I’m just tired…(Week 35)

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night, not nearly as well as Saturday night, but pretty well. I only woke up once and then I was able to roll over and go back to sleep. I sort of woke up when Fiks kissed me goodbye and then I dozed off and on for a while. I moved out to the living room and started watching Grey’s while having my bowl of cereal.

After my bowl of cereal I dozed on the sofa for a little while and then I got dressed to go on my walk with my Cousin. While I was waiting I got a call from a dentists office and then we made an appointment for later in the day. Soon its was ready to go for the walk. The walk went well, we caught up which was nice. Once we were both back in our respective homes, we said goodbye and then I headed over to my parents house.

I got there and went over and said hi to Gucci. He was a little stiff and slow for turning around to get a carrot, but once he got there he was happy. He wanted more than the one that was out there.

After I said hi to Gucci I went inside and Lumi met me at the door, then he ran and got one of his balls to play with. Then I went and said hi to Poppa who was on the computer, and then I went upstairs and said hi to Mom who was getting dressed. We went back downstairs after a bit and then we watched this show on The Kennedy’s that Poppa had on.

I asked Poppa if he would help me with Gucci since it was the day to put medicine on his hoof. So I pulled everything out and then I started picking his hoof and his frog peeled away. Eeek! Scary moment. So I went and got Mom and showed her and texted my farrier on what he wanted me to do.

While we waited for a response Mom wanted him going into a pair of boots. So I busted out my new Soft Ride boots and put them on him. He started walking really funny. We went and grazed around the mountain, where he managed to step on my foot. That hurt and hasn’t happened in a while. I led Gucci back into his stall and then I gave him 2 bales of shavings, so that should make him happy for a while.

As I was making Gucci’s medicine I got a text back from my farrier saying to cut it off, it was totally normal. So we went back outside and pulled him out of his stall and I took off his boots and then I just cut the section of frog off. Weird. Then I pasted him which he was good for, and then we put him back in his stall.

I left soon after putting Gucci away so I could be home for my doctors appointment. I got home just in time. The appointment went well, so that was nice. Then I flopped over on the sofa for a while watching Grey’s before leaving for the dentist.

I don’t like dentists. When my old one retired I stopped going because I wasn’t sure about the new person taking over his practice. Then I started having problems with my teeth. I was ignoring them instead of facing my fears. Well today I faced my fears… it was hard, but I did it. And this dentist was really nice, just like my old one. So the appointment went well. I have problems that need to be cleaned up and habits that I have to changed in order to save my teeth.

I spent my afternoon and evening on the sofa watching Grey’s Anatomy again. When Fiks got home we had a couple of minutes before gaming would start. So he spent the night gaming and I spent the night being lazy. Well, I wasn’t totally lazy. I opened the boxes that held my school stuff and got that all organized. When it was time I went to bed and read my book for a while before going to sleep. I kept trying to sleep on my back or on my left side, because apparently sleeping on my right side isn’t good for my teeth with my acid reflex.

I slept okay last night. I woke up and had my bowl of cereal and then I put on Grey’s again. I slept through most of the episodes, so yeah, can’t tell you what happened there. But when it was time I went and got ready for work and headed over to my parents house. I got there fine, and I went and said hi to Gucci who was waiting for me at the gate.

I got a whinny out of him, so that was nice. I gave him his carrots and some pets and love and then I went inside where Lumi was waiting for me, and Poppa was heading out with the recycling. So we talked for a minute in the hallway and then I went upstairs to see mom. I said hi and then we went back downstairs and sat down and watched some Dr Pol.

Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci after a while and he was a good boy for it, so I can’t complain. I made myself a sandwich when I went back inside and sat down and we watched some Chopped because Dr Pol was over. So we watched Chopped until it was time for me to go to work.

I got to work okay, and I found a parking spot. I made a phone call to have an interview with the county job I applied for back at the beginning of the year. She said that they were doing interviews tomorrow and Thursday, I took the Wednesday interview at 2. So woohoo!

The day went fine, if a little busy. I didn’t get to listen to my podcasts until it was the end of the day. But it was the first of the month, so we had a line for a while, and then it would leave, and then it would grow, and then it would leave. Thankfully we didn’t have a line out the door when it was closing time, yay!

I came home and got cleaned up and started cooking. I started making the last meal we had from Home Chef, Dijon crusted steaks with pasta and zuchinni. I don’t like mustard, so I didn’t put a lot on mine, and I still didn’t like it. But I wasnted to give it a try, so I ate about half, and then I realized that I just didn’t like it. Oh well.

