(Week 29)

Hi from Monday. It started out kind of slow. I flopped on the sofa and watched M*A*S*H while I woke up. I emailed one of my doctors and asked them to give me a 30 day supply of one of my prescriptions instead of the 90 day because I can’t afford it now with my […]

Root Beer! (Week 28)

Happy Monday! Last night (Sunday) we started to home brew some root beer. Fiks was very excited and into it. He’d been getting stuff shipped home over the past week, like the pot, the yeast, the molasses, the bottles, the bottle holder, the sanitizer, the cooling coil. He just kept getting more and more excited […]

Happy 4th of July! (Week 27)

Hi. Ever have one of those weeks that makes you feel like you’re pissing everyone off? Yup, that’s the kind of week I’m having. It kind of started on Saturday, got worse on Sunday, and… Well, Monday wasn’t so bad. I’m not trying to, honest, but it’s happening. And I don’t know if apologizing will […]

(Week 20)

Hi from Monday. I got a text last night from my farrier that Gucci was due to get new shoes today, so I didn’t get to sleep in like I wanted/needed to. Fiks said he’d go with me. So we woke up around 720 and got dressed and left. We beat the farrier to Gucci, […]