F**k you insomnia! (Week 36)

Hi from Monday!

I’m still tired. Last night was another night I had a hard time falling asleep. I kept going from the bedroom to the living room. This is after I took a cold shower before going to bed. I finally fell asleep by turning on the TV and putting on M*A*S*H and falling asleep to that.

I woke up around 3 am and Fiks had crawled into bed with me, and M*A*S*H had stopped playing, so I just turned on my audio book for an hour and fell back to sleep to that. I woke up again around 7, moved to the sofa and turned M*A*S*H on again in the living room, starting with the second episode this time. I fell back to sleep for a while and then I woke up and had my bowl of cereal.

Fiks came out a little while after I had turned on M*A*S*H and he was checking his phone while I was busy getting ready to head to Gucci and moving the laundry. I started the last load and then we hopped in Fiks’ car and went to go see Gucci.

He was happy to see us, we had sneaked up because we were in Fiks’ car and not my truck. But there was only one carrot for us to give him, so I snapped it in half and gave Fiks one half and I gave him the other half,

We went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi, who were both smart and hiding from the heat. We sat down for a couple minutes and chatted and then we went and got Gucci out. Fiks wanted to put his halter on, so I let him and then we started to  go for our walk. We did 3 laps, on lap 2 Gucci stole a carrot out of my back pocket halfway through the lap. Monster Paint. So we finished our laps and went and stood next to his stall so I could pick his bad hoof and put some more medicine on it. It stings, and he was a little kicky while pouring it on him, but he wasn’t bad. Its also on the leg with the bad hock.

After we fly sprayed and put the hot spot medicine on him we went back inside and I made up Gucci’s medicine. Fiks came with me as back up for pasting him. Then I saw that his water bucket was mostly empty, so Fiks went and filled it up and I stayed with Gucci in his stall. I gave him some loves while we were waiting for a full bucket.

Afterwards we went back inside and said goodbye to Mom and Lumi and then made our way home, where its still stupid warm. We brought in the garbage cans and moved the laundry and then we kind of melted for a little while. We were waiting for one of our friends to show up (Happy Anniversary Bill & S!) with beer for Fiks, so I turned Sherlock back on for a while.

They showed up a little early, but that was fine. Fiks got his beer and inspected it, and Bill brought in her box of beer and she inspected it too. They discovered that the boxes were sort of catered to them, so they didn’t have any beer they needed to swap or get rid of. They still had a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of them, so they left after a little while.

I then turned Sherlock back on and fell asleep. Ha! Well its hot and melting, I think it was 104 when I took a nap, but it was 85 inside the house. Warm, but cooler than outside. After I woke up we emptied the dishwasher and talked about cooking dinner. We decided when to start cooking it and so we took a little break and then started cooking. It turned out really well.

While we were cooking the mail showed up, so I ran outside to get it. Inside were 2 books that I have been waiting for since before we got evacuated. They finally showed up. They’re funny and I’m going to enjoy doing the work in them… Hopefully.

I flopped on the sofa and ate dinner and watched The Legend of Korra with Fiks until his other gaming group started playing. Then I had a hard time finding something to watch. I watched some Binging with Babbish, Epic Rap Battles of History, and then I eventually turned on M*A*S*H. When it was time to go to bed I kissed Fiks goodnight and said goodbye to his group.

I went and took a cool shower and read and finished my book, and then I tried going to sleep. Didn’t work. So I moved out into the living room and Fiks was done gaming, now he was playing Breathe Of The Wild. So I watched him play that for a bit until I was starting to feel tired, and I went back to bed. That time didn’t work. So I turned on M*A*S*H and tried falling asleep to that. I think I got 4-5 hours of sleep.

I gave up on sleep after a while and then moved to the sofa and turned on Grey’s. I slept through most of the episode of Derek dying.

So I didn’t have that to deal with. I went to email my doctor and found out that she’s gone until the 20th, I can’t work with that. So I emailed one of the other doctors I talk to who deals with my medicine about my insomnia. We are changing some things around and if they don’t work within a few days, I’m to reach out to them to get some help.

