(Week 20)

Hi from Monday.

I got a text last night from my farrier that Gucci was due to get new shoes today, so I didn’t get to sleep in like I wanted/needed to. Fiks said he’d go with me. So we woke up around 720 and got dressed and left.

We beat the farrier to Gucci, yay. I wasn’t sure we would. Fiks wanted to take photos of the shoeing process, so he brought the camera along. I got Gucci out and let him graze while we waited for the farrier.

Gucci did fine on his front feet. He stood still and didn’t rock back and forth, which he used to do. He didn’t have any sole or frog bruising, and his hooves are growing well. When he got to the hind end he started having problems. His hocks were super stiff and the farrier said it might be time for hock injections. Gucci did the best he could with his hind end.

So I placed a call to the vet that we used and asked how much hock injections cost. Ends up the injections are $300 just by themselves. Ouch.

For dinner we went over to where Fiks’ brother was house sitting, which was really nice. We had a steak dinner with macaroni and some cider for me and beer for the boys. It was really nice seeing his brother, he usually is 4-5 hours away instead of 45 minutes to an hour. But we met the cats that were there, both were interested in me because I still smelled like a horse I’m sure. Then we hit up In-N-Out burger for chocolate milkshakes on our way home.

I had a hard time waking up on Tuesday. I woke up enough to move to the sofa and turn on Doctor Who. I don’t remember what episodes of Doctor who I watched, I must have passed out again. Well, I know I passed out because it was closer to 12 than it was to 9. So I got up, got dressed, ate some lunch and went to work. Work was fine. I listened to my podcasts and people watched like I always do. Had a few people from my weekend shift recognize me at the bank, which was fun.

Came home and took a shower and then jumped on the computer to work on Save The Dates. I think we’re going to use Shutterfly They have pre-assembled templates so all you have to do is upload your photos, add text, and off you go. After Fiks got home we went over some designs for the save the dates and finally found one both of us like. So yay! Now its just the chore of getting everyone’s address.

I didn’t sleep well Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. So I’ve kinda been tired all day. I did an assessment test for a job that I applied for and I’m not feeling super confident about it. But I just have to wait and see on that one. I went to the grocery store and got our food for the week while listening to music. Then I went over to my parents place to say hi to Gucci and see how he was doing. My parents have seen him lying down at night since he got his feet done, and I moved him around a little bit today and he seemed tender footed. So I gave him cookies and we put bute in his dinner to see if that would help him out.

I came home and got dressed for work and wove my way down there. Work wasn’t bad, I was able to listen to my podcasts and people watch. They are about to go under a remodel, so they have caution signs and little orange cones everywhere. One of the tellers decided to wear one of the cones as a hat for a little while.


I had a hard time getting to sleep Wednesday night, but once I got there I was fine… I think. I don’t really remember, which must means I slept. Anyway, once I woke up I went to go and feed my friend’s horse Smoke. He told me off for being late (it was 9am). I dunno what time he normally gets fed, but that seemed like a fine time to me.

I went into work Thursday, nothing really happened. Then I zoomed home, got changed and grabbed a shirt for Fiks, and off to the station I went. Fiks was waiting for me with the tickets to the Weird Al concert we were going to. I thought the concert started at 7, so I was all stressed out about time, luckily it started at 8, so it wasn’t that bad. We got there with time to spare, so we went and got some chicken schwarma. Then we went into the theater and we were like 8 rows back from the stage, so we had pretty awesome seats. The concert was brilliant. If you can go I highly recommend it.


(I can’t take him anywhere…)

I didn’t get to sleep until 5am Friday morning, and woke up at 8, so needless to say that I was exhausted most of the day. But it was fairly uneventful. Nothing happened today minus boys being gross and not flushing after they go to the bathroom. This happened 3 different times! 3 TIMES! And they were all fing adults. Boys, be clean and flush after you wiz, its no fun having to clean up after you.

Fiks was awesome and was working on dinner when I got home, so that was a nice surprise. Means that we didn’t have to do the “I don’t know” game. We spent the night watching Top Gear and I went through the Darkshore photos to load up to Facebook. Between Fiks and I we took almost 2500 photos. Going through them is a process, especially adding our watermark to all the photos that are going to get uploaded.

Saturday was a little rough, but I made it through the day. Nothing happened at work, I sat and read my book. I was just having an off day I think. I was upset that I couldn’t be there for Fiks’ first day out as a knight for some reason. They had this really pretty rose in the bathroom at the Clubhouse.


But I made it through the day and then came home and showered to get ready for gaming. I ordered the pizza for everyone, and instead of showing up an hour later like they said it would, it showed up 40 minutes early. So we ate while we waited for everyone else to show up.

Fiks’ and my characters continued to bicker, we met Target’s character (A damn dirty drow), and my brothers character (another dirty teifling… But he’s attractive apparently…). We killed some humans (they deserved it) and leveled up. I gained a new skill, and wrote down the other ones that I had forgotten to write down when I first made the character.


I had a hard time falling asleep on Saturday night, but I made it there. I woke up around 4 to find Fiks missing, I got out of bed and found him on the computer. I later found out that he was looking at the photos we took from when we were in England. Work went okay, I couldn’t get people to stop for me today, which was frustrating. I just gave up after lunch and didn’t give a fuck. When people stopped it was nice, but if I stuck my arm out the window they just thought I was waving at them.

I went to my parents after dinner, and Gucci was whinnying at me as I pulled up. I didn’t even get out of the truck before he started to whinny at me. I walked over and said hi to him, then went inside to get his dinner bucket. While I was giving him his dinner, Fiks pulled up and came over to say Hi to him, and helped keep him in his stall while I was getting out the alfalfa.

I feel bad, but I had no patients when I went inside to deal with my parents. I snapped at my mom a few times, which I feel bad about. But I was just frustrated and tired and having issues mood wise. Its been a hard 2(ish) weeks with the medicine change. I’m not happy and I don’t like it, I don’t like how it makes me feel, affects my mood, or how fidgety it had made me.

Anyway, that’s it for this week…

Have a week!


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