I was listening to my one of my podcasts, when Fiks texted me and the phone decided to crash. I couldn’t do anything about it because I was in the middle of mixing ingredients. And then Fiks came home and I just had enough time to open the door for him, but I couldn’t help him bring stuff in.

Fiks became my hero by bringing me my new phone, the Pixel 4a. We downloaded stuff from my old phone, the Pixel 2, onto the big computer and then I just spent the rest of my night setting up my phone and made sure that everything downloaded fine and got transferred over properly.

I went to bed and I brushed my teeth and did the mouth wash, which is horrible. I kept playing with my phone, trying to come up with passwords and I’m just a horrible person at that I guess, because everything I come up with isn’t strong enough when I think its perfectly fine.

I slept okay, I slept until 5am where I woke up wide awake. I was trying to be in the present but I kept thinking of the past, like of all the friends I’ve lost touch with. Or don’t want to talk to me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss them. But they are also a previous chapter in my story, and I have a new one beginning, so maybe I don’t need them.

Anyway, I started drifting off right when Fiks’ alarm went off. So I just stayed awake, got dressed slowly. Kept getting distracted by the things my phone and my Fitbit were not doing together. I got up and had a bowl of cereal with Fiks for breakfast, and then it was time to head off after brushing out teeth.

I went to the grocery store and Fiks went to work. The grocery store went fairly quickly, since I don’t have to buy and worry about dinners from the grocery store I don’t need as much. It took me a little while to find one of the things Fiks wanted, Fig Newtons. Then I went and got checked out and afterwards I went to my parents house to say hi to Gucci.

Gucci saw me coming up the driveway and trotted around in his paddock and then cantered into his stall. He was whinnying and chomping at the air because he wanted breakfast already. I thought it was cute. I gave him the carrot that I had, and then I put the second carrot in his breakfast bucket which he took greedily.

I gave him his bucket and his flake of hay and then I grabbed my cold/frozen stuff and then bag of carrots and went inside. I put all my things away in the appropriate spots. Poppa and Lumi came out and said hi to me, Poppa was taking Lumi for his walk. So I went and flopped on the sofa for a while, watching the news and working on my phone.

Lumi came back in after his walk, and then he had to lie on the sofa right above where I was lying down. When Poppa came in he got down off the sofa via me, and then Poppa went and woke Mom up. So I started Mom’s coffee and then she was downstairs having said coffee.

She sat down, and so did Poppa, and all of us watched the news. Then Poppa and I went and pasted Gucci and made up his buckets. Gucci was supervising us over the fence. He’s so cute when he does that, I wish I had taken my camera out at the time.

Anyway, we went back inside and then Mom went upstairs to get dressed for her nail appointment. When she came down she had her breakfast and then was ready to go. I left before them, but I had to say goodbye for Gucci first.

I got home and unloaded and parked in the garage and brought everything up. After putting my cold/frozen away I went and straightened my hair and put on my Yorkshire Rose jewelry. Maybe it’ll be good luck. I dunno.

I started an episode of Grey’s and kept working on transferring over my date from my old phone to my new phone. When it was time I switched over to Disney+ and waited for my cousin so we could start this weeks movie, The Sword In The Stone.

So we started the movie and we started our texting back and forth. It had been ages since I have actually seen this movie. I kept playing with my phone until I got a little burned out so I just stopped and watched the movie. Fiks came home for lunch while we were watching, so we had a quick video chat to make sure we were in the same spot in the film, and him and my Cousin got to chat.

We finished the movie and watched a couple of YouTube videos and then Fiks had to get back to work. My Cousin helped me pick out my outfit and put a little make up on, then I fiddle farted with my phone for a while and then it was time to go. I jumped in my truck and went to the Animal Center the interview was being held at.

I struggled putting on my heels once I got there. I stood in line for my turn to go inside and then I waited outside on the bench for my interviewers to come out. We went through the pens to a pen out by the stable. I saw that there was a mule in the barn, so I was kind of excited about that. And I had heard a horse whinny when I first got there, but they must have been on the other side of the barn.

I’m not sure how the interview went. They were kind of hard to read. I answered every question to the best of my ability and that’s all I can do. As I was leaving there was this adorable dog who had a black German Shepard’s stripe down her back and had the most adorable face. She was all excited to see me. I let her sniff my hand, and I was going to ask if I could pet her but she needed to go back inside so someone else could get some time out in the pen. I keep looking a the website to see if there is a photo of her, but there isn’t one up yet.