I got dressed for work and then I went to the feed store and went and got a bale of alfalfa for Gucci. I showed up and Poppa was coming outside with the garbage, so we talked for a little bit. Then I went and gave Gucci his hello treats.

I went inside with Poppa and said hi to Lumi, then I went upstairs in search of Mom. She was flopped on the bed. We chatted at little bit, mostly about having the vet come out for Gucci. He needs his sheath cleaned again, and he’s due for his fall shots (I think), and I want to do one of the injections in his bad front knee.

We made our way downstairs and turned on Chopped and we watched that for a little while. Then I got up and made Gucci’s medicine and Mom went outside with me to be my backup. He did good taking his medicine and I gave him some pets and some love before heading back inside.

Mom and I split an sandwich and watched more Chopped until I had to leave for work. I tried to give Gucci a goodbye carrot, but he wasn’t interested. So I gave him a couple of smooches instead and took off for work.

I got to work at a decent time and found a good parking spot. I sat and read my book for a while and then I went inside. We were fine for the first 30 minutes, then we got slammed, and it didn’t really stop until closing time. When the line gets huge I get anxious because there isn’t anything I can do to help. I can’t make the tellers go any faster, I just thank them for their patience and let them in when its their turn.

I came home and got cleaned up and watched some Grey’s and waited for Fiks to come home. He wasn’t too far behind me, so that was nice. We gave in to our basic desires and got Chinese for dinner after he was done getting cleaned up. After getting the Chinese we watched The Legend of Korra for the rest of the night.

I went to bed and tried to get to sleep. I did okay, but then I woke up once, but I was able to roll over and get back to sleep for a little bit. Until Fiks went starfish and kicked me out of the bed. I moved to the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H for a while, then I crawled back into bed 2 hours later.

Fiks woke me up so I could go to the grocery store, so I got dressed and ready for the grocery store. I followed Fiks down the mountain to the grocery store where I listened to a podcast I hadn’t finished, Crime Junkies. Its good, if you’re into true crime/murders/missing people, its a good listen.

The store went fairly quick, and then I headed over to my parents house. Poppa and Lumi were outside on their walk and Gucci was busy stuffing his face full of breakfast. But he did pop his head over the gate to say hi quickly.

Then we went inside, I grabbed my cold and frozen stuff and put it in the truck along with the bag of carrots and cinnamon rolls. Poppa and I sat down and watched the news while we had cinnamon rolls and strawberries for breakfast.

Mom eventually woke up and came downstairs and had her cup of coffee and watched the news. After her first cup of coffee she got up to go get cleaned up. She hadn’t slept well last night so she wast tired and not feeling good. Poppa recieved a call from the dog trainer asking for us to come to his house for the lesson this week. Poppa and I pasted Gucci really quick and made a couple of buckets before grabbing the dog and heading over to the trainers house.

We got to the trainers house just on time. The session went well. We have some stuff to work on while we’re at home, but that’s good. Poppa and the trainer set up another appointment so we have that to look forward too. Leaving the trainers house once we were done I came home and unloaded the truck and brought the grocery inside and then I messaged my cousin and we started the film for the week. Zootopia. Or Zootropolis for my European readers.

I put my cold stuff away, realizing that I had left the frozen stuff behind at my parents house. D’oh! Oh well, I’ll bring them home on Friday after work. Neither my cousin nor I have seen Zootopia in a while, so it was nice to see it and talk through it.

Its like post apocalyptic world outside. Seriously, look.

The photo hardly does it justice, but its weird outside. Fiks swung by home while I was watching some Grey’s anatomy for a pit stop. We talked for a little bit before he had to get back to work. I kept watching Grey’s until Fiks got home a couple hours later.

After Fiks got home and got cleaned up we cooked dinner. We did mushroom and scallop risotto. Neither of us had cooked risotto before, but it turned out pretty good. No crunchy bits. And the scallops were great, but Fiks got all the mushrooms. He loves mushrooms, I just can’t get past the texture.

