(Week 29)

Hi from Monday.

It started out kind of slow. I flopped on the sofa and watched M*A*S*H while I woke up. I emailed one of my doctors and asked them to give me a 30 day supply of one of my prescriptions instead of the 90 day because I can’t afford it now with my new plan. 90 days costs $240sih now. 30 days is $78, hopefully it will be filled soon because I only have pills for 1 more day.

Then I went to the feed store to get Gucci’s stuff for the week. Well, it should last 2 weeks and his bag of cookies should last a month. The last bag I bought only lasted 2 weeks, I’m not sure what happened there. I went over to my parents with the feed and said hi to mom and poppa. Mom and I were meant to go and pick up my veil today, but she wasn’t feeling good so we’re going to try and go on Wednesday.

Poppa and I unloaded the feed without too much hassle. Gucci did try and grab a bite from the bale of Alf-Alfa when we were unloading it. Then he supervised us over the fence. I got him out and brushed him, he was super dusty. Got the knots out of his mane and his tail and fly sprayed him.

After we were done with that I got a few carrots out of the fridge and snapped a couple and put them in my pocket and gave him one. I was going to go wonder around with him and see if we could find a place to graze, but he wanted to go back to his stall. So back to his stall we went.

Tuesday went alright. I flopped on the sofa for a while, Fiks is working in the neighborhood so he came home for lunch. So I got to hang with him for a few minutes before I needed to leave to go give Gucci his shot. When I got there mom was asleep, so poppa helped me give it to him. He flinched a little when I poked him, but other than that he did really well.


Work went alright. Nothing really happened, which was nice. The manager did ask me what kind of treats I liked, which was weird. I admitted that I like cupcakes, which made him laugh. I don’t know whats up though, so I’m kind of suspicious.

Fiks pointed out that it was Prime day on Amazon, and he bought a fitbit that he’d been looking at. I’ve always wanted to get a fitbit, and since they were on sale… I jumped at the chance.

Wednesday was good. I watched a little TV before I went to the grocery store. I listened to the Sing soundtrack while I was shopping. We didn’t need a lot so it went fairly quickly. Then I went to my parents place, and my moms car was gone. I though that she had gone and gotten her nails done, so I spent some time with Gucci. I gave him his hay, took off his blanket and gave him his fly mask, made up his buckets. Then I went inside to put my groceries in the fridge while I waited for mom to get home, and she was sitting on the sofa watching TV. I asked where the car was, totally confused, and she said it was in the garage.

She went to go get her makeup on while I was bringing in the rest of my groceries and then we headed out to go to the Bridal shop to pick up my veil (yay!) and order my shoulder straps (boo!). I’m really not into the shoulder straps. Mom wants them to cover up my tattoo. And since she’s paying for the dress she gets a say. I’m hoping that once my dress comes in and I try it on, with the corset back it won’t need the shoulder straps.

We then went back to my parents place and I grabbed my groceries and put them in the truck. I said goodbye to Gucci, who was making faces at me.


Thursday was alright. I flopped on the sofa first thing after waking up. But I had a pleasant surprise for me on TV. BBC America was playing fan favorites of Doctor Who. So I watched that until it was time to go to work. Work went fine, I had someone from the Friday bank at my Thursday bank, so that was a little weird.

Friday was kind of hard for me. Fiks was leaving for Clan in New Mexico that day, which made me kind of sad. I mean I’m super proud of him and his new position with the AI BOD, I just didn’t want him to go away. But he was really good about keeping in touch with me, which was nice. But work went alright, it was a chill day.

After work I went over to my parents to give Gucci his last adequan shot in the session. So that’s all done with, now he’s down to once a month shots. I had dinner with my parents and then I came home and talked with Fiks until he lost reception.


Saturday started out rough. I wasn’t feeling good but I felt like I had to go into work. Well I had problems there and really wanted to come home, but I did my best and tried to muscle through it. Oh, and there are new rules with how I log vehicles. I’m no longer allowed to write on the back of the sheets, I have to use a new one every time. So I made like 20 pages of vehicles coming in. Total waste of paper. But the day started off nice and cool, the fog was in.


So I logged the vehicles and wasted a lot of paper. I read my book and listened to my podcasts. I did my afternoon patrol, the fog had burned off earlier in the morning.


After work I went over to feed Gucci his dinner. He was happy to see me. I gave him his bucket and his alfalfa, he didn’t want his sheet on so I didn’t put it on. I figured poppa would put it on when he got home. Well, he didn’t get home at 7 like he said he would. He went and had dinner with my mom and her friends, so Gucci didn’t get his blanket on until 11 last night. Oh well.

Sunday I called out sick. I still wasn’t feeling well, worse than yesterday. I fell back to sleep for a little while, and I’ve been talking to Fiks off and on throughout the day. His first flight was delayed, which means he isn’t making his original second flight home. He’s coming in later, more past dinner time. So that sucks.

Fiks got home safe, so yay!

Have a week!

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