I came home and flopped on the sofa and watched Grey’s Anatomy for a while. I tried to take a nap but was unsuccessful. Maybe it was because I stayed in my interview suit, I dunno. Anyway, I continued to watch Grey’s until Fiks came home. Then I got changed into cooler clothes and we debated on what to do for dinner. We had a scallops dish that needed to be cooked, so we did that. But I forgot to take a photo because we were eating so late and I was so hungry.

I went to bed and didn’t sleep that well. I woke up numerous times and then I eventually gave up around 4 am and moved out to the sofa. I was going to watch Grey’s, but I’m right where Derek dies (spoilers) and I just wasn’t up for that, so I turned on Sherlock, which I haven’t watched in forever.

I dozed off and on through an episode and a bit before getting up and getting dressed for work. Once I was cleaned up and ready I took off and swung by the feed store. I picked up a small bag of horse cookies, some senior and some shavings for the boy. Then I took off towards my parents house.

I went and said Hi to Gucci who was waiting at the gate for me and whinnied at me, so that was nice. So I go and give him 2 hello cookies and his hello carrot and I feel under his sheet and he’s hot, so I open the gate to go inside. I moved around him and reached down to undo one of his leg straps and off he goes.

So I go chasing after him as he trots down the straight away along his stall. I grab onto his blanket and make him stop, and then he stays so I can take a few photos. I get him to turn around and get him to the gate, and I figure he’ll just walk in like normal, so I go to grab the fly spray. Nope. He takes off at a trot, again, towards the house this time. So I put the fly spray down and grab the rope and go after him. He slowed down to a walk as he walks past the truck and the windows. I get a hold of him at the far end of the house and then I put the rope on him and we head back to his stall.

I keep the rope around his neck and I take off his blanket. He doesn’t take off this time, yay! So I fly spray him and his mask, put that on him. I spray his hot spots and then I put him back into his stall. I saw a hunk of carrot he must have dropped earlier so I pick that up and give it to him. He wants more. I told him I wasn’t expecting him to jail break so he’s lucky he gets anything.

I go inside and say hi to Mom and Poppa. Lumi is all wound up because of Gucci going past the windows. Mom and Poppa give me a hard time about Gucci getting away from me. But it was fine. I watch a movie with Mom, waiting for Poppa to come back down from his shower in order to paste and unload the truck.

Once he’s down we go and paste Gucci, who was pretty good for me. And then he supervised the unloading of the feed and the shavings. We went back inside and hand lunch and watched more TV until it was time for me to go to work.

Work went fine. It was pretty chill compared to Tuesday, which was the first of the month. I was able to listen to my podcasts, the line wasn’t too crazy. We did have a woman complain about a homeless man with his pants around his ankles and was going through the trash and she didn’t feel comfortable using the ATM’s. So I went out (the guy had thankfully pulled his pants back up) and told the guy he couldn’t go through the trash and that he needed to leave. He did so with a grumble, but the rest of the day went fine.

I came home and got changed, no time for a shower, and logged onto the computer for my anxiety class. It took a while to get things in motion because there were a couple people in the wrong class (section 2 instead of section 1). But once it was going it was fine. I had a hard time focusing today, so I just listened and took notes. When there was a breathing/relaxation exercise that I knew I couldn’t do because I couldn’t focus long enough, I got up and took my meds and made myself a sandwich and then rejoined the class.

I was tired after class finished. I don’t really remember what we did afterwards.

I know I didn’t sleep well again Thursday night, thanks again insomnia. At least I’m going to blame you. Anyway, I tossed and turned most of the night and was up way before my alarm, again. I went and woke Fiks up at 6 because I didn’t hear any of his alarms going off. So he got up and ready for work and I lied back down in bed for a little while. When it was time I got dressed for work, made and packed my lunch and breakfast, and off I went.

I got there and he was happy to see me I think. He met me at the door and I gave him his treats. He’d already gotten breakfast so all I really had to do this morning was paste him. He did really good for that. When it was time I headed off to work.

I got to work with plenty of time to spare, so that was nice. I sat and read my book for a little while and then I threw on my uniform and went inside. It wasn’t too bad today, I’d say that it was steady. But we didn’t really have any problems happen this week, so that’s always nice. Conversation turned weird at the end of the day tho. I playfully teased one of the greeters about stealing his cupcake, under pain of torture from Taken. He said he wanted medieval torture, so we started going over forms of medieval torture. And then we somehow got onto serial killers. Thankfully the bank was empty of members and just had employees there.