We watched some YouTube videos as we ate dinner. Then when it was time I went to bed. I read my book for a while and then tried to go to sleep. I did okay for the first night in over a week. Slept until 2, when I was wide awake. I was able to get back to sleep close to 4, then I woke up when Fiks left for work. I slept on the sofa after breakfast for a while, so I feel kind of charged up today.

I went and got dressed after a while and then I had a wonderful chat/catch up with my Cousin. I really miss her. But all this messaging, international movie nights, and video chats help. After I chatted with her I left for my parents house and to check on Gucci.

I got there and gave Gucci his hello treats, and he was pretty happy to see me.

I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. They were watching something on the Hallmark channel. It was cute, whatever. Then Poppa and I pasted Gucci and he did pretty good for it. When we came back in Poppa had me take a photo of this thing of the back of his neck.

Pretty gross looking, right? Anyway afterwards I myself a sandwich while Mom and I watched the first episode of Downton Abby.

When it was time I headed to work. It was really smokey downtown. It was dropping ash again, not fun. I had to use my rescue inhaler twice and I still felt like crap. I made it through my shift though, even tho I did ask if it was okay if I commandeered a chair for the second half. I just couldn’t get a good gasp of air down there.

I came home and got changed and got logged into class, which I was horrible at today. I had major ADD going on and couldn’t focus on what the teacher was saying. I started job hunting and applied at 2 vet clinics and at a stable to be and assistant trainer.

I got really excited about the horse job. I’ve really missed riding lately. I love Gucci, but unless you’re under like 50lbs he’s unridable. So I’m looking forwards to hearing from the lady about the job opening. Maybe I’ll get a try out, who knows. And I would have a day off with Fiks if I got this job, so that’d be awesome.

I didn’t sleep really well last night. I slept from 10-1, and then I was awake from 1-430, on the sofa so I didn’t keep Fiks up. Well, at 430 I realized I was falling asleep and so I crawled back into bed. 45 minutes later I wake up because I’m being shoved. Turns out I kicked him really hard. My bad. I woke back up at 630 and shook Fiks awake so he wouldn’t be late for work. I never got back to sleep after that.

I got out of bed after futzing on my phone for a little bit, a kiss from Fiks,  and then got ready for work. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch, put it all in my lunchbox and headed off to my parents house. When I got there Poppa was in Gucci’s stall mucking him out and Lumi was by Gucci’s gate but he started running after the truck as I pulled up.

We worked on his walking once I got out of the truck. He did okay, and then we went and said hi to Gucci.

I gave him his hello cookies and then Poppa came out of his stall and took Lumi for his walk. I went inside and said hi to Mom who was up having her first cup of coffee and watching the news. I sat down and ate my bagel. Lumi came rushing in because he saw Mom through the window and he couldn’t wait to see her.

We watched the news for a little while and then Mom decided to change the channel. We started watching Dr Pol. I watched until 8 and then Poppa and I went out and gave Gucci his medicine, and he did pretty good for it. We came back inside and watched more Dr Pol before I had to head off to work. I said goodbye to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi, and then I went and said goodbye to Gucci.

I got to work on time, so I sat and read my book while listening to the radio. I got dressed and entered when it was time. I got my tea all sorted out and then I was able to get my work phone. For some reason it turned on this week (yay…?) so I was able to punch in myself. The day went fine. I got to listen to my podcasts when the coin machine wasn’t running. Had a couple of weirdo’s, but it was an okay day.

I came home and got cleaned up and then I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit so we could cook dinner. I turned Weird Al on in the kitchen.

I waited for Fiks to get home to start cooking. We went over the instructions and then Fiks went and got cleaned up. I started cooking. And I screwed up the first step. It was just starting rice, how can you screw that up you ask? Well, when you pour the edamame in and the soy sauce 3 minutes into the rice cooking, you’ve screwed up. I pulled out almost every edamame and put it back in its container. I called Mom up to make sure I wasn’t allergic to one of the ingredients, I wasn’t, and so I started chopping away. Fiks worked on the shrimp. Say hello to Crispy Boom Boom Shrimp!

