, I really do, I just think it was too warm for me and so I melted into a nap again. I woke up for the end tho, so that was good timing. I put it on Korra again for a little bit and then we decided to make dinner. I turned on the oven and then came and sat down and started playing Animal Crossing. Fiks tried to join me, but we can’t play 2 games on the same game if that makes any sense? I use his Animal Crossing to play, apparently I need to make my own so he can visit my island. But I’m not really sure I want to drop money on that now and start over. We will see what I end up doing.

Dinner was good, steak and fries. We turned Korra back on for something to watch. We still have to take out the garbage and recycling and move some more laundry, you know, adult things.

See you next week!

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