Root Beer! (Week 28)

Happy Monday!

Last night (Sunday) we started to home brew some root beer. Fiks was very excited and into it. He’d been getting stuff shipped home over the past week, like the pot, the yeast, the molasses, the bottles, the bottle holder, the sanitizer, the cooling coil. He just kept getting more and more excited the more stuff showed up.

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So after work and dinner we started to make the root beer. We let the water come to a boil, then added the ingredients, let it boil again, cooled it down an then started to bottle. Our house now smells of root beer, which I can’t really complain about. There are much worse smells in the world then that.

Monday has been okay so far, if hot. Its 95 degrees at home, and 92 at my parents place. I swung by the grocery store and got Gucci some carrots then went to my parents. I said hi to Gucci who was taking a nap when I pulled up, so I kind of surprised him when I went to give him his cookie.

I found out that yesterday one of poppas friends passed away. So that was kind of sad. I liked the guy too. I feel bad for my poppa, he doesn’t have a lot of friends and he shared a lot in common with him. They both liked trains (that’s how they got to know each other), and they would go out to breakfast together sometimes. I know its better than the guy suffering, and that he’s in a better place now, but I still feel a little sad.

Mom and I went and gave Gucci his shot today. We did it in his stall so he wasn’t out in the sun. I spoiled him with cookies and carrots after his shot. I didn’t get him out because its so hot and not a lot of shade for grazing or brushing unless we stay inside the stall. He wasn’t super happy about it, but that’s how it went today. I think I’ll see him tomorrow morning for getting new shoes put on.


I hung out with my mom for a while. We watched The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix. Well, when I say watch, we mostly talked through it. We were talking wedding stuff. Like how I wanted to pick the dresses since my matron of honor is in Europe and I have a bridesmaid here. I showed mom what I had gone over with my Matron of honor dress wise, and we picked what color green I want her in (Emerald). So we just have to figure out the logistics of it.

Tuesday rolled around and I had to get up with the sun to get to my parents house to be on time for the farrier. Well I beat the farrier there so we did my registration on the truck, one thing done. Then the farrier showed up and I got Gucci out. I think he did okay, the farrier said that he did really well and could tell the difference with having his hocks injected. But he still had a rough time with his right hind.

After they were done I put him away and got him his breakfast. Then I came home and passed out on the sofa for a little bit before work. Work went fine. Oh my goodness, it is so different now. There are offices where the teller lines used to be, the tellers are now at little islands. I mean it looks good, its just so different. Numerous people commented/froze/took in the new surroundings when they came in.

I got things ready for Fiks’ meeting tonight, and in the process to kill time I went to The Knot and killed some time by looking for vendors, emailing a photographer, looked at shoes and makeup places.

Wednesday was fine, if a little slow. I had a doctors appointment so I went to that. I tried to make an appointment with another doctor while I was there, but she was booked out until September and so they put me on the wait list. The appointment went fine, if a little emotional. She gave me some good feedback for what’s been going on and how to deal with it, so lets see if I can do it.

I went to my parents house after the doctor appointment to hang out with my mom for a while, but she never showed. So I got Gucci out and gave him a good brushing and fly spray, and let him graze while I gave him a fresh bale of shavings.


One of his favorite poses, looking out his back door. I went into the house and hung out there for an hour, watching Grey’s Anatomy waiting for my mom to come home. But she never did. So I went to the grocery store and got what we needed for the week while listening to Shinedown. My sister was nice and helped me bring up the groceries (shock!), and she invited me over for a popcicle and a movie. We tried to watch… I can’t even remember the name of the movie. It was that boring. I only stayed for like 30 minutes. I spent the rest of the day flopped on the sofa.

Thursday morning started off slow. Watching some TV. Then I got dressed to go to work and went over to my parents house to give Gucci his shot. Mom held him while I gave him the injection and he did good again. After the injection was done he spooked at a noise, and we discovered that the neighbors were doing something on the road up above us. I hung out for a bit, had lunch, said goodbye to mom (she’s going on a girls trip), and headed off to work.

While I was at work I got a phone call from one of my doctors, the one I wanted to get an appointment with but couldn’t yesterday. We talked about what was going on stress wise, which was bringing on symptoms that we thought had cleared up. Apparently not. So we are increasing one of my medications and seeing if that will help. Then I got a call from the pharmacy saying that they didn’t have the medicine and it’ll be in Monday or Tuesday. Sigh.

But work went fine, nothing really happened. My feet got sore faster than usual though, so that sucked. But I did sign the wall at the end of the day with everyone else. It was nice to be included in something that the bank was doing. Then I came home and snuggled on Fiks while he watched another amtgarder, Randal, answer questions about various amtgard things.

Friday was alright. Nothing really happened at the bank or at home. Poppa was up at my brothers helping him with his stairs all day, so I called him to ask if he was home or if I needed to feed Gucci. I couldn’t get a hold of him so I went over to my parents to feed him and Gucci was there with his blanket on and eating his dinner. Apparently I called poppa while he was out feeding Gucci dinner.

Saturday was good. Work went well, and then after work we had gaming with Laoric, his son, my brother, and Decoy. We went well past my bed time, but it was worth it. Had a good time with my friends.

Sunday went alright. I couldn’t get anyone to stop for me at work, and I kind of stopped caring 3/4 way through my day. I came home to find Fiks not feeling well and not up for going over to my brothers for dinner. So I went over and ate, and then brought him and my sister home some tacos to eat.

That’s it.

Have a week!

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