We’re half way there (Week 26)

Woah, livin’ on a prayer.

If you don’t get it, its a song by Bon Jovi. We’re also half way through the year this week, eek!

Lets see, lets go back to the beginning of the week, shall we? (I’m starting this on Friday, whoops)

Monday was the start of Fiks’ vacation. We lied around the house for a little while and then we went over to my parents place to see Gucci. When we pulled up Gucci was out grazing already, and we were in Fiks’ car, so he didn’t really recognize the vehicle. So I got out of the car and said Hi to Gucci. Well, he stops what he’s doing and comes galloping down the straight away and over to me. He did try to stop in time but he missed, so he passed me, which was fine. Then he turned around and coughed/sneezed all over me, leaving me covered in green chewed up slime.


After visiting with Gucci we came home and decided to go to the movies. We saw The Incredibles 2 and I really enjoyed it. We both enjoyed the same moments in the movie and the same lines. After that we came home until it was time to go over to my sisters for dinner. We went over and my brother was there with my niece, and my parents were there and it was cute seeing my poppa playing with blocks with her.

Tuesday came around and I didn’t want to go to work. I was having a really hard time dealing with my anxiety about it. I took my medicine and it eventually kicked in and took the edge off. But once I got to the bank it was okay. I had already punched in and was standing around when another security guard came in saying that he was working my shift. Obviously there was some confusion, so we called and texted my boss. Well I was meant to be working and he was working a different shift in the same complex. But after that nothing really happened at the bank. They had made a lot of progress with the construction in the 2 weeks I was gone.


Wednesday was alright. We had loaded up all the bottles and cans to turn in for recycling the night before, so the truck was all ready for that. Fiks and I got our stuff together and then we went over to my parents for Gucci’s vet appointment. While Fiks was collecting bottles with my poppa I got a call from the vet saying that they were running late and to expect him around 1130. So we put Gucci back in his stall for a little while.



We collected bottles to kill time and then I got Gucci out at 1130 for the vet, and we waited. And waited. Its like 10 to 12 when he finally shows up. We talked for a little while and discussed putting him on Adequan for his arthritis that he’s getting in his legs. I said I needed to think about it because it was expensive, and then my mom jumped in and said that’d she’d help me pay for it. So now he’s getting Adequan for his arthritis. After that we got down to business.

The vet gave Gucci a shot that knocked him out in less than a minute, which was a shock because he’s usually very hard to tranquilize. So as that was kicking in the vet was making up the shots for his hocks and filling the bucket with water and cotton to clean the area that they were going to give the shot in. After his hock injections he also got his sheath cleaned. Want to know what they used to do that? Dawn dish soap. Apparently it cuts through all the segma and helps loosens the beans that collect on penis.


While he was still drunk but after the vet had left, we decided to clip Gucci up a little. So I trimmed his whiskers and his bridal path. And then we hung out for a while while he was trying to sober up.

Once he decided he could walk we went back to his stall and let him sober up in there. We took the food out of his stall so he couldn’t choke on it and then we left to go and do our errands. We went down to the recycling center and got rid of our bottles and cans. Made like $35 doing it too, so that wasn’t half bad of a haul. Next we went to the grocery store and got what we needed for the week. I didn’t take my headset with me because I had Ian with me, but I kind of wish I did since it was busy and he kept wondering off. Oh well.

We then went back to Gucci who had sobered up and gave him his hay back. He was still dragging his feet instead of picking them up, but that was okay. He was alert and responsive to Fiks and I being there, and he tried to get out of his stall. All good signs.

Thursday was another morning of being flopped on the couch and watching the new seasons of Grays Anatomy on Netflix. The anxiety about work wasn’t nearly as bad as it was on Tuesday, so that was nice. I still had to take my anxiety medicine just to go in though. There was a problem with a person at the bank before I got there, and she was still waiting outside the bank when I punched in. I went and asked her if she was waiting for someone inside, and she said no, but she was waiting for someone. So I left her alone. Then the security guard who works the whole complex came up to me and told me that she had been a problem, but while we were talking she walked away. Never came back, so she stopped being a problem.


After I got home from work I got changed and then we went out to sushi for Fiks birthday with my parents. We had a good time, Fiks ordered this huge roll and mom and I were surprised that he was able to eat all of it with all the other food we had ordered. And there was this cute octopus on the board next to me.


Friday night we went to go get dinner and a movie. We ate at BJ’s Brewhouse  where I was naughty and got a blood orange and honey margarita. Soooo good, even though it was a little tequila heavy for me. I let Fiks have a sip and he really enjoyed it too, but he had his own beers to drink. And his dinner was tasty too, he had this amazing pork chop dish.

After dinner we went into the Joseph A. Banks store at the mall, and we walked around a little bit, looking a stuff for his suit for the wedding. We were hoping to leave with a brochure or something, but that didn’t happen. We rushed over to the cinema where we finally saw Avengers: Infinity Wars and I won’t post any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen it (Go see it, its good), but Fiks was sure he knew all the things that happened in the movie and we get to this one part and he is flat out shocked. So ha! to him.

Saturday was alright. I had a hard time getting to sleep so I was tired and unwilling to leave the warm comfy bed, but I did it anyway. Got dressed, got my bags packed, went into work. Nothing really happened. We have to do this new thing with totaling up what we write down. Like how many drive by’s did we get, how many restaurant people, how many landscape/construction/pool people, how many bicycles. But besides that nothing really happened at work today, which was nice.

Sunday came and went. It was a rather unproductive day at work minus my usual routine. Fiks went up to Thors Refuge to the Groomsmen tourney, so we didn’t really talk a lot today. I talked with my cousin most of the day. We figured out what kind of bridesmaid dresses I wanted and what colors people are going to wear.

We did celebrate my sisters birthday though, so I went over to her place for dinner where we had marinated skirt steak and cake. Her cake was really cool, it had a sparkler on it. After dinner and once people were gone Poppa had fun playing with the cat.

And that was it basically.

Have a week!

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