Happy 4th of July! (Week 27)


Ever have one of those weeks that makes you feel like you’re pissing everyone off? Yup, that’s the kind of week I’m having. It kind of started on Saturday, got worse on Sunday, and… Well, Monday wasn’t so bad. I’m not trying to, honest, but it’s happening. And I don’t know if apologizing will help. I feel like people are disappointed in me.

Anyway, onto Monday. I slept in until 10 and that was glorious. Then I got up and went to the feed store and got gucci’s food. I also got a free sample of a new brand of cookie. It’s molasses covered beat pulp. I apparently needed to pick up a bag of cookies for him too, but I didn’t know until I got to my parents house.

I walked over and gave Gucci one of the sample cookies. Well he didn’t like it and instead of just spitting it out he acted like a drama gelding and acted like I was trying to poison him. Which I wasn’t. I gave him a regular cookie afterwards, that seemed to make it better.


Poppa and I unloaded the truck and Gucci supervised us. Then I got Gucci’s shot of adiquan ready and got him out of his stall. Mom held him while I gave him the shot. He was a perfect gentleman for me. Then I brushed him and fly sprayed him and we found some weeds to munch on.

I came home and watched some TV until Fiks got home. Then we had dinner, and literally stood around for 48 minutes waiting for water to boil in his new 5 gallon pot for brewing that he got for his birthday.

Tuesday went okay. Nothing really happened in the morning and then I went to work. Nothing really happened their during their open hours either. After they were closed they took some photos of them at the teller counter (which was being destroyed this week), and then some video of them whacking the counter with the hammer.



Wednesday was the 4th of July, a holiday in the United States. And one of the mandatory days that I have to work. Fiks had the day off so we spent the morning together ordering stuff for him to make root beer with his new pot. I was riddled with anxiety and really didn’t want to go, and I felt like my medicine didn’t work because I was still super anxious, but maybe it did take the edge off.

But I got to stay in town and watch the fireworks show, so that was nice. I worked the same post that I did last year, just down in the parking lot making sure everyone found a spot and no one came down and broke into cars. And after the fireworks show direct traffic out of the park.


There was this patriotic fellow who parked his car down below. His bow tie even lit up. My partner and I mostly stood around down below. But we did go up top a couple of times. I went up when Fiks came by and was with him for like 15-20 minutes just wondering around and ordering kettle corn. We did see my mentor at the park, but every time I looked over at him he was busy. But Fiks got to talk to him for a little bit after I left, so that was cool. He wasn’t completely avoiding us.


A local took this really cool photo of the fireworks display. I just wish I had had a better view. I could only see the ones that went up high. There were some bursts that were so big that they set off car alarms. After the fireworks display was done and I had punched out and turned my radio back in, we helped a couple families get out of the parking lot. Fiks and I gave a family a ride to the grocery store down the street. I let a lady use my phone to contact her husband. We didn’t get home until close to 11.

I didn’t really sleep in on Thursday like I wanted to. I was nervous about being called in to a different post today since the bank is closed until Monday for construction. I went and got Gucci some cookies and a tummy supplement, then I went to the grocery store and got our food for the week. Fiks wanted me to get 3 gallons of mineral water (I’m assuming for brewing), but I couldn’t find any. Hopefully he’ll have better luck.

After the grocery store I went over to my parents house and said Hi to Gucci who, apparently, did very well with the fireworks going off up and down the valley. He just stood outside and watched them. I had totally forgotten about the possibility of people setting off fireworks in the valley. And apparently there were a lot. And they could see the ones being set off down at the beach.

I said hi to mom and poppa, talked with a family friend who invited me to the Rodeo later in the month. We’ll have to see if I can get it off. Then we went outside and gave Gucci his shot of adequan.


He was so good for his shot, he just stood there like he did before. And then I brushed him and he tried to steal the carrots that I had out of my back pocket. Apparently I wasn’t handing them out quick enough for him. Then I came home and passed out on the soffa for a little while.


We went out for dinner after Fiks got home, going for some burgers fries and a milkshake at a local burger place. But we ran a few errands first, like we got him a new tub for his brewing stuff. And a massive push broom for the garage. Then we searched for mineral water. Apparently spring water is close enough, so we got that. Went to the burger place. Swung by my parents place to say hi again to Gucci.

Friday went fine at the bank. It was one of the managers birthdays so they got her a giant unicorn balloon to celebrate.


One little girl came in and started screaming at it, and about it, and wanting mom to get it for her. Well she didn’t get it. But the rest of the day went fine. Nothing super exciting. I came home and Fiks had beat me here and he had some great news, so we went and got some Chinese food to celebrate. And he busted open his mead that he had bought from a place online. It was pretty good.

Saturday came around, and boy was it hot. And I didn’t have a good start to my day. I was running late. Then the golf cart wouldn’t start. Then when it did start I went down to my little booth just to discover that the weekday person had locked it. So I had to call dispatch to get someone with a key to come out to let me in. So I was standing around doing nothing for a hour or more. But once I got in the day went smoothly.

Sunday was another hot day. I didn’t run late this morning, but when I got to the golf cart shack where it lives the doors were all down and locked, so I couldn’t get the golf cart out. So I drove my truck down to the booth and parked it in the shade. The rest of the day went okay. I did my patrols in the heat with no working air conditioning in my little patrol truck. Unless you count the window being down as A/C, which I had to do today.

I’ve been having problems getting to sleep again. I read, turn on my audio book, turn off my light, say my prayers, and try to go to sleep. But I keep getting these thoughts, random as hell, that keep me awake. Well, one isn’t random as hell. Its a pressing concern that I have a feeling will come to a head very soon. It just makes me super anxious and has given me panic attacks over it. So yeah…

Alright, catch you next time

Have a week!

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