After work I went over to my parents house to pick up some packages that had shown up. I said hi to Gucci again who had his dinner, so he was happy. And happy to get a few more treats out of me. I went inside and said hi to Mom and Poppa, who were eating dinner. Fiks was literally only minutes behind me. Poppa offered us a cold adult beverage, so we had one each. I started ripping open packages without looking who it was for, and I opened the one for Fiks. Whoops. But my new case and screen protectors for my new phone showed up a day early.

After our beverages we left and come home and started working on dinner, which was salmon and orzo pasta, and it turned out pretty well. I started cooking while Fiks was getting cleaned up and then he continued cooking while I got cleaned up. It turned out really well. I’m sorry, I forgot to take a photo again, I’m just not a foodie who thinks about taking photos of her food every meal.

For dinner we watched a couple episodes of The Legend of Korra, and then it was time for me to attempt to go to bed.

I slept fine the first half of the night, and then I was tossing and turning the rest of the night/morning. Getting really tired of only getting 4-5 hours of sleep per night, and that is interrupted sleep too. I got up with my alarm, begrudgingly, and started getting ready for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye and then I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and off to work I went.

Work went pretty well for most of the day. I did get a call around 10 about some wires coming down off a pole and onto someone’s driveway. So I went and investigated and no one was home, so I called the HOA lady and asked if it was okay to call PG&E out to pick up the cables. She said yes, so we hung up and I called PG&E and gave the location of the cables, backed up the road a little bit and did some road control. I slowed down vehicles and warned them of cables coming down. I had one person turn around and another go through.

It was getting really hot at that point, and I had been waiting for over an hour for PG&E to show up, so I went down to my booth to get back to work. Well, the truck rolls through right as I’m parking. So I start the truck up and follow him up to the location. He say’s they aren’t PG&E cables, but Comcast ones. So I had to go through the pain in the ass system that is Comcast. I don’t know if a truck arrived or not, certainly didn’t show up while I was at the gate.

Once I was done with work I went over to my parents house to take care of Gucci.

It was really warm, like almost 100. I was dying after being in my box all day. So I made up his medicine and Mom came out with me, and I pasted Gucci and then I made up a couple of his buckets and gave him a flake of hay. I walked Mom back inside and then I took off and came home.

It wasn’t much cooler at home. Fiks was out doing his errands so I went and got cleaned up and just flopped on the sofa watching Sherlock waiting for him to get home. He showed up and we switched car parking spots and then we came back inside to cool down. I watched another episode of Sherlock while Fiks played on the computer. Both of us were getting hungry so we ordered pizza to be delivered. Pizza was good. We watched YouTube videos the rest of the night. Well, I did and Fiks played animal crossing.

When it was time I went to bed, and I tossed and turned for a hour, trying to get to sleep but it was way to warm in the bedroom still. So I came back out in the living room and flopped on the other sofa, trying to cool down a bit.

I did not sleep well at all last night. And it showed in my performance at work, which sucked. I had numerous people sneak up on me, but hopefully my had was covering my eyes so they couldn’t see I was dozing and just thought I was reading like normal. I listened to my podcasts and read my book. I didn’t have any calls for help or anything about wires down today, so that was nice. The day was just hot. It was 106 in the shade where I park my truck at work. So it was probably 110 in my little booth lets say?

When it was time I jumped in my truck and reveled in the air conditioning. Muwahahaha. Then I went over to my parents house where it was a cool 104. I gave Gucci his hello treats and went inside where it was nice and cool.

I went in and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi, who had fallen asleep and wasn’t barking at me as I opened the door. They were watching Mama Mia. Never seen it, seemed interesting tho. I do like some of the actors that are in the movie. Anyway, Poppa came outside with me to do the pasting and then we made up his buckets. We gave him his dinner early and then we went back inside. I sat down with a bottle of water for 5 minutes before taking off and coming home.

I came home to a wonderfully warm 111 degrees. F that. We quickly moved vehicles and laundry and came inside to it being 84. Still warm but cooler than outside! Fiks was playing Zelda, call of the wild when I came inside. It was still to warm for a shower but I did get changed into shorts and tank top, so a lot cooler than my BDU’s.

I watched him play Zelda for a while, and I worked on this for a while. Then we did pizza for dinner. All I’ve wanted to do since like 7 is just curl up and go to sleep. So that’s what I’m going to do now all the chores are done.

See you next week!

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