It was good, even with its heat level. I found it spicy, Fiks (Mr I’ll eat Carolina Reapers) didn’t. But it was good.  We watched some Legend of Korra, finishing the third season. Then it was time for me to go to bed.

I did okay last night, I woke up and was wide awake for a little while, but I was able to get back to sleep. When my alarm went off I grumbled my way out of bed and into my uniform. I kissed Fiks goodbye and then I moved into the kitchen to make my breakfast and pack my lunch. I fed Jack before leaving, and then I headed off to work.

I got to work and one of the gates were already broken, so after I punched in I went and turned the gate off so it wasn’t beeping constantly and flashing its lights. I email the HOA lady and told her it was broken. I figured that calling at 10 to 7 wasn’t a nice time to receive a phone call about anything. It wasn’t a major emergency, so I felt like a email would suffice.

After that I set myself up. I pulled out my bagel and my kindle, got out my phone and turned on my podcasts and settled in for my day. The day went fine, a lot of people went through the ‘open’ gate instead of coming and seeing me, but thats fine. Gave me more chance to read my books. Nothing really happened today, so that was nice.

After I was done with work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci. I couldn’t get him to give me a happy face today. Brat.

I went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi, Poppa was at church. I made up Gucci’s medicine and then Mom came outside with me as backup and to visit. I gave him his medicine and he did well, then I gave him his dinner bucket and a flake of hay. Next I put on his sheet, because Poppa wouldn’t be home until late. I went inside and cleaned the syringe and then I said bye to Mom and Lumi and made my way home.

I came home and said hi to Fiks and found him working on his management program for work. He was also having problems focusing like I did on Thursday and had a couple other windows open. But he got some done so that’s all that matters. I went and got cleaned up then I flopped on the sofa and turned on M*A*S*H for a while, then I turned to Disney+ and found a Nat Geo documentary on the Mount St. Helen’s explosion. Really interesting if you’re looking for something to watch, its only 45 minutes. But I didn’t get to finish it in that sitting because it was time for gaming. It went well, nothing really happened while I was playing.

I woke up this morning with my alarm after being awake for an hour or so in the middle of the night. I messaged my Cousin and then fell back to sleep, so I guess that’s a good thing? I got into my uniform and I kissed Fiks goodbye and then I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and took off for work.

Nothing was broken when I showed up today, so that was an improvement over yesterday. It was really cold and foggy/smoky this morning, so I wore my jacket in my booth, but I couldn’t zip it because the zipper is fing dunb and broken. But I settled my self in and read my book and listened to my podcasts and logged vehicles that came to my gate.

When my day was done I headed over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. But on the way over my truck made a major milestone. If you can’t read that it says 120000. That’s miles, folks.

I got to my parents house and went over to say hi and gave Gucci his hello treats, including a carrot.

He wouldn’t give me a nice face for a treat, again. Grumpy Gus. I went inside and Poppa was cleaning the shelves in the hallway. I went inside and Mom said that they had been invaded by mice, so they were cleaning out the closet. Gucci’s cookie bag had been nommed into and so they were tossed out. Poppa helped me paste him and he did really well, and then we made up his buckets and gave him his dinner. Poppa insisted on Gucci getting his ‘candle’ in his bucket, so we did that.

After saying goodbye to my parents I came home and got cleaned up while Fiks watched an Penny Arcade panel online. Then I finished the show on Mount St. Helen’s and then I started a show on Mars. After the panel was finished Fiks went and got cleaned up. Then we cleaned up the kitchen, so we could cook dinner.

As you can see we had apple cider chicken with zucchini and corn. Took us a little more like 20 minutes instead of 15, but that’s fine. The sauce wasn’t perfect but I thought it was fine. We watched some YouTube videos while eating dinner, well, I did. Fiks was watching PAX. I wanted to watch Knives Out, but it would take me too far past my bedtime.

But yeah, that’s been it this week. We still have garbage and laundry and such to do. But I just turned on Downton Abby and Fiks is still watching PAX, so we’ll see when that happens.

See you next week!

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